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Betrayal In Antara Towns

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Town Menu: Aliero, Asprza, Antara, Bakril, Balmestri, Beluckre, Breland, Briala, Burlen, Camille, Cardone, Choth, Darvi, Dumali, Durst, Eastbank, Elona, Everton, Friole, Ganath, Grandeur, Havesly, Imazi, Isten, Keth, Knightridge, Korus Landing, Levosche, Ligano, Melay, Midova, Nathby, Ormede, Panizo, Ravenne, Sortiga, Teal, Ticoro, Torlith, Varnasse, Waterfork,

Towns in Chapter 1

You cannot go north of Briala to Bakril. You cannot go west of Midova to Ticoro, doing so will help you to talk to the bridge workers. You cannot go west of Panizo to Waterfork or Cardone.

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  1. The Spitting Lion Inn: Sleep here for nothing: no food or money are needed to stay overnight. Aren's father owns the inn. Stay here and cast spells until Aren is powerful in spells, then head out of town. There is gold for the taking hidden in the fountain. Outside the Inn, Tyre Cordelaine, Aren's father, will talk about things,
  2. Mark's Goods general store:
  3. Laura Miller, Aren's girlfriend, will be very upset that Aren will be travelling and not staying to marry her.
  4. Laura Miller's mom is upset by Aren not sticking around.
  5. Lonzo's farm tells about sick cows. You need to talk to Doc Myers in Balmestri who will come and save the calves. Visit Lonzo after Doc Myers comes by and Lonzo gives the party Tonguecoat and Steadfast Tonic.
  6. Talk to Bo Derkin's mother at her house.
  7. Talk to the pig farmer, and help him catch his pigs and the party will have Stealth skill increased.
  8. Eugene, at his house, will tell of the chicken money making scheme. Eugene will tell you about Scott Gratisi, who knows about magic and is adventuring somewhere in the south.
  9. Leaving Briala to the west or south triggers encounter with three thugs robbing and raping Kaelyn a trapper. Beating the bandits causes Kaelyn, an accomplished archer, to join the group.

Towns in Chapter 2

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    1. Riverside Pub: fishing rod (8) free on floor, ale (12) 26b, fish (6) 6b. Drinkers sing verse two of common man.
    2. The Herbalist: herbal powder (12) 14b, razorcup nectar (5) 120b, nudberries (4) 168b, senwater (25) 60b, fidali leaves (12) 3b.
    3. carriage to Levorsche 260b.
    4. House in Waterfork: Cure the sick child by mixing ale with Fidali leaves. Get a banded shield.
    5. Get the paper from the chest where Finch the Mage is to the northwest of Midova, click the paper on the front door of the House of Marnia Contuso.
    6. Fisherman tells story about Masliths. If you kill them three Maslith groups you get a reward of Henne's Horn.
    7. Trapper tells story about fishing for food.

    Towns in Chapter Four

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    1. Temple of Senaedrin: Heal: 30 pts. = 50 b, 60 pts. = 85b, 100 pts. = 150 b, Cure Poison:brief = 70 b, medium = 120 b, long = 200 b
    2. Coachman: Coaches to Everton and Teal = 300b
    3. Backstage Club Inn: Meat Pies (6) = 10b, Wine (12) = 42b, Roast Chicken (10) = 17b. Lord Lighton gamles at 75b per hand. Will gamble for tickets and some money. Once you get tickets, Lighton refuses to gamble and calls you a bumpkin.
    4. Falcon's Pearch General Store and Armory: Leather Armor = 248b, Oil (5) = 22b, Rope (8) = 10b, Yelloweye (10) = 78b, Fishing Rod (8) = 16b, Animal Pelts = 37b
    5. Empty House (can be used to store stuff) has Essence of Wind (3), Package of Food (3), Whetstone (4) and 31b.
    6. Empty House, that you can enter, has Rope (6), Hammer (14) and 21b.
    7. House with Town Gossip tells you about Lord Lighton, Maria Liana's special performance for the lord, and Maria Liana's son.
    8. House with mage Darustan will teach you persuasive magic skills for 400b.
      Isten Ampitheater is to the north of town. Click on Maria Liana's dressing room curtain to talk to her.
    9. Maria tells you about her son who is in Durst near The Waste in the old provence of Chuno. Durst is on the map to the east of Isten.
    10. House with Jaeger Ben Stafford will let you read his book, The Shira: Its Structure and Inner Workings, which increases your skills. No charge.
    11. Jaeger House in northwest part of town will give you one Leg of Lamb for free, one time.
    12. Bead-lock chest, southeast of town, has tickets to Maria Liana's performance.
    13. Bead-lock chest, northwest of town.

