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Return to Krondor Cheats

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  1. Cheat Codes
  2. The Best "Cheat" in the Game
  3. Potion Hint

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Cheat Codes

  1. Edit RTKRONDOR.INI and make sure the following lines are in it:
    After the game reaches its final navigation screen, press ALT-C to bring up the console prompt (the green $ sign).
    Type "PYROMANIA" (no quotes).
    Press ENTER and ALT-C to remove console prompt.
    The cheat enables your mages all spells and makes your mages cast it without cost! Unfortunately the provider of the cheat says that this is the only useful cheat that made it into final game.

    The Best "Cheat" in the Game

  2. The main cheat for Return to Krondor is to save before opening any chest and after every battle. Then get into as many fights as you can by roaming in the town in Chapter Zero. Do not go back to the Castle. Sell all the junk except potions and good armor and weapons. The walkthrough mentions useful artifacts to save and what to sell. You can get fairly high levels by doing this. Once you have fairly high levels your characters will be virtually unbeatable. When returning to the Castle gate area, do not move off the spot you arrive on and you can visit the store without starting the encounter with the little thief.

  3. Potion Hint
  4. you can just go to a store read recipy ingredients and then go to experimenting and make it very usefull insted of buying scrolls for 3000 From:


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  1. From: Hunter Nielsen
    Are there any cheats available for Return to Krondor?
  2. From: Yandi Ongkojoyo
    Dear Sir, 1.You can find vampire ashes from dead vampires (cursed town). Loot the vampires during the battle, because their bodies will be vanished after the battle. 2.The woman north from Krondor is a mage. James will acquire some EXP after the conversation. 3.Do you know where Selestra is? Would you please, please mail me? 4.Do you have cheat code for RTK? Thanks in advance, Yandi Mirake Ongkojoyo
  3. From: Syed Fahad Hussain Thankx a lot for the stuff . Really appreciate it. Just one thing. Do I change "console=0" to "console=1" in the file rtkrondor.ini or do I add it to the "[console]" column. Thanking you again, A REF FAN ANS: You replace the console=0 with console=1
  4. From: Syed Fahad Hussain Well I cahnged it and I get all the spells but during combat I can't cast them as the cast spell option is unavailable. Your help appreciated, A REF fan ANS: James cannot cast spells. Try Jazhara. She is a magic user. Did Jazhara have a spell cast option before you changed the console from 0 to 1 and before you typed in pyromania?

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