By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

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King's Quest 8: Mask of Eternity Walkthrough

by Steven King and Al Giovetti

Print this page in greyscale to conserve black ink and completely eliminate the use of colored inks in your printer.


  1. Introduction
  2. General Rules
  3. Daventry
  4. The Dimension of Death
  5. The Swamp
  6. The Underground Realm of the Gnomes
  7. The Barren Region
  8. The Frozen Reaches
  9. Paradise Lost
  10. The Realm of the Sun
  11. Read Al's Review
  12. King's Quest 8: Mask of Eternity Cheats and Easter Eggs
  13. Kings Quest 8: Mask of Eternity Hints
  14. Prima's Hint Book
  15. References
  16. Letters

Copyright 1998 Al Giovetti and The Computer Show


This is the 8th installment in the King's Quest series that is now 15 years old. Roberta Williams has been doing games for over 20 years and this may well be her masterpiece.

This was the first and is still the best KQ8 walkthrough on the internet. It was published the week of December 6, 1998. I just don't know how to market my board. I cannot even get Yahoo to carry my stuff. I thank you for reading my walkthrough.

General Rules:

  1. save often. You have 51 save games and seven major lands. Use only seven save games per land. Deleting them later will get them out of order and mess things up for you.
  2. Talk to everyone until they reveal nothing new. Many characters have things to say after you complete certain things and returning to them will give you experience and more information. The half-stone wizard (sorcerer) in Daventry is just such a person. He can provide hints to the level.
  3. Kill everything that will not talk to you. Killing anything will increase experience. Even killing chickens, frogs, and birds increases your experience and game points. The blue line at the bottom of the page increases each time Connor kills something. When it gets full, you will go up a level and get more hit points for defense and your weapons will hit with more killing force. Look in the book at the monsters so you can identify them. The book has hints for you about how to kill them.
  4. Whenever you get items in inventory, examine them with the right mouse button.
  5. Pick up stones whenever you see them on the ground. Get used to what the stones look like. Stones are essential for tripping many floor plates and some traps to protect Connor.
  6. You need to click on a weapon on the left side of the interface at the bottom of the screen to initiate combat. There is no hot key equivalent to starting combat. Initially you will only have a fist, then a knife and later bows. The fist, knife or other melee weapon is to the right of the armor on the far left. The bows will be shown just to the right of the melee weapon. Clicking on the weapon a second time or the alt key will put it away. Clicking on another weapon or the delete key will trade weapons.
  7. The control key will allow you to interact with your environment without putting your weapon away. This is a very handy key. Learn to use it.
  8. There is no way to straife your enemy. The interface has no facility for side stepping and if there is a deficiency in the game this is it. There are many times when side stepping a missile or a fireball would have been a better alternative, but you cannot.
  9. Collect everything that is not nailed down. When characters die the gold and items they give up or drop may land under the character. Clicking on them in different places will yield the items they dropped.
  10. Whenever you see mushrooms click on them to pick them up, they are a healing item. Clicking on the item in inventory will use it and heal your character.
  11. Study the quick start card to find that four items will heal you: mushrooms (5 points), crystals (50 points), sacred water (100 points), and the elixir of life (full). The slots for these items are in the center of the interface at the bottom of the screen. Toggle this interface on and off with the spacebar. You may find the hotkeys of the number pad useful for activating these while fighting. And then you may not.
  12. The other four slots at the bottom of the screen are for potions of shield, strength, reveal and invisible. These four items have magic timers on them and will not last very long. Also, check the quick start card for information on these items.
  13. Search all rooms and houses unless told otherwise.
  14. Click on all boxes and baskets, they contain loot.
  15. Break with your sword, fist, or bow every barrel and vase
  16. Click on wall plaques, medalians and swithces or anything that looks different.
  17. Get to know the bad monsters and kill them from a distance while backing up. You will save the amount of times you are hurt. You may be able to kill them before they shoot back.
  18. Use all magic items and potions sparingly. There are points in the game where you will need them to proceed. One almost every level there is a healing spring, fountain or well. If hurt return here instead of using your magic items (musrooms, crystals, sacred water, or elixir of life). It is a little inconvenient, but worth the conservation of essential items.
  19. Whenever you see the word push in this walkthrough, unless it is a button, it means to walk into the item. When you do this your hands pop up and you will push the item. Some buttons you can click on and others you have to walk into.
  20. Kings Quest games use a point system to track how well you have done in the game. Performing certain actions will improve your point total, which will be shown at the end of the game. Many fans of the series compete for the highest game point scores.


