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Quest for Glory V (5) Cheats

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  1. Hex Cheat for Gold

    As long as your gold is more than 256 you should be able to find it and other items in your inventory easily. Simply search for the first hex offset that matches the amount of your gold.

    The numbers are reversed. For example 525 in decimal is 020d in hex, therefor you look for 0d02 with your search or 0d0200. Another example is 350 which is 015e, therefore look for 5e0100 as the hex offset for gold. You need to change this hex to 5e010f to get hundreds of thousands of gold.

    Find out where the gold offset is by searching with the find function of the hex editor you are using. Change that offset to XX FF 0F and you should get hundreds of thousands of drachma, more than enough to buy anything that you need.


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