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By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:
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Definitions and Essentials of Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.


  1. Why don't cheats work?
  2. More on Why Cheats Don't Work?
  3. Cheat Codes
  4. Cheat O'Matic Download
  5. Command Line Cheats
  6. Easter Eggs
  7. Editor
  8. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions
  9. Game Hack Table
  10. Game Hack Download Section
  11. Game Wizard Table
  12. Game Wizard Table Download
  13. Hex Codes
  14. Hex Workshop Download
  15. MFC DLL Library
  16. Save Game
  17. Solve or Walkthrough
  18. Trainer
  19. Ultra Edit 32
  20. UGE (Universal Game Editor) File
  21. UHS (Universal Hint System)
  22. Winzip 32
  1. Why don't cheats work?: Many cheats only work on certain versions of the game, like the demo, or the earlier versions, or the unpatched version, or the original release and not the compendia release, or a million other things. Other times cheats only work on certain difficulty levels, for example, cheats often don't work ont he most difficult settings or levels or even after you achieve a certain level in the game. Not all cheats work with every version of the game. Cheats for games are either typed into the game while in the action mode or into a communication box that can be opened during the single player game which is meant for the multiplayer game. Other cheats work by signing into the game using the cheat code as your name. If none of this works, either the cheat is bogus or the cheat only works with certain versions of the game. People who submit cheats often do not tell us what versions of the game the cheats work with and what versions they do not work with. Most cheats are just emailed in by other game players. The company that produces, designs and distributes the game often does not want the cheats to be known. Some companies will help you if you email them. Often the company will not tell you about the cheat even when asked. Many companis issue patchs that are supposed to fix bugs, but what the patches really just inactivate the cheats. Rember: Not all cheats work with every version of the game.
  2. Cheat : This is a secret code or 3rd party program that is meant to help you complete or win a game quicker or more efficiently. Some "cheats" are programmed into the game (ie: Cheat Codes that can be typed in while playing or as a command line switch) and others are used outside the game (ie: Save Game Editors) or along side the game (ie: Trainers). Cheat codes work in different ways.
    1. If you are in the game interface, many cheats are just typed while the game is playing in the action part of the game.
    2. some cheats are used as names within the name interface.
    3. Some cheats are typed into the multiplayer communication box. Simply hit the chat while in multiplayer key to open the box to type into. Closing the box by hitting return or using the key again often activates the cheat.
    4. Some cheats are just typed while you are in varous menu screens of the game.
      If you do not try all these ways you will never get the cheat to work.
  3. Command Line Cheats: These are codes that are used to execute or start the game .exe file. They are usually added to the game .exe filename at the end after a space, a - (dash), and a / (forward slash). The cheat parameters are added to the game when the command line cheat is used. You cannot launch (start) the game by double clicking on the game icon unless you change the command line shown in the properties of the windows icon.
  4. Easter Egg : This is something extra that the programmers have hidden in the software that is usually activated by some sort of secret code or series of commands. Easter eggs usually do not provide advantages in the game, but are more of "Jokes" the author included for fun. These can range from hidden pictures of the author to changing the appearance of the character you're playing.
  5. Editor : This is usually a small program that allows the user to modify files saved from the game. These can be saved games, or .ini files containing game-specific information. An editor is basically a front-end for a hex cheat. Someone has created a program to do the editing for you based on user-defined criteria.
  6. FAQ : Short for (F)requently (A)sked (Q)uestions - a FAQ contains answers to commonly asked questions pertaining to a specific program or game. This information could be hints on problem solving, general playing tips, or just basic background info on the program itself.
  7. GameHack Table : Cheats with the extension of .gh are made to work with a program entitled "GameHack". Game Hack Download Section
  8. Game Wizard Table : These cheats can only be used with a program entitled "The Game Wizard". Game Wizard Table Download
  9. Hex Codes : This is probably the most difficult cheat to pull off. The cheat will usually contain a "hex address" and a value to change it to. You must use a hex editor in order to use the cheat. Hex editing allows you to alter the game by changing values stored in the original .EXE or data files. Always make a backup before attempting hex editing. (For more detailed info on hex editing, please read the documentation packaged with the editor). See the Hex Workshop Download section for more about hex editing.