  1. The game starts in front of Sarah's house. Save your game.
  2. You are Connor. Everyone in Daventry has turned to stone except monsters and one wizard. So kill everything that moves and click on everything else.
  3. The raven will lead you to the wizard if you click on it. If you cannot follow the raven, do not worry. The instructions below will take you to the wizard.
  4. Since you do not have the magic map yet we will talk about directions. If you look at Sarah's door from the outside, and turn left, you will be facing north. Turning right from looking at the door faces south.
  5. Immediately go north. Your house is across the street and up the road to the north from Sarah's. The kitchen is in the back of the house and has your knife stuck into the table. If you are hurt the pot by the fire has a limited amount of healing potion. Do not waste it. Get the knife you will need it. You have two weapon slots one for melee and the other ranged. As you click on a weapon notice that the numbers above the weapon will go up or down. You cannot carry more than one weapon of each type, so keep the one with the higher numbers.
  6. Go into Sarah's house and get everything that is not nailed down. There is a healing pot here as well.
  7. The raven will land on a fence post outside your house. Go click on the raven and he will fly away. The raven will fly south along the road to the south end of the lake just west of the church at the edge of the water. Simply walk south (come out of Sarah's door and turn left along the road.). The road will turn to the right (west) and continue past the church and graveyard on the left and Farmer Simms house on the right. A Spriggan (Read the book about monster types.) monster will fire its bow at you from within the graveyard. You should not go into the graveyard until your character is level 5 or above. So continue to the lake quickly and avoid being damaged.
  8. At the lake a wizard, near a stump and partly encased in stone, will give you the magic map, so you can get around easier.
  9. Just above the crypt at the back, up the hill toward Sarah's house. Work your way around to the place on the cliff closest to the back or south east corner of the house, and a short animated sequence will start where Connor says "Its a long jump, but I can make it.
  10. SAVE THE GAME here. You will need to back up the the mountain wall and take a running jump. End toggles walk and run, while insert makes you jump. You need to hold the arrow key down and time the jump, pushing the insert key, to be at the edge of the cliff. If you die try it again, perhaps at a different angle.
  11. Walk to the front of the mausoleum where the Spriggan is. Jump down on the Spriggan and a short cut-scene will show you jump down and cut his throat. Quickly look down and get the crossbow and run out of the graveyard to the left of the Church down towards the lake. Zombies will come out of the ground and surround you in the churchyard. There are about ten of them so get out fast. Use the xbow to kill things from a distance with ease. If you have to run out of the graveyard before getting the crossbow. All is not lost. You may be able to retrieve the crossbow from outside the fence near the front of the mausoleum (tomb). Look through the fence and see if you can click on it.
  12. Inside farmer Simms house there is a pair of leather boots which will increase Connor's armor class and protection. Get the boots.
  13. North of Connor's house and across the street is the mill. You need an important object there but are not ready to get it.
  14. Up the road past the fountain, which I believe restores your health and saves mushrooms. Only use mushrooms sparingly to increase health. It is inconvenient to return to the water on each level and restore health but you should do it. Conserving potions will save your life.
  15. Continuing north there is an Inn or Tavern on the east or right side of the road and a bridge on the other side. Break the barrel outside the Tavern. Go inside the Tavern and get the gloves under and behind the bar. Drinking from the beer here will make you tipsy but may heal you. Go upstairs and take the items from the chest. Also get the gold in the back of the bar.
  16. Across the bridge and up the road you will find two Spriggins outside a windmill on the south side of the road (left). Kill them with the bow while backing up. Go inside the windmill and push the haybale under the axe stuck in the wall high up. Jump up on the bale and get the axe.
  17. SAVE THE GAME here. A henchman will attack you when you come out of here. If you die here you may have to explore a little more and kill things first to increase your level. Your level is shown as a number between the two bargraphs in the center of the "interface" control panel at the bottom of the page. Every time you go up a level, the panel glows, and all your statistics increase.
  18. If you walk everywhere you will find more monsters. There are several monsters in the back yard of farmer Simms house. Across from the windmill is Farmer Kavanaugh's house with a Spriggin in the outhouse. Get the mushrooms in the yard also. Open the door and draw your sword and kill the Spriggin. Farmer Kavanaugh's house is where the little girl that you will save in the dimension of death lives. Mark this house well, you will need to come back here.
  19. Go back to the watermill and just outside the front door is a tree. Equip your axe and chop it down. This will stop the grindstone inside the mill from turning. Jump up to the loft inside the mill and retrieve the rope and hook which you will need to climb up and down various buildings, cliffs and walls. To climb, you need to see a yellow up or down arrow at the bottom right hand side of the screen just above the interface along the screen bottom. You click on the hook, look up (pan up with the page up key) and click on the edge of the wall. Connor will throw the hook into the wall and set it or bend down and set it, depending upon whether you are climbing up or down the wall. You need to use the up and down cursor pad arrow keys to move Connor to the top of the wall or the bottom of the wall to complete the climb.