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    Korus Landing:

    1. Germaine's Outfitters: Torch (12) = 12B, Banded Shield = 256b, Senwater (25) = 31b, shovel (8) = 33b, Herbal Powder = 15b, Beeswax (8) = 20b.
    2. Gilder Trader Inn: free pendent on floor worth 170b, meat = 12b, ale = 17b, roast chicken = 14b, food rations = 20b. Man sings Senaedrin Bawdy Ballad.
    3. House with newlyweds feeds you one time.
    4. Empty house that you cannot enter.
    5. Jaeger Forest Meister tells his tale of hsi Chunise Idol wine and cheese party. Give him a cheese and you get your stats increased.
    6. Carriage Stop: Coach to Teal = 270b.

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    1. The town cannot be approached in Chapter 4 - triggers interparty conversation warning you to go back.

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    1. The Watering Hole Pub: bread = 6b, leg of lamb = 12b. Talk to the ale drinking man about mage Brian Caster, who just died. Talk to the squinty eyed man about mage Brian Caster, he leaves.
      Graveyard southwest of town. Look for mage Brian Caster's grave. Be careful what you dig up here, save first.
    2. House with children playing a counting game: "1 is for the Emperor the one the cloak has graced, 2 is for the mages who in battle made the Waste, 3 is for Tririne for they are always near, 4 is for the seasons as they turn throughout the year, 5 is for the years the priests of Kor must train, 6 is for the countries over which our Emperor reigns, 7 is for the books of law that make Antara great, 8 is for the Harvest Days that we all celebrate, 9 is for the pirate clans who sail upon the sea, 10 is for the fingers I couunt on 1, 2, 3."
    3. House with boy polishing a knife tells you that mage Brian Castere was smuggling swords. Brian gave the boy the knife to shut him up.
    4. Bakery has a tale of woe and nothing for sale. minor quest.
    5. House of Brian Castere, with Brother Alexi in residence to scare off the thieves.
    6. House with 3 year old Allie Renee tells us that Brian apprenticed with a Mehrat mage and that he used the magic to protect from damage on the roads and move along the roads faster with a spells he learned. Starts quest to train with Mehrat mage.

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     Imperial Jewlers gem shop: emerald 100% = 1275b, sapphire 100% = 714b, pendant 100% = 284b, ruby 100% = 987b, bracelet 100% = 114b. Sell bracelet found in Korus Landing here for better profit.
    Empty cottage you can enter and store in, 23b, lockpicks (3), Irthinde (3), flaming arrows (10), academy pass.
    Mage Naomi's from the Conservatory in Varnesse's Cousing Naol's house. Sprinkle and spread nutrients on garden in back of house by clicking on calcium powder in inventory, click on hand, click on garden in 3D window. You will get a confirmation and item will disappear from inventory. Now return to Naomi in Varnesse Conservatory and get mage training.
    House with beautiful woman mistakes you for her betrothed to Marcus who went to fight the Mehrats in the west.
    House with boy playacting as a dog with his sister.
    House with old man who wants to sell you the location of a beed-lock chest for 150 burlas. Save the money. The chest is on the road out of town, which goes to the Ne, on the NW side of the road in a hollow tree marked with a star. The colors are bleached from the chest. You need to make three drops into the bin to open: Yellow, Blue and Red, Blue and Green. Color key: The skull is yellow. The Bottle is red. The book is green. The bulb is blue.

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    You cannot go into the east side of the map, east of Fiole or east of Waterfork. The chapter is over when you find a replacement Shepherd's medalion in a garden in Ravenne and get into the Shepherd's cave north of Ticoro on the north-west side of the lake.