    You always must backup your old file when hex editing. This is explained in our cheat definitions section on hex editing. With hex editing if you do exactly the same thing as what is suggested you are bound to fail. Hex editing is a trial and error process which requires that you try one thing, see if it works. If it works. Great. If it does not work, then restore your backup file and try again.

    Hex editing is not an exact science. It is an art. It requires that you understand the process and do exactly what is needed for the situation. If the hex edit did not work, there may be several reasons that you need to adjust for.

    Sometimes different versions of the game have different save game file configurations. The basic file is similar, but you need to search for the correct location in the file for the information because it may be in a different place.

    Some save game files grow as you progress in the game requiring you to look in different locations to make the changes in different parts of the game. You have to know hex editing and hex code conversion to be able to search effectively. You also must take significant amounts of time to document what you are doing and familiarize yourself with the file you are hex editing.

    Sometimes character names that you input into the game are written to the save game file. When this happens these names are often close to where the data is that you need to change in the game. Searching for the name (in hex code) will often help pinpoint where these areas have moved to each time you edit.

    Hex editing is extremely difficult and easy for even an experienced person to mess up. We need to know the version of the game, the manufacturer, the year it came out, the distributor, exactly what file you edited and what hex you changed. What the hex was before you changed it and what it was after you changed it. In addition to the hex you changed we need to know what the statistic read in the game prior to the change and after the change.

    Hex editing is very difficult and it takes a lot of time, care, and patience to do properly and with any success.

  10. Savegame : This is a copy of a "saved game file" from a particular game. This might be a game saved after completing a very difficult level, or simply with modified characters for easy gameplay. These files should be copied into the appropriate save-game directory of the game you are playing.
  11. Solve or Walkthrough : This is a text or DOC file that contains step-by-step instructions for completing a game.
  12. Trainer : A 3rd party program that can either be a TSR (Terminal Stay Resident - usually used for DOS based games), or can simply remain running while your game is in progress (for Win95 based games). Trainers allow you to turn on and off certain qualities or enhancements that were not included in the original game. This could be Unlimited Lives, Unlimited Money, Invulnerability, etc. The trainer alters the original memory locations to allow you to "Cheat" where you wouldn't be able to do so without it.

    You will need these instructions to use a trainer, since most trainers do not come with instructions. To use a trainer, first start the game and get into the area of gameplay, beyond the menu selection screens, in other words, start playing the game. Use the combination of holding down the Alt key and then pressing the TAB key to access the application selection menu and return to the Windows 95/98 interface. Launch the cheat program and try the options under the buttons, and pull down menus. Use Alt-TAB to go back and forth between the trainer trying out different options to see how they work in the game. Don't be afraid to experiment.

    Trainers work only with specific memory locations and usually with only specific versions of the game. Some versions differ only in language but still the cheats will not work. Very small version differences can mean a change in memory locations. Often game distributors think that cheat codes will cost them money in the distribution of the game, making the game too easy and therefore not as enjoyable. So many patches actually inactivate cheats.

    Trainers will not work properly unless they are in the correct directory. Did you put the trainer in the game root directory or in the directory where the game execute file is (The file that boots the game)?

    Other problems have to do with the version of the game. Sometimes trainers only work with the game before or after an update. Can you send me the game version you are using?

    Sometimes the person is not using the trainer properly. Some trainers require that they be launched before the game is launched others after the game is launched. Most are of the latter type. You need to boot the game. Then you use Alt-TAB to get out of the game and boot the trainer. Did you try this?