  20. At the far north east corner of the map, you will find the waterfall. Use the rope and hook to climb the waterfall from the west wall of it. Push the bricks (or are they stones?) into the water by walking into the table with the stones so that they block the fall of the water. This will uncover the tunnel under the waterfall which leads to a secret passage into the throne room of Castle Daventry.
  21. Climb down the wall with the rope and hook. Carefully walk toward the edge where you came up until you see the yellow down arrow. Select the rope and hook from the interface panel at the bottom of the screen and climb down. Do not jump. Enter the tunnel or cave under the waterfall.
  22. Follow the secret passage through to a dead end. Find the hidden switch disguised as a candle holder on the wall and open the passage into the castle. Pick up the torch ashes, you will need them later.
  23. You enter the dining area where a picture of King Grahm and the queen are. Push (walk into) the picture of King Graham and the picture will slide back revealing a key in a compartment below and behind the picture. Get the key.
  24. Go into the throneroom. Examine Graham and the minister. Look into the magic mirror. You will see Lucreto, the evil archon who broke the mask that he was trusted to protect. Lucreto will threaten you.
  25. Go back to the secret passage and out to your town near Daventry.
  26. If you go east of the waterfall and continue you will encounter many Zombies just east of the Daventry road sign. You may want to go north and check out the boulder that blocks the road. This is somewhat confusing, because beyond the zombies to the east, you will find another castle. This is NOT where Graham and the minister are. There are a lot of spriggans here. Kill them all and get there stuff (gold and mushrooms). Inside the castle in a corridor rigged with three arrow traps is the locked door to the dimensional teleportal. Use the key you found behind Graham's portrait in the dining hall to open this door. This is where you will return to when you come back to Daventry from the other worlds you will visit. Unfortunately the teleporter pad will not take you anywhere until you find another pad to teleport to.
  27. Just north of the castle you will find a Spriggan guarding a crypt. This is the hero's crypt. Talk to the hero until he tells you nothing new. The hero will talk of the vase as being the solution to your problem of getting out of Daventry. The vase is in the church.
  28. Break the door to the hero's tomb by using your axe on it. Push the lid off the coffin (sarcophagus) and reach down and get the silver hero's ring.
  29. Go east of the hero's tomb and find an animal (beast) near a poisoned lake. Do not go into the lake or you will be damaged. Talk to the beast and find out that a witch stole her horn. You will agree to help her find the horn. The horn is found in the wiches tower in the swamp. When you finish the swamp area you will be able to return and restore the unicorn to her normal form by returning to her the horn.
  30. South of the poison lake and the unicorn is the apothacary. Use your axe on the door and enter the shop to get several potions and some gold.
  31. Go to the church. Just left of the door to the church, you will find an area where you can use your rope and hook to climb to the roof of the church. The church roof has a hole in it. Walk around the hole until you find the place to climb down with your hook. Use your hook to climb down.
  32. Take the candle in the church.
  33. Deposit gold in the offering box in the church in daventry to give you a few extra points. From: Jim Richards
  34. Push the large urn which is to the left of the pulpit and altar of the church back until it touches the wall with the large, broken stained glass window. You will see an animated sequence where the door opens in the crypt just outside.
  35. Go into the graveyard and kill all the zombies there. Then go into the church and enter the dimensional portal in the back (north) wall. You will see an animated sequence where the shadow monster who guards the portal into "the dimension of death" is found. You will be thrown back out of the dimensional door.
  36. Go back to the sorcerer by the lake and talk to him about the shadow monster. The wizard will tell you that he can make a ring of light spell from a holy light (the candle from the church), a hero's ring (from the hero's crypt), and torch ashes (the ashes under the torch in Castle Daventry near the throne room area).
  37. Give the sorcerer (wizard) the three items one at a time from inventory. A ring of light will now appear in your inventory.
  38. Go west across the lake to the wizard's tower. Use the rope and hook to climb the east wall of the tower. Open the door and go in.
  39. Look at the celestial globe near the door. Click on the quill near the book and take the page that it will magically write on. The page talks about revealing hidden items. Click the page on the celestial globe and get the reveal potion inside the globe. The potion will appear in slot seven in your interface panel at the bottom of the screen.
  40. Clicking on the reveal potion will reveal an invisable chest just to the right of the book. Open the chest and take the lake bell that is within the chest.
  41. Exit and climb down the wizard's tower with the rope and hook. go to the north part of the tower and find a bell stand. Use the bell on the stand and hit the bell three times with your axe. There will be an animated sequence where the lady of the lake will bestow upon you a sword of great power: the lake sword. Notice that your axe will be on the ground where you got the sword. Do not pick up the axe. It will replace the sword in your interface melee weapon slot. The sword is a better weapon than the axe. You can do this earlier in this level and get the better sword earlier, making the level easier.
  42. Go to the crypt in the graveyard and enter the dimension of death. Clicking the ring of light on the shadow monster causes it to dissipate.

