By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

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Quest for Glory V (5): Dragon Fire Walkthrough

by Al Giovetti email: wizards@charm.net

Print this page in greyscale to conserve black ink and completely eliminate the use of colored inks in your printer.


  1. Introduction
  2. Fighting Hints
  3. Thieving Hints
  4. Mage hints:
  5. Poisons:
  6. Taking a Wife:
  7. Magic Staff and Magic Wood
  8. What to do First
  9. Science Island
  10. Pegasus Peaks
  11. Solve the Bank Robbery
  12. The First Rite: Rite of Freedom:
  13. The Second Rite: Rite of Conquest or Command
  14. The Third Rite: The Rite of Valor on Hydra Island:
  15. The Fourth Rite: The Rite of Destiny: Build a hot air balloon to fly to Delos.
  16. The Fifth Rite: The Rite of Death in Hades:
  17. The Sixth Rite: The Rite of Peace in Atlantis:
  18. The Seventh Rite: The Rite of Justice or Dealing with The Assassin:
  19. Blackbird Quest and the Gnome's Deed
  20. Endgame (Fighting the Dragon):
  21. Read Al's Review
  22. Quest for Glory V (5) Cheats
  23. References
  24. Letters

    Quest for Glory is a mixture between a graphic animated adventure and a role playing game with the side view and side scrolling graphics that made this genre popular. Lori and Cori Cole resisted the temptation to make this a first-person or roving camera third person perspective 3D role playing or action adventure like ofther games that have moved into the three dimensional realm. Roberta Williams just released King's Quest VIII (8): Mask of Eternity as a three dimensional first person perspective role playing game.

    All the standard rules apply, pick up everything that you can, try everything everywhere, explore everywhere, and combine objects where appropriate. Make sure your character is not carrying too much since this will decay stamina quickly.

    The king of Silmaria is killed by an assassin with a poison blade. The Right of Rulership ritual is started to pick the next ruler of Silmaria. Many of your hero's friends from previous Quest for Glory titles return in this game to help him solve the mystery.

    You need to rest 8 hours once in every 24 hours or you will start loosing stamina and injure yourself. Stamina pills and vitality potions, purchased from Salim's Apothicary, will help but will not substitute for rest. You need to eat at least one time in every 24 hours. When you are in town, return to the gnome inn and order a prepaid meal from Ann the gnome. When outside of town before you leave buy Marrak's gyros which are the most economical and effective meal.

    Skills cannot be acquired except for swimming. Unless you have some points in the skill, you will not be able to increase the skill at all. Use increases the skill and disuse decreases it. Yes, you heard right -- disuse decreases it. Quest for Glory 5 commits the ultimate sin in a role-playing game, by stealing hard-earned skills from the game player. You must constantly be using your skills or you will loose them. It is very annoying.

    The glide spell is gone, for those of you who learned it in the prior game. I've been wondering what really happened to the Glide spell. I spent a fair about of time building my skill in that spell up to 400, and then my Wizard somehow "forget's" it during the trip to Silmaria. If he's -that- forgetful, maybe he shouldn't be a Wizard, after all...

    A couple Honour boosting acts are just talking nicely with people, and giving away money and flowers (when you can). Keep giving money to the katta playing the flute in the west marketplace area.

    Learn about the ghost hauting the back wall on the upper deck of the Dead Parrott Inn at the FACS (Famous Adventurer's Correspondence School). I was playing paladin, like on day 4 inside the dead parrot inn I saw the ghost i clicked on it and i got Destroy Undead. Dunno if this is the only purpose. Actually, when I clicked on the ghost, I got peace. By clicking on the ghost, you get honor points, (Not certain how many, but you do) and honor points buy you new powers as a Paladin.

    The ghost does give you a few honor points, but you only get an additional skill if your new total of honor points makes it happen, otherwise you would just get them from the musician or whomever. From: TLM49

    Fighting Hints

    Equip your gear before you leave town. Sell gear that is not as good as the older gear to the armorer. The best weapon in the game is the paladin's sword, which you will get if you import a paladin from previous games. Just go talk to Rakeesh at his platform to the right of the arena and he will give you your paladin sword and several other items and advice.

    If you are not so fortunate as to be a paladin which is the character with the most skills, you will have to settle for a thief, fighter or magic user. When starting the game it is a good idea to have lockpicking and the other thief skills in addition to magic so you may want to start as a thief and put your extra points into magic. To play the paladin, just download the paladin from the website cheats section for Quest for Glory 5 (www.thecomputershow.com/cheats/questforglory5cheats.htm).

    Fighting with spells requires you to select the spell by clicking once on it then clicking on the enemy. Three lightning bolts usually kills the enemy. Staying away from the enemy may prevent you from getting hurt. If you have potions for vitality, health and mana, the fight will probably go better. If an item is on your belt, you can select it by using the number keys at the top of the keyboard.

    Fighting with weapons requires you to click on your enemy close up, or throw knives. Click once on the knife to select the knife and click on your target to throw it. Thieves can sneak and use the blackjack to incapacitate guards without them knowing you are there.

    An all out fight requires that you use the F and G keys or the number pad 1 and 3 keys for the two types of attack. You defend with the number pad 2 or the D key. The use of control may innitiate some of the better moves without weapons. You can practice fighting or spell throwing almost anywhere.

    The main problem I had, and you may be having, is that I was using the keyboard. BAD idea...Use the keyboard in battle only to block and use potions on your belt. Just equip a weapon and click away with the mouse on the enemies...you'll go on the attack. It's a much more efficient way to fight...other than that, I can't really help you much except to say that you should time your attacks right...when you see them haul back for an attack on you, hit the block key and block as often as you can. After their attack is over, counter attack them. Hope that helps!

    If you want to increase acrobatics you can kick and punch the air. Shadow-boxing. Practice unarmed combat. Just drop your weapons and then hold down the G key, wherever you are, and wait untill your acrobatics skill gets high enough.

    Thieving Hints:

  1. There is, as far as I know, only one time when you can successfully break into Ferrari's house. You'll know that you'ved reached that time when there's a guard on his balcony (near the windows, of course) as well as in front of his door. As far as I found, if the guard isn't there, don't waste your time getting up there, it'll be useless. Basically, like Rahoul said, in order to get in, you have to be after a specific object, not just pursuing general bloodymindedness (though I admit I really just wanted to get him, any way I could, when he threatened to blackmail me....)
  2. If you want 500 pickpocket skill, try to pick the door of the dead parrott inn, when it is locked. Keep trying to pick it and watch your pickpocket skill.

