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Author:Joe Grant Bell
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Publisher: Prima
Website: www.primapub.com
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Betrayal In Antara: The Official Strategy Guide

    Cheat Codes, Lever Chest Codes, General Hints, Chapters, Towns, Links, Frequently Asked Questions, Prima's Guide to Betrayal in Antara

    General Hints:

    1. Always carry shovels, lockpicks, hammers, rope, and whetstones. Repair armor and sharpen swords after each battle. Rope is used in caves to get people past and out of pits, not as useful. Lockpicks disarm traps and unlock regular locked chests. Shovels did up buried caches. Be careful to leave yourself inventory room prior to diging up a cache by dropping things in a sack on the ground. Otherwise you will have to leave something in the hole, and you will need to use another shovel to dig it up a second time. Mark items in chests, dead enemies and bags with a label on the zoom-in map. Don't leave dead guys around at the end of the chapter, since they will be picked up by the game.
    2. The best prices paid to your group for armor and weapons are at more general weapons and armor super stores, like Second Skins in Midova. Second Skins pays 30-40b for regular leathers, when others pay 4b for the same. Most other prices are proportional. Figure how to get armor and weapons there rather than selling to the most local guy.
    3. About the Senwater: Use Steadfast Tonic. You'll still need Senwater, but much less. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
    4. Go to Briala Sleep in the inn of one characters' father. There is no charge and you do not use food. You will increase spell skill to 40. In Chapter 4, there is a man who lets you spend the night in his barn for free. It doesnt waste rations while spending the night in there, so just keep spending the night untill you have the maximum spell ranks for that chapter.
    5. Believe it or not the old gambling cheat works. Save the game with the bookmark just outside the door to the inn where there is a gambler, play cards. If you loose, leave the inn, load the save game and start all over. If you win, leave the inn, save the game, and play cards again. Eventually you will put the card shark out of business.
    6. Disarm trapped chests the same way you will all the time at gambling. Save game using the book mark with the chest in the main window. Right click the chest to check for traps. If there are no traps or if there are traps save the game. Left click the lock picks on the chest. If the chest explodes reload the save game and try again. If the chest opens save the game immediately.

    Prima's Guide Betrayal in Antara: The Official Strategy Guide is your companion as you explore the ancient land of Antara. Inside, you'll find all the information you need—not only to complete the game successfully, but to fully discover and appreciate all the subplots and side quests along the way.

    Prima's Guide to Betrayal in Antara With Betrayal in Antara: The Official Strategy Guide, you get:
    Step-by-step walkthroughs
    Over 140 detailed maps
    Tactics for strengthening your characters and gaining experience points
    Tips and strategies for preparing your party, inventory manipulation, skills advancement,
    And more!

    Frequently Asked Questions

  1. From: Ann of Ann & Dar i am in the shepards(spell check) cave .... and i can not get the wall with the pic on it to open... i dont understand what ones or what way i have to push in the red stonds to get it to open ...im stuck...i have tryed every way i can think of ...i think it is chapter 4 ...i know it is on the 2nd C.D. i have looked all over the net and cant find anything bout it.. and i would really Love to get on with the game ...so if you could help me i would thank you ... ANS: Getting out of the Shepherd's Caves is a multi-step process. First, you need to find the hurricane glass tube in a chest, just east of the start location for the level in the southwest of the map area 2205. Then you place the hurricane glass tube over the candle near the door. The glass tube will point out which of the buttons you need to press. Pressing the highlighted buttons in any order will open the door. If you press a button that is not highlighted, the door will not open. The buttons are in the center of the swirls of mosaic in the clouds above the buildings and the grass/water below. From: Ann & Daroh thank you ever so much... i was really tearing my hear out ...LOL. thank you Ann
  2. From: Jeannine Koknar In chapter 6, I have followed your walkthrough, but as you say there should be a chest with a lantern thingy tube thingy inside. Well, I have found two chests, none of which seem to have that lantern tube thing inside. Also, these two chests have been locked chests, not puzzle chests. Am I supposed to find a puzzle chest? I have explored the entire caves, I think, (without being able to explore the caves behind the picture) and I am stumped! PLEASE e-mail or write back! I NEED HELP! Thanx, ~J. ANS: Chest #116 is a lever chest. You open the chest by spelling Malkere. Inside this chest is the glass tube. Chest #116 is east of the start location for chapter 6. The chest is at the end of a curious curved corridor allong the southern edge of the map just east of the start location for the chapter. This chest is south west of the mosaic puzzle. Go west from the mosaic puzzle and take the second passageway leading to the south. This passageway should be at a fourway intersection. Disregard the area where the east west passageway turns south, since the two passageways north from this location are dead ends and do not lead back to the chapter starting location.
  3. From: MarkI was wondering if you could help me with Betrayal in Antara, Chapter 4. I get to the cave entrance and put the medallion on the door. A combination lock with strange characters comes up. Where do I find the combination? Thanks for any help you can give me. ANS: The Sheperds HQ can be opened by the by right clicking the medalion on the door to the headquarters. The medalion will blow up to a larger size. When you right click on the right of the medallion it turns counter clockwise and when you right click on the left side of the amulet it turns clockwise, after clicking it on the door lock. After using the combination right click one time on the cave door then right click on the medalion and use it on the dias. Look carefully at the sheperd and what he is holding. The R, L, R you can read on the medalion is important...The procedure should be self explanatory. The medallion is like the knob of a "Master Lock", click on the right side of the medallion to turn right, the left side to turn left. The combination is printed on the Shepard's Staff. Clicking on the left side of the medallion makes it turn counter clockwise.
  4. From: WARRIOR I am in ch 6, where are the mercinary's? I've been around this route 3 times, only thing left is the "ring" of buildings, in Coth. I've fought them 10 times, i,'m lost. PLEASE HELP!!!


Prima's Guide to the Game


  1. Ropes in Chapter 9:
  2. From:Craig Hathaway Excuse me but, could you please tell me another way to get ropes In Chapter 9? ANS: Craig, Did you try the cheats for the game which allow you to open up a cornacopia of stuff wherever you are? Ctl-Shft-Z then type supermarket for the rich. Have you tried all the stores in your area? Nathby sells general goods at Bric a brac and Arnolds Salvage. A Chest north of Breland has 9 ropes. There are five ropes in cache's all over the map titled "the caves to bryce's workshop." You need some shovels to dig up the caches. You need one rope to get past the first pit to get into the caves. If you have access to the map numbers it is on map 2207. Best Wishes, Al
  3. From:Craig HathawayYou cannot get to Breland or Nathby if you are in Chapter 9. If you do not have a rope you cannot get to the ropes in "the caves to bryce's workshop. ANS: I looked all over at the chests and caches in the castle before the caves to bryce's workshop, and I could find no ropes, except those mentioned in my answer. The only other alternative is to find one rope in a battle with the characters you will find before you get to the caves to bryce's workshop. If you have killed everyone and no one has a rope, then this is a dead end in the game design which is not really nice. My general suggestion, which is the first thing on my hints page, is to always have at least one rope, one shovel and some other equipment wherever you go. This unfortunately does little to help you now. Perhaps the game company (Sierra) will consent to sending you a save game with a rope in it. I am unaware of a cheat that would give you a rope, unless you are very brave and want to gamble on hex editing your inventory items. This option would probably take me hours to develop and you hours to execute. So it is probably not a good alternative. I really feel bad when this happens in my games. I know what you are feeling now. Do you have a chapter 8 save?

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