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Betrayal In Antara Cheats

Cheat Codes, Lever Chest Codes, General Hints, Chapters, Towns, Links

General Hints:

You get into the cheat menu with control-shift-z, but we only know one code. When you learn a code please email me here immediately.

    Cheat Codes:

  1. Hitting control shift z opens a dialogue box in the upper portion of the adventuring screen and enables the cheats. You must use this each time you enter a cheat code.
  2. type ask a glass of water" and hit enter, when typed at any time will teleport party to where they were at the beginning of the chapter.
  3. ctrl-shft-z, some call me tim, and hit enter, when typed during combat will kill all combattants.
  4. ctrl-shft-z, gotta have magic, and hit enter, when typed at any time gives Aren all spells.
  5. ctrl-shft-z, why am I so dull, and hit enter, when typed at any time will maximize all the party skills.
  6. ctrl-shft-z,, man does my leg hurt, and hit enter when typed at any time will heal the party.
  7. ctrl-shft-z, supermarket for the rich, and hit enter when typed at any time will allow you access to a cache of good items.

Cheat Codes, Lever Chest Codes, General Hints, Chapters, Towns, Links


 Jeff Levinson's Unofficial Fan Site
Download the Universal Game Editor (UGE) program file
Download the Universal Game Editor (UGE) data file
Download Antara version 1.10 patch
Download Betrayal in Antara beta patch version 1.02, use on the minimum install game only, this patch lets you get into Chapter 9.
Betrayal in Antara, Chapter 9 Save Game Download from John Richmond. Read The Computer Show Review of Betrayal In Antara by Al Giovetti

Publish your own cheats right here. Just email us your text.


  1. There are no cheats yet since the game has a compressed save game file, which is the same as encription for most people. Suggestions are to use the Game Guru or the Universal Game Editor (UGE), Robert Harper
  2. From: Jeff LevinsonTo get the screen shots of Betrayal in Antara, I used a program called Hyper Snap DX which I downloaded from in one of the sections (I don't remember which one.) It installs itself and is a piece of cake to use. Jeff.
  3. Robert Harper is interested in getting a Betrayal In Antara Trainer, Save Game Editor or Cheat Codes to make the game less running around and more plot.
  4. Subject: Antara Cheat
    Date: Mon, 28 Jul 97 02:12:40 UT
    From: Steve Franks
    I have found a way to modify any skills, charges, etc in the game
  5. Subject: cheats!! Date: Sat, 02 Aug 1997 21:36:33 -0400 From: wayne don't know if you are aware of these yet:
    of course type shift cntrl sw first
    call me tim=kill everything
    gotta have magic=aren gets all spells
    why am I so dull= max out skills
    man doe's my leg hurt=heal party
    supermarket for the rich=a one time only cache of stuff
  6. same for cheats from
  7. Date: Sat, 27 Dec 1997 19:23:40 +0800
    From: Kingsley Yong
    I went to the Betrayal in Antara page at and tried to download the Universal Game Editor but the link that suppose to bring me there only download a charcter.inf. Can you help me by telling me what can I do with this charcter.inf file? Thank you.
  8. Subject: patch From: "Justin Foeller"
    I like your site alot and I used the walkthroughs through the whole game. I am currently on chapter eight and whenever I try to get to chapter nine it says unable to find trw_dyno.wbd and antar110.exe if you would send me the patch to one of these I would be very happy and greatful. I tried to download it from the sierra website but they dont have it anymore I guess because it wouldnt work. thanks. my e-mail is
  9. Varelas wrote: Hey. I think this is a great page and i should have come here sooner....but I didn't... Anyway. In Chapter 2, I did everything and got the tea. I went and gave it to finch. He said he had another bag in his shirt. He didn't teach me anything new because i didn't hear the chimes and Aren didn't get any new spells. He said that he's busy with the larvae eggs and to come back later with some tea. But I already used it on him. I tried to go to Ticoro, but aren stops me and says he needs to talk to finch first. I already did that. What's wrong? Email me Thanks.
    Answer:Varelas, Players have a lot of trouble giving Finch the tea. Either they cannot get the tea or give it to Finch correctly or Finch ignores the fact that they gave it to him. There are actually two ways to give something to characters in the game, and sometimes only one of those ways will work correctly. One way to avoid the problem is to go back to an earlier save game. Did you think about going back to an earlier save game? If you went back to before you gave finch the tea, you need to talk to him first before giving it to him, then giving it to him. The game has a few bugs. One of the bugs is that you have to do certain tasks in order or it screws up the game. Another possibility is that the game is bugged in another way. Have you upgraded the game using the Sierra upgrade site? You may want to contact Sierra support with your problem. Thanks for writing. Al

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