    Some trainers activate from the trainer and others activate while in the game. Some use hot keys, such as the "F11-key" to activate the cheat. Sometimes you use the hot key when in the game itself and other times within the window of the trainer.

    Finally even when active some cheats require something to get them working. For example, in Baldur's Gate the trainer requires you to push the F-11 function key to activate the hit point cheat, but in order to make the cheat work you must right click on the picture of the character from the adventuring window of the game. (not in inventory, priest or mage spells, or any other utility screen).

  13. UGE file : Cheats with the extension of .uge are made to work with a program entitled "The Universal Game Editor". UGE (Universal Game Editor) Download File
  14. UHS file : Cheats with the extension of .uhs are made to work with a program entitled "The Universal Hint System". These are almost always extensive hints or complete walkthroughs for a specific game.


  1. Cheat'O'Matic
    File Size: 175k
    Platform: Windows
    Cheat'O'Matic is a cheating tool made for Windows that allows you to search for user-defined data located in the memory locations of games. You can then change the data to suit your needs.
    Download File - Read Review - Visit Homepage
  2. GameHack Download
    File Size: 1.2M
    Platform: Windows
    GameHack is a cheat tool that runs native to Windows 95 and allows you to search out and change variables in a running program/game. (ie: life, health, etc.). It also allows loading and saving of these values in TABLES (*.gh) for later use.
    Download File - Read Review - Visit Homepage
  3. Game Wizard Download
    File Size: 271k
    Platform: DOS
    The Game Wizard is a DOS based cheat tool that allows the user to create "tables" of data that can alter values contained in a game. These values can be "Lives", "Health", "Money", etc. The Game Wizard is required to load the GW tables that are found at this site.
    Download File - Read Review
  4. HEX Workshop
    Size: 1.1M
    Platform: Windows
    The HEX Workshop is one of many different HEX editing utilities available on the market. The editor is required to use "HEX cheats" that are found at this site.
    Download File - Visit Homepage
  5. MFC DLL Library
    File Size: 1.4M
    Platform: Windows
    This is the collection of .dll files that work with MS Visual C++. Cheat utilities that are created with MS Visual C++ require these files in order to run correctly. Place these files in your WINDOWS/SYSTEM Directory.
    Download File - Visit Homepage
  6. Ultra Edit 32
    File Size: 926k
    Platform: Windows
    Ultra Edit 32 is a Windows based TEXT editor with many advanced functions. Text editors can be used to view/edit text based files, and also to write up your own cheat/solve files.
    Download File - Visit Homepage
  7. Universal Game Editor
    File Size: 111k
    Platform: DOS
    The Universal Game Editor is similiar to the Game Wizard. Users can save their own cheats as a "module". This file is required to use all UGE modules and all files with the .uge extension.
    Download File - Read Review - Visit Homepage
  8. Universal Hint System
    File Size: 377k
    Platform: Windows
    The Universal Hint System is a program designed to show user-created HINTS about how to complete a game. (aka Walkthrough or Solve). The program allows users to view only the hints they need, rather than spoiling the entire game. This program is required to view files with the .uhs extension.
    Download File - Visit Homepage
  9. Winzip 32
    File Size: Unk
    Platform: Windows
    Winzip 32 is a compression utility designed to make files smaller for easy storage or up/downloading. Winzip is required to un-compress files with the .zip extension.
    Download File - Visit Homepage

  10. Hex Workshop Download


Publish your own cheats right here. Just email us your text.


From: Monglane
Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and for having attached to your email the files I was trying to download. I have followed the instructions included in your email but I still can't get any of the cheats to work. My version of MM6 is 1.0d2 in French (the only one available here) but I don't think the language should make a difference because the saves you mailed me under the name "JK_Best" worked fine--although the super-characters there are TOO MUCH cheating for me. :-) Also, I looked for the "Cheats Definitons" page on your web site but couldn't find it. Thank you very much for your time anyway. Monglane

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