    1. Pernath Academy: You need a pass to get into the academy which you will find in one of the chests in Ticoro and also another chest within the area of the chapter. Downstairs has books to read. Save the game just outside so that you can return later and read the books to answer the lever chest puzzles. Upstairs you can talk to Walston More of the Yell studies department, who talk about the use of Science for even common people to perform magic.
    2. Bailey's Discretion Inn: Ale (12) 21b, Meat Pies (6) 10b, Rest 13b per night. A private conversation reveals that Caverton is in hot water over the consort kidnapping.
    3. Defenders of the Empire Armory: Breast Plate 100% 1683b (337b), Montari Chain 100% 1200b, Chain Mail 100% 765b, Leather Armor 100% 343b, Banded Shield 100% 381b, Tortoise Shield100% 725b, Shepherds Armor 85% NIS (87b). (NIS = Not in Stock)

    Cheat Codes, Lever Chest Codes, General Hints, Chapters, Towns, Links

    1. Temple of Senaedrin: Healing and Cure Poison. Click on sister of Senaedrin for healing 50 burla (30 points of damage, 80b (50 points, 1550b (100 points)
    2. The Inn by the Sea: Food Rations (14) 23B, Ale (12) 19b, Meat Pies (6) 9b, Rest (2) 12b per night.
    3. Arcania magic shop: Kinetic Staff (40) 1291b throws fire, Staff of Nightmares (20) 816b, Malkere's Serum (5) 336b, Essence of Wind (5) 168b, Shadowmilk (10) 192b, Abrida's Conduit (5) 136b, Muscles and Glands (book) 339b, An Optics Primer (book) 339b, Carluda's Chain (4) 1632b, Necklace of Communion 203b.

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    East Bank:

    1. Riverside Inn: bread (4) 5b, wine (12) 31b, fish (6) 7b, rest (2) 8b per night. A man sings a ballad for the joymen song.
    2. House of Swords weapon shop: Grrrlf Staff 386b, Long Sword 100% 73b, Rapier 100% 714b, Whetstone (14) 29b, Quarter Staff 119b (27b).
    3. Middle aged woman gives a drink of water to the group and the water is terrible, not at all like the Prophet's well in Camille, which is a rip off but heals the group.
    4. Woman with a green key which she found near edge of woods to the north. The key is a door key, which she gives you and you take reluctantly.
    5. Elderly man speaks of his Ancestral Tree that was cut down. The man feels the tree is being cut into a curio by a Jaeger. If you find the carving and replant it where it was cut down near the north edge of the forest, you will be rewarded. Use the green key to obtain entrance to the Jaeger Meister's back door in Korus' Landing. Recover the idol from the house. Bury the idol in the woods to the northwest. Use the shovel on the tree stump, use the idol on the hole, then use the shovel on the hole. Return to elderly man and get an emerald as a reward.
    6. A grouchy trader sells you cheese for 15 burlas. Locked House if you return later.
    7. A true believer tells you about the prophet. Locked House if you return later.

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    1. The Hollow Tavern: fish (6) 7b, ale (12) 14b, roast chicken 12b, card shark 60b per hand.
    2. Coach to Durst 320b
    3. A swindler wants to charge your group sixty burlas to drink from the well. The well is filled with senawater and steadfast solution so it fully heals you 15% and cures poison by 5-10%, but it is very expensive.
    4. Locked house
    5. locked house
    6. locked house
    7. A man with no irises in his eyes claims to be a prophet of the Triune god. You must give him a sword untainted from battle and he will bless it from god. The blessing will not work with ordinary swords.
    8. Trapped chest with razor cup nectar (5) and malkere's serum (3).
    9. House of Shields: Tortise Shield 100% 664b, Grrrlf Shield 100% 140b (32b), Bonded Shield 100% 349b, small shield 100% 47b, wooden shield 100% 99b, chain mail 100% NIS (137b), Leather Armor 100% nis (17B), Broad Sword 100% NIS (NS). NIS = not in stock, NS = no sale.