    Mage hints:

  3. You get the whirlwind spell from Erasmus by going back into his study and asking him about spells.
  4. You get thermonuclear blast from FA after you give him the water from the river to the right of the Pegasus peaks.

    What to do First

  5. First you need to explore everywhere. Knock on doors walk everywhere and get the lay of the land in the city. There is no real automapping system. You need to learn where everything is. Make sure that the compass and clock is visable on your interface from the options screen.
  6. Knob hill is where you arrive at the gazebo with the pointed wizard's hat roof. Keep going along the path and you will pass a platform where Rakish hangs out when he is not doing other things. Keep going and you will pass the arena. Closest to the arena is an abandoned house. Connected to the house of a rich merchant by a long spiked fence. Keep going and you will pass the council hall, which is open to you when you complete a quest for the council by clicking the item they requested that you find on the guards. Keep going and their is a bulletin board. The furthest (south?) you can go is a covered passageway into the market part of town.
  7. The marketplace has a stream running through it. On one side, the left or west side, of the stream is the bank, and two street vendors.The bank will have 500 gold on deposit toward your Rights of Rulership fund, since it costs 2000 gold to compete to be king. Wolfie, one of the street vendors, sells amphora, paintings, and maps of the area. You need a map and two amphora. If you have not the cash return when you do. The other street vendor is Katta who sells good luck charms, lovers rings and other jewelry.
  8. The right or east marketplace on the other (right or east) side of the stream has Shakra's magic shop, Salim's apothacary and Marrak's food stand. At the magic shop you can buy spells and mana potions and pills. You can also sell spells to Shakra from the "Talk with Shakra" menu option to make money. Salim sells vitality and health potions and pills and anti-poison pills. Marrak sells food including fruit, gyros and peparoni and artichoke pizza.
  9. There are two exits to the south from the marketplace plaza. One goes to the docks and the gate to science island. The other goes to the jail, the guard tower, the gnome inn, the adventurer's club, the thieve's guild, and the gate out of town.
  10. The gnome inn, where you can get one meal a day, store extra gear that you don't want to sell and rest over night, is all the way to the left on the screen past the gates out of town. The guard tower is just to the right of the city gates. To the right of the guard tower is the jail. The thieve's guild, where you can join the guild for a price and buy thieves implements, is under the bridge on the west (right) side. The adventurer's guild is across the bridge. Just beyond the adventurers guild on the right is a gate to the dock area.
  11. The dock area has Andre the fisherman by his boat at the dock in the right or west side. Across from Andre is the Dead Parrot Inn where you can gamble with knife throwing, bet and challenge the champion of the arena, and check out the more dishonest side of the city. You can also find the assassin, who is garbed in a dark hooded cloak, up on the second level sometimes. To the right or east of the Dead Parrot is a passage back up to the east or right marketplace. Further to the right or east is the armorer. Keep going west and you will find FA's FACS shop. Further to the right is the gate entrance to Science Island, which is just to the east or right of the city.

    Science Island

  12. You need to talk to Andre early in the morning about Anchovies and he will give you some. You need to buy an artichoke pizza from Marrak. You click on the artichoke pizza in your inventory and then drag the anchovies over the large picture of the pizza on the right of the inventory. This will make an artichoke and anchovie pizza that is prixzed by Dr. Pretorius. You also need one spear from the Armorer. You may also want to pick up the sheet in the second drawer of your room at the gnome inn.
  13. Go to the gondola platform and throw the switch on the windmill (on the left side). Go to the brake, the switch on the right side of the gondola platform. If you force the switch it will break the brake. Use the spear on the switch to fix it. Now the brake switch will release easily. Throw the brake switch again when the gondola gets next to the platform where you can get into it. Release the brake with a force bolt spell if you are a magic user. Throw something at the switch like a rock or knife if you are a fighter or thief. Forcebolts, rocks, spears, and daggers all work. When the brake releases you will go to the island via gondola.
  14. You need to talk to the doctor to the right of the really weird revolving door near the right of the island to get in. This is the science test. Every wrong answer moves the wheel counterclockwise and every right answer moves the wheel clockwise. Once you have answered right about five times you can get in and talk to Dr. Pretorius. You can also take the science test on the wall to the left of where you came into this main room. It will qualify you as a lab assistant or an assistant lab assistant. Giving the pizza to Dr. Pratorius will give you the free reign of the laboratory to explore. You can now use the telescope just to the right and rear of the good Doctor. Sometimes Dr. Moebius will be sitting at the desk. I believe that Pratorius is on duty at the desk in the morning and Moebius takes the afternoon shift. Dr. Moebius hates artichoke and anchovy pizza. Give Dr. Moebius the pepper and pepperoni pizza. Get the peppers from Salim's apothacary and the pepparoni pizza from Marrak.
  15. The crane can be used to lift the gondola out of the water and put it on the platform. The controls for the crane are not those behind Gort. The controls are outside with the crane. Look for a green screen on the platform which controls the crane.
  16. Well, if Gort won't get out of your way, then maybe it's not time to see the secret labortory yet? You may want to wait until he needs some tweaking, so that he'd have to leave...Well, Getting the winged gondola is good. You'll probably need that later... But if your not stuck and can't figure out what to do, chances are, you don't need it yet. But the science island is a good place to work on emperiments for flying..(in fact, that's what the scientists used the winged gondola for! It was sort of a flop though...seems the wings didn't produce enough lift) But before ANY science project, you should always do you're homework..read up on it. now, where could you find a good book...hmmm

