Quest for Glory V (5): Dragon Fire by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Genre:hybrid of a role-playing and a graphic animated adventure
Release:December 1, 1998
Developer: Sierra FX and Yosemite Entertainment
Lead Artist:
Publisher: Sierra or Huevos?

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Quest for Glory V (5): Dragon Fire


This series began in 1989 with the first Quest for Glory. The game was first titled Hero's Quest but due to some problems with the trademark for the name, Sierra was forced to change the name to Quest for Glory.

The game was the brain child of the husband and wife team of Cori and Lori Cole. The team decided to come up with a graphic animated adventure, something that Sierra had developed the standard of the industry for, and the role-playing adventure, which Sierra had not done yet. Many people were of the opinion that a hybrid game would not satisfy fans of either genre, but they were wrong in that not only did those who liked the other genres like this game, but a whole new audience flocked to this new style adventure. The Coles had broken the mold.

The game proved to be so popular that Sierra re-released the game in a icon-driven, 256-color VGA version in 1992 under the title Quest for Glory I: So You Want to be a Hero. In its second release the game did not do as well as was planned and Sierra was persuaded not to pursue any remakes of previous games to current technology. Some notable exceptions to this philosophy have been the Red Baron, ProPilot and other arcade or simulator type games, which enjoy continued popularity in multiple reincarnations.

Company Line

Game Play


Possible sequel: Wolfie comes from "Punjabi", part of "Inja", and he wants to go home. So I was wrong - they might go with "The Jungle Book" instead.



Voice Actors

Music Score

Sound Effects


i also hear they are bringing back punny bones for the expansion!!!!! of course, not many people seemed to like him, but i did... after all, his pathetic jokes are in line with the quest for glory humour that we all know and love. It would be nice if the expansion were compatable with the choices like saving Katrina or Eriana. The expansion pack was due out in January or Febuary...(I forget). Of course, concedering the fact that QFG5 was due out in July/August probably means that the expansion will be out before X-mas...(of 1999-2000) But it is supposed to be pretty good. (I know there is supposed to be one because it can be pre-ordered at my local puter store.

Multi-player Features

The multiplayer will come out as a free patch/upgrade in a couple of months, and it looks to be a cooperative game centering on the RPG side of quest for glory rather than the hack 'n' slash side. If you enjoyed qfg4.. i highly recommend the previous games, especially qfg2 (my personal favourite) even though it is a text based EGA game. All of them have great playability and replayability, and of course, you wonn't have as much affection for many of the chararcters in number 5 either.

Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough

Quest for Glory V (5): Dragon Fire Cheats Quest for Glory V (5): Dragon Fire Walkthrough


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