    Cheat Codes, Lever Chest Codes, General Hints, Chapters, Towns, Links

    1. Henne's Chapel - Temple of Henne, Child of Henne's blessing 125b, Jhana, a red haired girl in the right hand pew, second from the back, tells you that Simon was reassigned by the Hand in Ticoro. The hand is waiting for you in front of Ticoro to tell you that Simon was reassigned to Ravenne. If you go to Levorche you will find Simon in the road near the center of town. Simon will tell you that he buried the medallion in the back garden. Do not use a shovel just click on the garden with your bare cursor and you will get the medallion needed to open the Shepherd's cave. Get plenty (10 bottles of 25 each) of senwater and about 24 torches before entering this cave.
    2. Pilgrim's Pause Inn: cheese (5) 6b, food rations (14) 16b, stay night (2) 6b.
    3. Salves and Roots herb shop: steadfast tonic (5) 110b (40b), Senwater (25) 32b (17b), herbal powder (12) 15b, razorcup nectar (5) 110b, Irthinde (5) 32b (10b), shovel (8) 35 (NS), fidali paste (10) 15b, oil (4) NIS (6b), attractor (2) NIS (24b), talicor dust (1) NIS (1b), kor's blood (5) NIS (59b). NIS = not in stock, NS = no sale.
    4. Adrain, an ex-mercinary swordsmith, will teach you about fighting, increasing Melee skill by 5 in exchange for a pearl. Adrian is making a special hand guard for a certain young Antaran noble.
    5. A deformed Chumen man, named Kraw, talks with you about the Waste and what caused his ancestors to become deformed.
    6. A woman, named Phoebe, with a cat, named Louie, feeds the group, but the cat stinks and causes the group to leave prematurely.
    7. a woman with two children, a boy and a girl, talk about how nice and helpful the Chumen is.
    8. locked building

    Cheat Codes, Lever Chest Codes, General Hints, Chapters, Towns, Links

    Your party cannot go west of Friole in Chapter 4.

    1. The Broken Wagon Inn: bow under table is free, food rations (14) 22b, roast chicken (10) 16b, nightly rest (2) 7b, free Grrrlf bow under table.
    2. Bits and Pieces general store: wooden shield 100% 14b, long sword 100% 50b, arrow (25) 30b (NS), Grrlf Arrow (25) 60b, armorer's hammer (14) 32b (14b), pick axe (6) 48b, shovel (8) 32b (14b), bucket 7b, lock picks (8) 32b (8b), whetstone (14) NIS (9b), beeswax (8) NIS (9b), rope (8) NIS (6b).
    3. Farmer Lets you sleep in his barn no charge, you can regain 90% of health here. Show the note in the barn to the farmer for more story about the Yell and the pox.
    4. Farmer's barn has note to Master Burns first rector of the Pernath Academy. Talks about sucessful artifacts from the Yell expedition, including carvings in yell language from Jarston. The dig is within one nights ride from the barn.
    5. Benje and Charise moved here from Sortiga after you found the rings enabling them to get married. They thank you.
    6. Empty house contains fishing pole (8) and whetstone (5).
    7. Empty house contains shovel (8) and 6 burlas .
    8. Locked house.
    9. Locked house.

    Chapter 5 Towns:

    You (Kaelyn and Grrrulf) appear on the west to east road just west of Durst. You cannot go further west from where you are. You first were introduced to Durst and Friole in Chapter 4. There are very few changes here for you to see. You cannot go east of Darvi to Torlith until chapter 6. You will need lots of Senwater, at least 24 torches, and one extra staff and one extra sword to get your weapon enchanted by Kaelyn's father in the cave to the north of the Waste. Do not fight the blue wraiths prior to getting sword and staff enchanted. Only enchanted weapons will work on the wraiths. Work your way through the Waste without getting close to the enemy parties containing wraiths.

    I found the west side of the waste devoid of wraiths, except for up by the lake. Taking the last passage on the east from the west side and working you way to the cave at the east wall near the lake by a clump of trees will keep you safe. Save often as you move.

    The human looking characters are zombies, you can fight and kill them. The wraiths are etherial beings of blue white color which look more like mist hanging in the air than humans. Before you get the enchanted blades avoid the wraiths. You will not be ambused by wraiths here. You can see all the wraiths long before you get to them. Just keep your eyes open and look around a lot.