    Pegasus Peaks

  17. You will need the map and two amphorae from Wolfie. You will need about 10 gyros from Marrak. If you are a magic user you should have the two magnets, boom and rip spells, and place one of the magnets in the chest in your room at the gnome inn. You will also need to have spoken to FA about the Pegasus and spoken to Salim about the need for the feathers as an ingredient for some of his potions. You may also want some of the healing pills or potion from Salim.
  18. The pegasus nest is far to the northeast beyond the volcano calvera in the mountain at the north center of the island. There are random encounters when you move from one town to another or even upon entering an area like the pegasus nest area. You may need to fight monsters. The RIP spell when cast will give you a full 8 hours of unmolested sleep.
  19. Just to the right of the two pegasus peaks to the right and south of the entrance to the pegasus valley is the Hippocrene Stream. Get the two amphorae and fill them with the water. Sell one of the amphorae to FA later.
  20. The pegasus feathers are more difficult to obtain. You get on the tetertotter (log balanced on a stone) between the two peaks and throw a rock, knife, or "force bolt" at the cliff just below the rock. The rock will fall and flip you onto the peak across from where the nest is. Go to the branch that extends over the void between the peaks and click on it to get your hero to swing across to the other peak. Climb up to the top of the peak and retrieve the feathers, which you can sell to Salim later.
  21. If you are playing the mage, you need to cast levitate to get to the ledge of the peak from directly below the first pathway on the pegasus peak. Walk up the path until you are directly below the beginning of the second path on the pegasus peak. Cast levitate and rise up the peak to the point where you can cast fetch to get feathers. Cast fetch a second time to get more feathers. Get five or six handfuls of the feathers, or as much as you can carry so you can give some to the apothicary to make the stamina pills.
  22. Return to town by using the magnet in your inventory. Sell the weapons and armor to the armorer. Sell all but one feather to Salim. Give the amphora with the water to FA.

    Solve the Bank Robbery

  23. Find the lockpicks dropped in the bank
  24. To catch the thief, find whatever was dropped in the Bank and show it to Shakra, in the Magic Shop. He can start you off from there.
  25. Show Erasmus and Fenrus the lockpicks. Talk with them about a clue.
  26. Go to the dead parrot inn and follow the one armed man who leaves.
  27. Go to the thieves guild door and open it by casting detect magic, trigger, and open on the door.
  28. Arrest Arestes at the guild and you will end up in the bank the next morning.
  29. I've played as a Paladin and a Thief. The bank robbery is available to both if you want to solve it. Just load up all your honor points by giving flowers to the musician on the bench or give chocolate to Andre at the boat. You can also give fruit to Wolfie, and Anchovies to the musician's parents. After all the honor points are loaded, show Elsa and the guy in the Parrot Inn the thief sign. Go to the thief den, join, buy whatever you want. The second time you go, you can meet the assasin if you want. After that, then go read the notice on the board about the theft at the bank. Then go to the bank and solve the crime, just like you said. As soon as you arrest the bank thief, go to Julianna and tell her about him. She will immediately heal his arm. From: TLM49
  30. I spent 2 days pumping iron in the Adv. Guild (I wanted to beef my str/vit up) then I went to the bank, he'd been robbed, I picked up theinteresting toolkit, then I went to the teleporter to Erasmus' castle (It's past the arena). Kicked the portal, answered the questions, then showed Erasmus the interesting toolkit. He did his magic then I went to the thief's guild at about 11pm, used open on the door (or trigger one of the two), magic ward and just opening it probably works. Anyway I went inside talked to the thief, don't think I immediately arrested him though. I think we did some accusations first then I summoned the guards. Visited him in jail found out about his arm then went off having fun. Late late in the game I went to Julanar (after lotus & candy I think) and told her about how he lost his arm, she went and fixed him, he reforms I talkto him, then later next time I slept in the inn Elsa snuck me to minos. I stole the blackbird from Elsa's cell alcove and looted all the other alcoves *EXCEPT* the one with the potions, save that for when you have to come at the very end, just in case. and used a magnet to escap (it works at this point).

    The First Right: Right of Freedom:

  31. Ok, I single handedly let loose with some industrail grade magical firepower and gunned down the mercs in 3 fishing villages, and got those 3 sigils. Then I went to the other 2 villages, and got the sigils, so I have 5 sigils. The villiages will reports being freed twice if you do it before the other lazy heros get to it. I also found the body of the dead guardsman, and reported his death to the silmira guards. Its been about 2 days, and the bloody rite is still going. The right will not end until you turn in one sigil to the guards at the gate to the council chambers. You can free 5 villages and you will be reported as the one who freed all villages. For the rite to end you hand in the village seal to the guard standing by the hall of kings. the only bug there is that you can hand in any village seal, for example you can hand in Ios seal instead of Naxos(the one you were assigned), and if you keep 4 seal in your inn chest, and hand in just one seal, you can keep the other village seals. I turned them all in to the guards.
  32. There are several ways to complete this area. Wizards can dazzle and stun their way to the last shack in the village and climb the stairs up and get to the middle room of the building to the left as you arrive and open the chest to the area. Once you open the chest the rest of the invaders will leave.
  33. The thief can sneak and bludgeon the other players until they get to the chest. The only battle you really need to complete is the one in the last room.

    The Second Right: Right of Conquest

  34. Go to Andre early in the morning and rent his boat. Go to the docks in morning and take the boat SW around end of mainland. The island that you want is in the southwest part of the map. Andre will talk about the islands until you get close and then wait for nightfall to dump you on the beach.
  35. I killed the centaur by fighting with the paladin's sword and using the heal, vitality and mana potions to keep my health and magic shields up. I used the magic sword or dagger and ran up to where he materialized until he disappeared then ran around to where he appeared and hit him again. About twelve times of going back and forth and the wizard died and gave me a new spell to learn.
  36. Before going to Sifnos, buy about 50 daggers. When you get there, fire at will. The Centaur teleports, but with a thrown weapon, who cares? If you don't have the daggers, just snag spears off of that cart in the courtyard of the fortress - you can pull an unlimited number of them off of it.
  37. If you enter the castle through the drain pipe (you'll have to use rope/grapnel, jumping and the thief skills to access it), then you end up in the outhouse. If you wait a while there, the general comes to take a leak, and then you can spring him! You can get into the outhouse from the part of the wall to the castle just northeast of the stairs just above the rock to the beach. You end up in the outhouse. If you set in the outhouse, the general eventually walks in.... Kill the general.
  38. Also as a wizard this rite is pretty easy for a frontal assault, you don't need to wait in the outhouse. Just go on in, and when the Centaur Mage is casting all those spells at you just cast one simple spell on him that you learned all the way back in Quest for Glory 1. I won't tell you which one, but keep in mind, the Centaur Mage carries a Staff. Do you remember what happens when you do something to a staff? Easy Kill.
  39. No matter what I try it seems that I cannot get to the captain without first killing the centaur mage. And even then, I am forced to fight the captain and kill him, losing around 15 honor points!!!! When I return the shield to rakeesh, he says that my methods were different than his. There must therefore be a more honorable way to complete this rite.
  40. I used my Awe ability to scare away all enemies. I'm a paladin. I didn't lose any honor when I killed the Captain.From: THX Digital Dude
  41. just wanted to know if there's anyway to beat the rite of conquest without killing everyone and everything on sifnos.... and i don't mean by sneaking by guards or whatever and then using the awe spell... because Rakeesh told me (i'm a paladin) that if i could challenge the general to a one on one fight or convince him to surrender then the other soldiers would leave.... but i've been unable to find the general without killing the wizard first.... can you find the general without fighting the wizard or anyone else on that island?
  42. Before you turn in the shield of the general to the guards outside the council room, buy some cure poison pills from Salim's apothacary. You will shortly need them.