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    1. The Feral Duck Inn: Roast Chicken (10) 15B, Nights rest (2) 10b.
    2. Reliable Couriers book shop: Ponaka's Last Stand 382b, Carlith Mating Rituals 127b, Halder's Tale 382b, a free copy of Social Analysis of Organisms is found under the table (see below).
    3. Drunk Mage wants Ticoran Wine or ale and promises a secret for it. Give him ale or wine and he reveals he lost a shieldstone nearby, but he is lying so keep your wine and ale.
    4. Bad musicians are scared by Raal out of trying to play Grrulf music.
    5. Nearsighted man is looking for a book. The book is at the Feral Duck. Return the book without reading it and he gives you bowstring, beeswax, and some enchanted arrows.
    6. Quest Essentials Armory: Breast Plate 100% 1309b, Chain Mail 100% 595b, Leather Armor 100% 267b, Grrrlf Staff 309b, Broad Sword 415b, Quarter Staff 95b, Torch (12) 16b, Senwater (25) 35b, Long Sword 100% 58b.
    7. The hunter's house will increase Kaelyn's archery skill by 10 for a fee of 200 burlas

    Grandeur (in Chapter 5)

    The town is essentially the same as in the prior chapter with no updates or sub-plot quests

    1. The Inn by the Sea: pick up the bracelet on the right side of the screen
    2. Temple of Senaedrin
    3. Arcana magic shop

    Ridgewood Waste(in Chapter 5)

    1. When the party approaches the waste wood from south or north, they will speak with Krrfrrlaak about Kaelyn's father and Krrfrrlaak's "retirement." Talk to Krrfrrlaak about everything.
    2. Kaelyn's home has a note from her father, Garvin, to Kaelyn, telling her to look for him in his workshop on the north side of the waste forest near the east shore of the lake.
    3. Garvin is deep in the cave and will talk at length about a variety of issues, including Kaelyn's mother and Garvin's guilt over her death. Talk to him about everything. Garvin needs to enchant two weapons: a staff and a sword. A bug in the game only allows you to remove a party member's weapon if you can substitute with a second weapon so bring two staffs and two swords.
    4. A broken circle of wardstones in the east Ridgewood Waste will provide an essential combat with a wraith inside the stones.
    5. Once all wraiths are killed, you will know it since the party will talk about them all being gone. At this point you return to Garvin and the chapter is over.

    Chapter 6 Towns:

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    Shepherd's Cave

    1. Use the lantern on the candle to get the correct sequence of dots to exit the cave.
    2. talk to the leader of the shepherds.
    3. defeat the mage in batte
    4. exit the shepherd's cave

    After exploring and defeating everyone in the Shepherd's cave you emerge just east of Torlith. You cannot reenter the cave nor can you move west back to Darvi along the east west road. Nor can you go northeast into Nathby.

    You will be alowed back into the southern part of the map to build up gold and see your father at the family inn. Rest in your father's Inn in Briala to improve spells without cost in money or food.

    1. Paradise Shores Tavern: food rations (14) 22b, Ale (12) 19b.
    2. Sir Richard Densmore Provinchial Representative. Rude man leaves in carriage. On way west to Keith a group of four enemies will have a note which implicates Sir Richard in a murder conspiracy against another noble from Isten. You cannot go west on the road to Darvi much less Isten.
    3. A man with a crippled left hand is looking for a lever chest crafted from expensive woods that he claims was stolen from his house by Chumen.
    4. You help a man start his fire. The man tells you a story of a mad mage in the swamp to the east of town obsessed with fire flies who weild electrical power. He also tells you of a hole in the ground near the mouth of the Shepherd's cave where two books are burried. South side of the road. The books impart knowledge of the swamp (ranger and foraging skill) and magical knowledge. Speaking with the mad mage reveals that you can freeze the swamp and travel freely over it. The man also gives knowledge of a spell to protect your group from lightning spells.
    5. Ismael's Tea House: is a tavern in the process of being built.
    6. Tarlick's Armory: Chain Mail 100% 658b (121b), Montari Chain 100% 1033b (220b), Breast Plate 100% 1449b (248b), Montari Plate 100% 1976b (?), Grounding Wire (10) 12b (NS), Will not buy swords, bows, or shields.


    1. Party talks to Phoebe
    2. Worried dad complains of missing son he cannot find. Rescue his son from fire wolves and return for a reward of "The Adventures of Caarl Maston" a book
    3. North of town in the canyons near the waste, save the son of the worried dad above from fire wolves. Kill the wolves and approach the boy for a conversation and send him home to his father. Return to his father for your reward.