  43. I went to Fenrus and he gave me the box of candy that Erasmus thought was from me... the candy was poisoned, I returned thru the portal and gave the box to Salim... It was also discovered that those pesky science types were to blame for the drugging... Later, Shakra says that Fenrus told him it was the tea that was poisoned....don't you know along with rootin tootin rootbeer erasmus favorite drink is chocalate tea. just a guess:)
  44. To get the seeds you need to talk to Julanar after you have gotten the Chocolate box from Erasmus when he gets sick. She gives you the seeds to make you feel better (I think that was the way it went)
  45. If you come back later to Julinar and Salim after giving them the poison chocolates, or maybe at the beginning when you give it to them, they ought to tell you that it doesn't look like a natural poison of any sort - it's some sort of strange chemical. Also, there were bits of tomato in the chocolate. Remember that the scientists like Pizza, and that may give you some ideas, but you might have to wait until later to act on them....
  46. Rakeesh get hit with a poison dagger on nob hill. save him with some poison cure pills.

    Hydra Island: The third rite, The Rite of Valor

  47. Right after you receive the information about your quest Rakeesh is attacked and poisoned by the attacker. If you have the cure poison pills give them to him immediately. If you do not have the pills, run to the shop and buy some from Salim's apothacary. Although it would appear you only have seconds, you really, (or atleast I did), have enough time to run all the way to the shop to buy the pills and then run all the way back..
  48. A book at FACS has information on the myth of Icarus. The bee wax is used to cement the feathers so that you can fly to Hydra Island. The bee wax is right next to one of the Dragon Pillars. There is a bee hive at one of the dragon statues just north of the city. Go to Science Island use bee wax and pegasus feathers on the wings in the lab behind Dr Pretorious. You will need to give him the essential ingredient of Science: Pizza. (Anchovies and Artichoke) To get to science island go threw the far right gate near the F.A.C.S and catch the gondola over there. From there you will be able to fly to Hydra island w/ wings. Either the one North or West of Silmaria.
  49. The FACS (Famous Adventurer Correspondence School) also has a good story on how to fight the hydra.
  50. The goo that you need for the balloon is at the hydra island. Its the green sticky stuff near the tree. If you didn't get it before you killed the hydra you have to talk to Andre, the fisherman near the Rainbow Parrott, early in the morning so that he can take you back to fill your amphora.. The Neon Green that is oozing from the tree on Hydra Isle is what you need to fill the ampora with.
  51. As a theif, wizard or paladin, opening the chest on Hydra island involves either spells or trap disarming ability. If you are a warrior you will need to heal yourself fully, both stamina and health. Make sure you're wearing all of your armor. Then open it and feel the burn. That which does not (quite) kill you makes you stronger :)
  52. If you are a paladin and kill the hydra with Elsa's help and you agree to give Elsa the hydra teeth after you kill the hydra, Elsa will share the hydra victory with you later when you are called to the end of the rite, Elsa will share the victory with you. You may be able to get the magic bow if you do this.
  53. Here's the stuff you need to get before you go 1 amphorae (water bottle from the dog guy), beeswax, pegasus feathers, and 1 artichoke pizza
  54. Go to the scientist, ask him about pizza, then look at the pizza diagram on the wall. Go talk to the fisherman and ask him about fishing, large fish, small fish, and anchovies. He'll give you some. Click on the artichoke pizza in your inventory so it's spinning and you get the wierd italian music. Click & hold on the anchovies and drag them to the large picture of the pizza. It'll combine them and...Ta Da! You have an A&A Pizza. Run back to science Island and give it to the guy. After you give the scientist the pizza you need to click the beeswax on the frame behind him, then click the feathers onit, then click it. BTW you MUST have magic magnets and one in your trunk in the inn otherwise you're trapped on the island. BTW I feel bad saying this but you don't need wyrmbane. If you're a paladin your sword works great. If you're a wizard you don't even have to fight it. Let Elsa do all the combat and you just sear the stumps as she hacks off it's heads with your flame dart spell. Don't forget to check the chest in Hydra's Lair. You definitely need to have the rope for later. Look at that tree with the glowing sap. Fill your bottle with it, you'll need that later.
  55. In the battle with the hydra, you need to burn the hydra stumps when the heads are chopped off or they will grow back. Use the torch you can buy from the thieves guild, or use a flame bolt spell. If you are a fighter, you fight the hydra and let Eriana torch the severed necks.
  56. After you defeat the hydra go to the far left of the cave- there will be a chest....since you are a wizard- trigger the spell on the chest- inside there will be a rope and other goodies
  57. To build the balloon you need to put the sap in a container. But you do not need to do it in the begining. Once you kill the hydra, the fisherman will take you to hydra island.
  58. About the Hydra's teeth..Don't give 'em to Else or anyone else. You need them to end the right and get on with the next rite.
  59. The only time you get to see a bow is if you accept Elsa's help in defeating the Hydra, she then takes a magic bow as a reward from the hydra's loot.
  60. Turning the hydra teeth into the guards at the palace ends the rite.

    The Fourth Rite: Build a hot air balloon to fly to Delos. The Balloon:

  61. Read the book in FACS that tells about building a balloon. The book mentions having treated the balloon with boiled tree sap to make it airtight. You'll find a lightning-struck tree on Hydra Island with sap coming out of it.
  62. Where do me get thing that make fire so me balloon can go up? Show the balloon picture to Marrak, the food seller. It'll take you from there. On science island, there is a small Blackish/greenish window next to the doorway which is the control panel
  63. Pull the gondola out of the water with the crane on science island. Then put the sewn sheets on it. Tie it down with the rope, and seal it with the sap. Then place the braizer in the balloon, and use the tinderbox on it..that's it, you're set to fly!

    Things you'll need to build the balloon.
    1. Picture of balloon from Wolfie in the bazaar.
    2. Rope from chest in cave on Hydra Island.  Or buy the rope from the thieves guild
    3. Tree goo from Hydra Island.  You'll need an amphora to retrieve the goo.  Wolfie sells these.
    4. Sheet from dresser drawer in your room at Gnome Inn.
    5. Gondola from Science Island.  Use crane to place on platform.  
    6. Brazier from Marrak in bazaar.  Show him balloon picture.
    7. Tinder box to light fire in brazier.
  64. OK, first, fish that silly gondolla out of the water. Use the green control pannell next to the platform to controll the crane.
  65. The values are 100 extension and 55 rotation I believe...you just have to experiment awhile. Also you have to make sure you "open" and then "close" it so it can pick the gondola up. Place rope into inventory, then use it on the gondolla. Get sheet from the chest of drawers in your room. Show the balloon picture to gnome ann, then give her the sheet. Return to get sewn sheet. Use tree goo from the hydra's island on the sheet Show balloon picture to Marak, then purchase brazier. Return to the gondolla, use the sheet on the gondolla, click on the gondolla to tighten the ropes (not sure if this is needed...but it never hurts to be safe). Then use the brazier on the gondolla, and then finally the torch to light the whole thing up.
  66. Very important note regarding gondolla: Be VERY VERY carefull about using the magnets. It is very possible to leave the air ship on an island you can't reach with the boat, or leave it trapped in the see or mountains. Always land the air ship in a spot that you know you can reach again before useing the magnets.


  67. You cannot go to Delos until Elsa contacts you to tell you about the assassin. You then need to sleep a full night in the inn. The baloon will not be able to go to Delos until then. I'm floating around in my balloon but can't find Delos for the 4th Rite. Help! Delos is North of the Hydra Isle.
  68. Delos has two things there. One is the oracle and the other is the Dryads. At the oracle you need to put a coin in the fountain and get the black lotus flower. The coin will give you a vision of your future and give you a sigil of prophesy that you take back to the guards to win this rite. The black lotus flower should be taken back to the apothacary.

    Magic Staff

  69. You'll find the magic wood in a musically enchanted place. And you'll have to solve a little puzzle and exercise a bit of patiencebefore you get it. Think about what kind of wood might have magical properties to it, and go where you might find a grove of such wood. Good luck! The magic staff is only available to the Magic User not any other professions including the Paladin.
  70. The dryads not talk or move or anything and the other place on the island just has a black lotus? Talking to the Famous Adventurer and reading through some of his books will give you some hints as to what to do here. For instance, the Sibil requires a donation before she'll speak to you...
  71. Okay, I'd like a very general hint (not spoiler!) about how to get the Dryads to dance. I'm making a guess that I can get the magic wood here (I'm a mage), but I need them to dance, like the Famous Adventurer mentioned. Something that they would really like, probably earth related... but I'm still lost. Damned if I know.
  72. I danced with the dryads, but what else do i need to do in order to finish the 4th rite, what is that statue for?? That's not just a statue... see that fountain water... make a wish... (didn't someone once say that the Sybil had a fondness for gold... after all, isn't she "worth it" ...)
  73. The magic staff is only for magic users. If you are any other profession you will not be able to get the staff.

    The Fifth Rite: The Rite of Death in Hades:

  74. Okay, here is where I am at in the makeing of the ring...First get the ring from logos or whatever his name is. Then take it to the Dragon Pillar that has the lava river thing, (a few dragon pillars north of silmaria), then when you go to Hell, dip it in the river styx. Move the King's Ring to your belt, then select it to use it on yourself. You have to have less than full health then just click the king's ring on your paladin from your belt. From: Zach
  75. The hint about getting into hades has something do to with guards blood and the hippocrene. I think the hippocrene. Just take a bottle (empty) to that place with the skull for the map picture and fill it near the corpse. Then pour it out at the other end of the stream. You have to have read te pillar in Delos though.
  76. I have heard that you have to do something on the 4th rite to get Bruno to attack you at night, and after you kill him then you get a boat to sail to Minos to see the Oracle. If it is not possible to get attacked by Bruno when you are the paladin, then how do you get to the Oracle?
  77. Pour Some Happy Vigorus Water into stream where it meets the rock wall. Goto the place on the map where you see a little skull. (top left of the map) Enter there, and you'll see a dead man, get some fouled water by clicking a greek Urn near the body, then go all the way to the left, and pour it near the place where the water goes into the cave. NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE READ THE INSCRIPTION AT THE ORACLE!
  78. You need to get to the bottom of Hades first. If you're a warrior or paladin, you may need to jump off of a medium-size cliff to get down there (it'll look like a stone bridge, and there'll be a building in the distance you need to get to). It won't kill you, if you're healthy. Once you get to the bottom, look for the whirlpool. There's a path beside it that's a bit hard to see that'll take you down to the edge of the water.
  79. You get past Cerberus and into hades by either bribing them with 3 different foods or just keep attacking them until they give up.I just completed the fourth rite. I got the bad water and I've been searchin for some type of door to go to Hades, but I can't find a way. Please tell me how to find it. Thanx. It's not really a very logical step, but one of the dragon pillars has a different icon that's appropriate. Check out all of the dragon pillars and you'll find what you're looking for.
  80. First: It might not be necessary to bribe him. Maybe you could get around him some other way, if you're fleet of foot and can lure him out of the doorway.... Second: He has no hands, and thus has no use for anything he'd carry around. It'll have to be something he can use right away. Also, you may have noticed that each of the heads has a different personality - you'll need to give them each something different. If you are still stumped with Cerebrus, the three headed dog, go to the street vendor before you go to Hades and get all types of food. The food is what Cerebrus wants. If you feed him 100 gyros your honor will go to about 400 points.
  81. Styx water: I've gotten the water from the whirlpool near where you have to choose between Katrina and Erana. Get the Styx water to the east of there, there is a path but it's hard to see. I used thearrowkeys. Lethe water is at the whirlpool itself. It's not too big of a problem. Take the bottom path. See the whirlpool? Get water out of it. Then keep moving to the right. See the stream? Get water out of it, too. (You can give the Lethe water to Salim to help rouse Erasmus, Rakeesh, and Shakrah out of their comas) And it's that simple. Rember the spot way back to the left where the water swirls? Head back there along the path until you are able to walk to the bottom of your screen once you hit the bottom of your screen head to the Right it was hard for me to see there is a path leading right down there once you go a little ways grab some of the water should be the water of Lethe (used to help Erasmus and Shakra give to apothocary)now head farther along to the right and get fill the other bottle should be from the river Styx.Now head out it's kinda foggy to me cause i was in a hurry to catch an Arena match just head left and up through the Dragons bones out the doorway then out the doorway again.Don't worry if you leave your Ballon behind ya can always walk back to get it :)
  82. after getting lithe water and styx water go left to the dragon skull follow the road to arch go through and you will be on the road to the exit, just head right and exit through the arch, don't ask me why this works, i assume the arches are magical
  83. You need to get BOTH sets of water in order to leave Hades. The water from right next to the whirlpool comes from the river Lethe. The river Styx is off to the right. Be sure to get both. Once you do, and you've spoken to Hades, the doors will send you back towards the entrance, avoiding the cliff. Otherwise the cliff will keep you in Hades.
  84. You get the dragon fire spell in Hades dependent upon what choices that you make there.
  85. Paladins can waltz right through, given a sufficient supply of Vitality Potions. Destroy Undead will take out a Manes in 2 or 3 shots. You might want to try the tactic I used as a thief: Ignore the Undead and run like Hell. Er, Hades. Chug a Vitality Potion every once in a while to get back your drained strength.
  86. As a mage you Frost Bite the Manes while you have an Aura and a Reversal in effect and just cast it about three times and walk towards them the whole way, nice and easy. For the Lemures, go for a few flame darts, nothing fancy. The shades you need a reversal and I prefer to use lightning with the magic staff in Hand, makes a big difference.
  87. You can also try casting aura, protection, reversal and hide on yourself, and make a mad running dash past all the undead to the end. I made it with only using a couple mana and stamina pills. You don't get as much spell practice that way though. ; ) Also, Boom, especially in combination with Hide, does great in blowing up clusters of the undead, or any other group of monsters. Just don't throw it too near yourself. heheh.