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    1. The forge weapon shop: Montari Chain 1100b, Montari Plate 2103b, Tortoise Shield (152b) 664b, Tower Shield 100% 1191b, Grrrlf Arrow (25) 82b, Arrow (25) 41b, Senwater (25) 32b, Grounding Wire (10) 13b.
    2. Lord Dakka's house, he wants wine from an innkeeper in Bakril and has dispatched mercinaries there to harass him. Bring wine to the Lord and the innkeeper is off the hook.
    3. Gerry Barcudi, a mage who specializes in poisens, teaches you about poisons for 75b.
    4. Rude funny man's house.
    5. Empty house: cheese (2), Shovel (8), Whetstone (8).
    6. Tanner's house, who is selling gater shoes, belts, snakeskin boots, and snake and gater jerky. No one in the group wants to buy.
    7. Coach to Torlith for 350b.

    Cheat Codes, Lever Chest Codes, General Hints, Chapters, Towns, Links

    1. The Pearl Spittoon Inn: Ale (12) 21b, food rations (14) 25b, nightly stay for 16b per night (2). Koreth Bale will arm wrestle you. You will only win if you use Halder's Brew just before the contest. If you "win" you get an introduction to the mercinary Lokath in Choth. You find Lokath just in front of the Choth Tavern.
    2. Have Blade Will Travel swordseller: Broad sword 100% 519b, Chailan Cutlass 100% 259b, Rapier 100% 714b, Malonian Bore 100% 1487b (not very good weapon for price).

    Cheat Codes, Lever Chest Codes, General Hints, Chapters, Towns, Links

    1. The Outpost weapons smith: Broadsword 100% (175b) 475b, Onyx Blade 100% 883b, Rapier 100% 652B, Chailan Cutlass 100% 236b. The Onyx is one of the best swords in the game buy it.
    2. The Tapped Barrell Tavern: ale (12) 20b, bread (4) 6b, cheese (5) 8b, leg of lamb (8) 13b. If you speak to the tavernkeeper after making the rounds of all the houses in town, he will tell you that you arrived on the day of the liar's fair and you are the judges. You will receive the props from the story of the person who wins the fair to be crowned as king of liars. The Halder's Brew from the rescuer of Princess Aurora will help you win the arm wrestling competition with Koreth Bale in Ganath. After you "defeat" Koreth Bale in Ganath, he gives you a letter of recommendation to give to Lokath who will be standing in front of this tavern in Choth. Lokath sends you with a letter to Birge who will be standing in front of Lord Garson's house in Imazi. Look at the hole in the ground in front of Lord Garson's house (click on it). Go to talk to Chee, the Gold Montari in the Montari Caves in the mountains between Sortiga and Balmstri. Ask Chee to help. Return to Birge he will give you a report to give to Lokath in Choth. Give the report to Locath and he will give you a report to Kaleth in the tents southwest of town.
    3. A locked and not trapped chest holds attractor (2) and shovel (8).
    4. Mage Gordistorini has a Carluda's Chain and lies telling you he travelled back to when Carluda battled with Mage Morduse to form the waste.
    5. House with two flasks, Halder's Brew and Malkere's Serum, a man lies about how he rescued Princess Aurora from thieves.
    6. Woman Thief with a sad tale of distrust talks about a rare coin.
    7. Man lies about fighting Mehrats and feeds the group a meal.
    8. A man lies about healing Canaster with the Blessings of Denna Rae who appeared to him and then was rewarded with Senawater.
    9. Red Haired Boy lies about being kidnapped by pirates and has a pirate map.
    10. Tents of the mercinary band of Kaleth. You need a letter from Lokath to get into see Kaleth about joining the mercinaries. Without the letter of recommendation, sentries will turn you away. With the letter of recommendation, Kaleth will give you orders to give to his men on this side of the river just south of Darvi. Cross the first bridge at Torlith and turn right. Go north until you see the men, talk to the men and give them the orders. Follow the men into the cabin in the swamp to the east. This is the end of Chapter 6.

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    1. The Bannerman Tavern: meat pies (6) 10b, food rations (14) 24b. Kor drinking song. Tavern keeper thanks you for dispatching the toughs outside his tavern, that you will have to fight if you approach the tavern. Tavern keeper explains problem with Lord Dakka's wine which was lost to brigands.
    2. Natural Wonders Herb Shop: Kor's Blood (5) 175b (11b), Steadfast Tonic (5) 119b, Senwater (25) 35b, Razorcup Nectar (5) 119b, Herbal Powder (12) 16b.
    3. Laughing House
    4. Empty Unlocked House: Kor's Blood (2), Halder's Brew (2). Halder's Brew will help you "win" the arm wrestling contest with Koreth Bale in Ganath.
    5. Unlocked Empty House: Montari Chain 100%,
    6. House with a fight, you get in another battle within the town limits.
    7. Carriage to Choth for 500b.