    The Rite of Peace in Atlantis:

  88. There is somebody in town who has been to Atlantis that might be able to help. Actually, according to him he has been to everywhere, from dancing with dryads to flirting with the queen of Atlantis. Quite an ADVENTURER eh?
  89. I flew to atlantis but when i walk there i go into water and i am a theif that cannot swim so when i am in water i see a gate and i end up drowning how do i get there? Perhaps you ought to find something that will allow you to breathe underwater? ...and perhaps you can learn to swim? Look abroad for the first; should be a new person/location after your last rite (Hades) that you can check out. Look in Silmaria for the second ... maybe something of a HOWTO guide. Wonder who'd have those...
  90. The breath amulet can be gotten from katrina and Eriana.
  91. You need to pry open the gates to Atlantis. Spears are very versatile. But a normal spear can't stand the strain, so what type of spear do you need? a MAGIC spear.
  92. If you are the thief, you will need to sneak in and bludgeon the guards. You will need the stealth oil to get the gates open.

    The Rite of Justice or Dealing with The Assassin:

  93. After you finish the rite of peace in Atlantis, go to science island and you will find that the big guy has moved away from the controls on the second level inside the science island buiding. These controls get you into the secret laboratory. You need to enter your password into the laboratory: ALGEBRA using the touch pad that comes up. If you have taken the poisoned candy to the alchemist and spent time with him talking about it, later the two doctors Pretorius/ and Gort will be discredited for poisoning everyone. You also find out that Gort is not human.
  94. I couldn't help but notice sombody asking about Ferrari's sidekick( his name's Ugarte). Depending on what you do, you can foil another one of Bruno's assasination attempts. First, run down to Salim's place and buy some poison cure pills. After the first rite, run down to the dead parrot and ask Ugarte about rumors(or mabey it was information...). He'll ask you for 500 drachmas( you don't have to pay him) and offer to find out what he can. Wait until 8 o'clock, then walk past the adventuter's guild and Ugarte will come sneaking out. He'll claim to have heard some info, and demand 5000 drachmas for it( even if you have that much, you can't pay him). Say goodbye and Bruno will promptly stab him. Give him the poison cure pills and you'll end up in the hall of kings. ( Ferrari claims to know what Ugarte was trying to sell me, but demands the blackbird in exchange for it. I didn't even bother.) From: Eleanor Ferron
  95. Rite #7 involves catching the assassin, and then, you don't have a chance. Of course, you may get opportunities to foil him in other ways.
  96. 7th rite is a little tricky since you have to bait the assasin. Try sleeping in your inn overnight. If you get waken up by Elsa, go take a stroll immediately to the beach and back to inn again. On the way interesting things should happen.
  97. I haven't seen Ferrari or his little side kick (can't spell his name) in a long while. I have been checking both locales and nada. I'm playing a thief this time around and was wondering what happened to them. I realize Ferrari is still around because the glad. games are still going, but night after night and no little sneak to be found. Mind clueing me into where they went and if assassinated when and where should I go to see it/stop it/enjoy it? Don't quote me on this, but I believe Ferrari only shows up in the Dead Parrot after the games are over, if not..then towards the end of the game. The games are only over, I think, if you are champion for a week. Hope I'm right and that helps!
  98. Did you know you could kill the assasin on the night he appears on the bridge and throws the dagger at you, if you use boom wher he appears he will die when he appears, i don't know if this will mess up the the game.
  99. His name was Bruno, as he said when he was in his death throes. But think back for a second. Doesn't that name sound familiar? Bruno was the thief who was flipping the dagger outside of Spielburg in Quest For Glory 1! Another reference to Spielburg, such as Sam the Beggar (who is now the Banker, to the best of my knowledge) and the characters we all know about. The cameos are endless, aren't they?
  100. I am totally lost on how to finish this rite, Elsa visited my room at the inn once, and said something about minos, but what am I supposed to do to catch the assasin? I am playing as a thief. Try Crossing the Bridge from the Adventures Guild to The Gnome Inn in the weee morning hours say around 1:30 A.M. or so.
  101. Elsa has spoken to me twice in my room. I know that she has proof of Minos. You are supposed to hang around until 11 pm outside Dead Parrott Inn. Then walk to the Adventurers Guild You will be attacked by the Assasain
  102. I have not come up with any way to stop the assassin from murdering Kokeeno or Magnum Opus, but you can of course foil his attempt to kill Rakeesh. You give Rakeesh the antidote pills.

    Taking a Wife:

  103. Depending upon whom you play in the game, you are paired with an appropriate person for a wife. Eriana is paired with the paladin. I believe that Nawar is paired with the thief. Katrina is paired with the wizard. And I am unsure who is paired with the fighter. You need to speak to your beloved several times and to give them gifts. You must tell the girl that you love her and then you are stuck with that one. Katrina is the hardest to woo and win.
  104. If you want to know which character is best suited to whom, here is my opinion: Wizard- Katrina Paladin- Erana Theif- Nawar Fighter- Elsa.
  105. When I attempt to give Nawar the ring, she says before she can marry me I must teach Abdull, the guard outside, a little lesson. A lesson in swordsplay. I just walked out and batted him a few times before the gaurd broke us up (pesky gaurds one needs a good blackjacking) she seemed content with that. I did it successfully (as a thief). And, as an extra bonus, she was at the Chief Thief ceremony, to gloat at Ferrari and *cough* congratulate me.
  106. In the hydra quest: Elsa should come along to help. Just tango with the hydra for a while more and she will show up. If you are a fighter, choose to fight and let her torch, if you're a wiz let her fight melee and you torch the heads as soon as she kills them. If you plan to woo Elsa, let her win this rite; you will know what to do after hydra's dead.
  107. Marry Katrina: I am attempting to marry Katrina and all is going quite well...then it hits me...: A)The flowers are found outside Salim and Juliana's apothacary. B) I have no clue where to get the amulet of defense before Minos Island on the first Rite I found the amulet by saving all of the villages, not just the assigned one. I did this as a paladin but it should work for a wizard.
  108. Flowers and Candy and a ring of beauty may capture her heart ;-)
  109. Give her flowers, chocolate, amulet of defense and anything else you can think of (gyros, jewelry, healing pills etc). Talk to her about your past, explain your actions (including taking away Tanya), tell her you love her, kiss her etc. Visit her a couple of times - before completing rite#5, and during rites 6 & 7. Finally give her the ring.
  110. To marry Eriana, save her from hades, give her the magic seeds, and give her some flowers. Talk to her between each rite and at the last one give her Hera's ring
  111. The Ring of Truth only exists if you're a Paladin, to the best of my knowledge. It requires (as Rakeesh will tell you) the ring of a king, forged in the blood of a dragon, bathed in the blood of a paladin, and annointed by the water of binding. The King's Ring is in the keeping of Logos. If you're a Paladin, Paladin's blood isn't hard to get. The other two are a bit trickier.
  112. Katrina may require Hera's ring to marry. The amulet of defense is the third and final gift to Katrina. Try giving her the Amulet of Defense (she's feeling pretty vulnerable without her vampiric powers) - you can get it either from one of the fishing villages during the rite of freedom or from Minos' treasure room when searching for the bird.
  113. If you wish to marry Katrina, many have said that you could not talk or attempt to woo anybody else (Elsa, Nawar, Erana, etc.) Also do you have any info on how to marry Erana.

    Blackbird Quest and the Gnome's Deed

  114. You need to go to Minos' treasure room two times: once to get the blackbird and other statues to redeam the Gnomes deed and the other time to witness Minos' dying and breaking the prophesy stone. Getting the blackbird from Minos' treasure room for the Gnome's Deed should be done after the right of peace. Minos breaking the prophesy stone will happen automaticallly after the right of justice. When Minos breaks the stone and you break out of the treasure room you will be automatically transported to the conflict with the dragon who is escaping.
  115. I don't know how this ties in, but if you're looking for something to get the gnome's deed, the peace statue from Atlantis will do it -- at least for a Wizard & Paladin, haven't tried it as a thief yet.
  116. You need the blackbird to save Ann's Inn (you trade it to Ferrari). The blackbird lets you win the contest or save Gnome Ann's inn. Give the thing to Ferrari to save the in, give it to Arestes to make Chief Thief. Ferrari is in the dead parrot very late in the game
  117. Ok, I had to restart almost the whole game, but I'm having fun. I got the amulet by freeing all 5 towns. Take that ya nasty invaders! BTW, you don't need the blackbird to save the inn... he takes the statue of peace (6th rite) instead!
  118. Make sure Arrestes knows you are looking for the blackbird and also make sure to make the Thief sign to Elsa!
  119. If you are the thief, you break into Ferari's house and steal the blackbird from him. You will need an imitation blackbird as substitute. You need to go to Minos Palace and steal the blackbird and another statue. I assume you did this. In minos treasury you must steal the winged lion statue on the desk and the magic statue on the ledge over the middle alcove on the left side of the screen. You need your grapeling hook to get to it. Use the spare sheet you took from your bedroom to wrap the statue, since it is magic. The blackbird is in the alcove farthest to the right side of your screen. Get wolfie to carve a replica of the real blackbird statue. Show the real blackbird statue to Newar. Offer hera's ring to newar. Ferrari should be upstairs. Ferrari will give you the deed to the gnome inn.
  120. When you go to wolfie before 5 PM, talk to him about the blackbird and he will give the real blackbird to you. After he gives you the real blackbird, buy the imitation blackbird from him. Then show the real bird to Arestes and he will note that you got it in his book. Be sure to show the real bird to Nawar and she will suggest that you trick Ferrari.
  121. The prophesy stone: Minos just jumped to his death, and I search the treasure room, but I don't find anything I need. Then the stone blows up. There's a certain order you have to do things...They are: A) Search the Minotaur (After Minos jumps to his death, not before) B) Search Minos's body C) Elsa points to an alcove that you must open. If, for some reason, she does not point to the alcove, it is the one on your left, the one nearest the door to the room.
  122. As a Paladin, you HAVE to. #1: Show Erasmus the toolkit, this must happen before he's poisoned. #2: Arrest the thief guild leader (he's below the bridge by Adv. Guild. There's a secret door you can find once you've gotten the clue from Erasmus). #3: Talk to him while he's in jail. #4: Talk to Julanar about how his arm was hacked off. I think you have to do that after you give her the lotus/lethe water/poisoned candy. #5: Talk to him again about how he's going straight and about good deeds. #6: Sleep in the inn.
  123. Elsa comes to your room at night (she sure does like to wake you up) and tells you Arestes told her you wanted the blackbird, she knows it's in Minos' treasure room because she brought it with her from Speilburg. She'll sneak you aboard Minos' boat then drop you on the shore. Fight your way through the castle and loot his treasure chamber EXCEPT for that one chamber top left, leave it alone since you need to loot it later to get teleported to the final battle.
  124. the wind keeping you from Minos island doesn't go away. The only way to get past it is to get aboat from Logos (a real boat not a fishing boat). To do that you have to catch the assassin. Sleep until night, I did it until midnight, then run past the adventurer's guild and then go back across (from dead parrot back across the bridge above the thief guild/by the adventurer's guild. Bruno should attack you. When he dies, the rite ends, you explain how it's all Minos' fault and Logos sends you to his island on a fast boat
  125. I have to say that getting the BlackBird was my favorite quest especially for my blood crazed paladin. He's the honorable warrior of good (and took a hit to his honor but not a big one) and he runs onto the island, not even trying to hide, kills the first guard, then runs up to the gates kills the next two guards. BASHES DOWN THE GATES races into the cortyard kills the guards on the ground and uses spears on the mercenaries above him, bashes down the house door. Races inside, kills the household guards, runs into the treasure room. Steals *EVERYTHING* that isn't nailed down (I even took a golden lion statue that weighed a TON) and then uses the magic magnet to run away. I honestly felt like Sir Lancelot from Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail. That quest was perfect for his idiom and I got a huge laugh outta it.
  126. Well she doesn't do this until later. She told me she'd let me get the blackbird while she looked for proof of his guilt. I think this was right before or right after I got the rite of justice.
  127. go out front of the dead parrot and rest until about 11pm, then run to the adventurers guild (left), then go across the bridge, you should get attacked by the assassin.
  128. How do I get out of Minos' Treasure Room? You have to loot the minotaur, Minos, and the top left alcove of it's potions. I think you just have to bit the bullet and disarm the trap on the alcove. Every class can do it and its just a relatively simple memory game (it was tough for me though, I really suck at those things...)Then you get teleported out.