    Chapter Seven Towns:

    Chapter Seven starts with Kaelyn and Raal in the Waste. Kaelyn and Raal must join up with Aren, William and the Consort making their way back to Antara at the crossroads just north of the pass through the mountains south to Antara. Cannot go east of Darvi or to Varnasse. Bridge is out between Isten and Durst requiring you to take the long way around. For 500b take the coach from Durst to Isten and save time.

    All the towns have been seen before in the game. Stop by the houses in town since many have new sub-plots to unfold. Make sure you pick up rope and oil and combine them to make at least five bombs that you will use to scare away the mercinary groups blocking the pass to Antara. Click on molotov cocktail flask click on a mercinary and boom they disappear.

    Chapter 8 Towns

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    1. House resident talks about rogue treanth.
    2. House resident talks about rogue treanth.
    3. Women whose baby was stolen by the treanth. Woman says animal fled into the forest to the south of town.
    4. House trashed, talk to resident about treanth. Man is dejected.
    5. Locked chest
    6. Mortar and Pestle apothicary: Steadfast Tonic (5) 10b, Herbal Powder (12) 15b, Senwater (25) 32b, Fidali Leaves (12) 2b, Razorcup Nectar (5) 110b.
    7. Hunter's Hutch archery shop: Ridgewood Bow 100% 595b, Long bow 100% 154b, Corrosive Arrow (25) 140b, Enchanted Arrow (25) 385b, Flaming Arrow (25) 175b, Grrrlf Arrows (25) 70b, Beeswax (8) 22b, Bowstring (4) 56b.

    Cheat Codes, Lever Chest Codes, General Hints, Chapters, Towns, Links

    1. Weapons Shop: Tortoise Shield 100% 906b, Tower Shield 100% 1624b, Broad Sword 100% 668b, Januli Great Sword 100% 1433b, Onyx Blade 100% 1242b.
    2. The Sword and Crook Tavern: Food rations (14) 25b, Ale (12) 22b, A painting of a wraith on the wall of a wraith by a local artist named Perdugo is pointed out to you by the innkeeper.
    3. Midget Toymaker tells you his story at his house.
    4. Artist Perdugo at his house talks of the canvass in the tavern and Farrel the man who saw the wraith depicted.
    5. Farrel's House- he talks about the wraith that flew in from the waste.
    6. Empty Cottage with food rations and gold burlas.
    7. Temple of Senaedrin offers healing and cures poison
    8. Coach to Dumali costs 440b.
    9. Lever chest, answer Halder) contains Kor's Blood (5), Halder's Brew (5), 28 burlas.

    Cheat Codes, Lever Chest Codes, General Hints, Chapters, Towns, Links

    1. Lightning Left Tavern: Bread (4) 6b, Wine (12) 37b, Fish (6) 9b, Fatty Meat 12b, no overnight stay. Its a tavern.
    2. Marlon's Mercantile Warehouse. Marlon asks to be of service. Marlon will give you sencream if you give him fatty meat, fidali leaves, and senwater: Talicor Dust (10) 10b, Oil (5) 22b, Hardening Fluid (10) 10b, Bowstring (4) 52, Beeswax (8) 20, Irthinde (5) 32b, Banded Shield (100b) NIS, Rapier 100b (NIS).
    3. Gambler looses all money to a band of Montari.
    4. Empty building: Banded Shield and Rapier.
    5. Jax's House of Gamblers: 300b per hand, also teaches gambling skill and speed with hands if you beat him at gambling.
    6. Magician's House who recharges magical shields.
    7. Old Jaeger sitting on the porch of his house tells a tale.
    8. Brothel: Misha will talk to you and tell you what town Gregor lives in. Misha gives you a key to room in Havesly.

    Cheat Codes, Lever Chest Codes, General Hints, Chapters, Towns, Links

    1. Arnolds Salvage shop: Leather Jerkin 86% 72b, Leather Armor 84% 320b, Small Shield 79% 44b, bow NS NIS, Wooden Shield 85% 20b, Long Sword 85% 70b, Short Sword 78% 14b.
    2. Brick-a-brac shop: Arrow (25) 42 b, Oil (5) 28b, Rope (8) 13b, Shovel (8) 45b, Senwater (25) 42b, Lockpicks (10) 17b, bow (NS) NIS.
    3. Mermaid's Kiss Inn: Rest 6b per night (3), food rations (14) 28b,
    4. The Salty Dog Inn: Rest 7b per night (3), fish (6) 6b, wine (12) 45b.
    5. The Lusty Maiden Tavern: Ale (12) 22b, Fish (6) 12b, Fatty Meat 16b, Paul, First Mate of the Fair Current ship mentions Misha in Buluckre, who was the paramour of Gregor.
    6. Docks: Captain Tigh talks about Gregor, the joyman that was killed early in the game when Aren and the William met. Tigh mentions that Gregor saved his life and that perhaps Poul the first mate would know more.

    Cheat Codes, Lever Chest Codes, General Hints, Chapters, Towns, Links

  1. Dumail:
    1. Kor's Kitchen Tavern: leg of lamb (8) 13b, Meat Pies (6) 9b.
    2. Parnu's House of Mystery magic shop: Firestaff (30) 2550b, Winterstaff (30) 2550b, Constitutional Study 30b (NS), Muscles and Glands 424b, A field guide to irrigation and farming 340b, Weather patterns in Ramar 510b, Carluda's Chain 2040b, Dervish Dish (5) 5520b, Ring of the Ranger 382b.
    3. Petrushis House with a grey burro.
    4. Empty house: Malkere's Serum (1), bread (3)
    5. Guildmaster of the Salt Mines is moving to Ticoro since Caverton's contracts pay more than Sheffield's.
    6. House in which three TrKaa sit at a bar, drinking fermented nectar and telling stories. They will swap one story with you. They tell about a rowboat that sank in the river, when two men were fighting over a shiny thing. If you fish in the river about one and one-half inch from the end of the river on the town map, you will find a magical Vanguard Shield that is better than the Tower Shield.
    7. Coach will go to Belucre for 400b.

    Cheat Codes, Lever Chest Codes, General Hints, Chapters, Towns, Links

  2. Havesly:
    1. The Sentinal Inn: Roast chicken (10) 20b, Bread (4) 8b, Cheese (5) 10b, rest overnight (3) 12b.
    2. Shieldmakers: Banded Shield 100% (56b) 424b, Grrrlf Shield 100% 170b, Tortoise Shield 100% 806b, Tower Shield 100% 1444b, Senwater (25) 50b, Breast Plate NIS (220b).
    3. Bank: Examine Lord Sheffield's books to find out he has a secret account which shows a lot of money transfers into the bank.
    4. Tailor discusses a pirate with a letter of credit from Lord Sheffield.
    5. Empty Unlocked House: Enchanted arrows (8), Senwater (3), Bowstring (4).
    6. Bok the Lightkeeper's grandson tells you about sneaking into the Lighthouse through a secret passage near two large rocks.
    7. Chailan woman misused and abused by brutal husband fled homeland and was given asylum by Lord Sheffield. Her son's name is William in Chail.
    8. Empty Unlocked House: Corrosive Arrow (4), Ridgewood Bow 71%.
    9. Coach to Knightridge 460b for (3).
    10. Lighthouse is inaccessable.
    11. Lord Sheffield's Castle: If you go prior to giving Gregor's key to the Innkeeper, you will have a good conversation with him. If you go to the castle after you read the journal and visit Gregors room at the inn, everyone in the castle will be killed and this is the end of Chapter 8. The trigger is just getting close to the castle gate. A locked chest behind the castle and one in the battlements hold valuable equipment.

    Towns and sites in Chapter 9

    Castle Sheffield

    Bryce's Old Workshop

    Waste caves

    Bryce's Sanctum

    1. Calvert Bryce is dying and he provides some conversation.
    2. Chest has many things in it.
    3. Big book, don't forget to take it by clicking on it.
    4. Cauldron: Put five ingredients in it: Hardening fluid, senwater, nudberries, talicor powder, andTrKaa feathers. This ends the game so do everything else first.

    Cheat Codes, Lever Chest Codes, General Hints, Chapters, Towns, Links


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