    Endgame (Fighting the Dragon):

  129. Hey all... How do you kill the Dragon at the end of the game? I raised the pillar. Then I volunteer to everybody that I will sacrifice myself, and Erana does it instead. The dragon eventually gets loose and we're chasing him all over the cavern, and just when it seems he's dead, it says he gets out and game over! Help! I sthere any way Erana can stay alive? I've heard that Gort sacrifices himself, but when I ask him to (I volunteer first) he just screams "Aaaargh!" and keeps fighting.. Help me out over here, I'm dying to see the end of the game!
  130. Dragon Fire (the spell, not the game) looked cool the one time I saw it - I rescued Katrina instead of Erana, and she cast it on the dragon several times in the final battle. She was up in the air, and there I was, trying to kill a dragon with a @)(%*)($ DAGGER....
  131. You have to right the statue, get Toro & Gort to help you. If you just fight him with the magic or poisoned dagger the dragon'll flyoutside, then you have to really fight him. BTW use heal all the time because the dragon will pound you so fast you'll think he flew off.
  132. Well you still have to pour on the damage, if you're a wizard just run up (I used the poison dagger) and frostbite and just HACK into him. Get Erana to keep healing the different people. But when you do something like half the dragon's life in damage he decides to step outside and finish this. Use lots of frostbite because he won't land for a while. Try that a few times, if you can't dish out enough damage (I don't see why you wouldn't be able to) then talk to Erana, volunteer to sacrifice yourself and, at least for me, she won't let you and you'll get to watch her get roasted. I consider that the "bad" ending though considering that if you got Erana then chances are you've tried to marry her and well...ick.
  133. You don't have to sacrifice Erana, just say to Toro and Gort that you are sacrificing yourself, but do not tell Elsa or Erana, if you tell Elsa, you really will sacrifice yourself. Don't tell Erana, or she sacrifices herself, all you have to do is, tell Toro and Gort to help fix the pillar, then when they are pushing it, go help them, then the dragon will be damagable. Then, he will fly around and land every once in awhile, when he lands, whoop him up. If Gort, Toro, or Elsa are low on life, ask Erana to heal them. It says Ask about Gort, but it actually heals him. Use your poisoned dagger, but after the first attack, its power wears off, so equip the other poisoned dagger, attack, and then use the minotaur axe, or something really powerful. The dragon should have low life when he flies away, when you are watching the cinema, make sure you don't skip it, or you lose for some reason... and then you have done it! From: XxSpLoOtXx@aol.com

    The Chief Thief:

  134. Ahhh. Sorry, I should have mentioned that - it threw me, too. The Chief Thief ceremony is the absolute last thing to happen in the game. I mean, REALLY the last - even after you (or whoever) gets crowned King. It's the final thing before the credits roll.

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  1. From: Lena Here's a hint try giving the dancing dryads water :o) Let me know if you need more Lena McCabe Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so. -- Douglas Adams
  2. From: Betty c/o William J Maxey Jr. You wrote the walk-thru? I like the walk-thru, but it is hard to follow. I hated to say that, especially since you have been so helpful. I'm never sure what i'm suppose to do first or next. I follow it along and I get the destiny quest done and then it says I wasn't suppose to go delos without talking to someone, but I did it because that person never showed up. I got lost in hades. So I gave up and decided to start the game all over again. Ps. What do you know about Redguard??
  3. From: Lena McCabe I am just a lady who reads alot of your articles. Seems we play about the same games though you are alot faster than I am. By the way I have finished this one...any ideas for my next adventure as I have completed all the ones that I know are out and seemed worthy :o)) Thanks, Lena The enemy is anybody who's going to get you killed, no matter which side he's on. -- Joseph Heller
  4. From: gwihlidal The url for my site is :Graham's Quest for Glory Page thanks Graham

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