    The Dimension of Death

  43. Save your game. There are groups of skeletons with bows and swords in this area. They are quite deadly. I rushed them with my sword, but many times you can shoot them from a distance with your bow. Notice that the bow can launch multiple missiles almost as fast as you can click. Learn to shoot fast and accurately at the limit of your range to kill quickly without problems. Also on this level are weepers, two red eyes inside a white hooded floor-length gown. Shoot the weepers with three fast arrows and they are dead. I was unsuccessful at fighting with the sword with them. There are also wooden boxes on this level that can be broken with your sword or bow. The boxes contain skeletons or healing items and potions. Break them and wait until the monster appears and kill him quickly. There are also message obilisques in this level. Clicking on them will give you a clue to solving the level. Avoid the lava by walking diagonally up the wall and around the lava where there is the most room (You will not go up the wall but will slide past the lava without taking damage).
  44. Look behind you over the door back to daventry and you will find five symbols. Copy them to notepaper for future reference. You will need them. In my version they were: a symbol like a pitchfork with a cross on the handle, a half circle facing upward with a small circle on the bottom center, a large circle with a dot in the middle, a capital letter "H" with sides that are curved concave toward right and left, and the symbol for male (a circle with an arrow coming out of the upper right hand side).
  45. There is an altar or statue to Lord Azrael in the west of the area just north of the portal. Get the key off this statue. There are four small, thin pillars with a flame coming out of the top on the right and left side, in front (south) of the box-like building with two sets of two doors. The pillars look more like ornate fence posts or very large candles than pillars. Click the key on the small pillar. Push the pillar with the key by walking into it. The pillar with the key will turn, click, drop, and the flame will go out. Do this to all four pilars and the doors to the box like building will open.
  46. Save your game. Walk into the building. Remeber the symbols over the portal back to Daventry. The tiles have symbols on them. If you step on the symbols in the order shown over the portal you will solve this puzzle. Hold the right button of the mouse down and move the mouse to get the camera view to rotate to give you a good view whenever needed. When you step on the first symbol, you will immediately be teleported to another location. Look for the next symbol and step on it, and so on until you have completed stepping on all five symbols. Get the sequence right and watch an animated sequence where Lord Azrael will tell Connor about the damaged heart to the land of death which needs to be healed and gives Connor a key to the gate out of this area.
  47. When you get control to Connor back, search the entire area, breaking all the boxes. Skeletal warriors will jump out of the boxes. Break one box at a time and kill the warror quickly. Make sure you get the one-quarter piece of the dead warrior's shield in the north west portion of this area before moving on.
  48. Go to the gate in the north center of this roughly rectangular area and use the key to open the gate.
  49. SAVE YOUR GAME here. Turn left or west on the east to west passageway just north of the gate. DO NOT go right (east). Going right will take you to an encounter with five or six skeletons who will promptly kill you. Most of the map is to the west of you anyway. Watch out for skeletal archers standing on top of walls. Shoot them with your bow when you can.
  50. Go southwest. This is a maze and keep the wall on your left hand as you go. This is the outside wall and there will be no turns until you come to a large open area in the left (west) center of the map. The pool in the exact center of this open area is a healing pool. Drinking from the pool will restore you and save your healing potions and magical items.
  51. In this large open area are four metal boxes and four sets of magical animal statues. If you push the boxes off of the four floor plates that they keep depressed, the Sylph of ultimate beauty will appear just to the north of the healing well. Go talk to her and she will tell you of a magical shield spell that she can make with rust and mold (Ed: mould if you are from the Brittish Empire.).
  52. In the far southwest corner (lower left) portion of the map, you will hear a weeping child. You can save the little girl by jumping on one of the broken pillars near the wall (the south or lower wall) and jumping over the wall. You may want to save the game when you get on top of the smaller column -- the one with only one section of the column still standing. You can also get over the wall by doing a back flip that jumps you higher or using your rope and hook to climb up certain sections of the wall. E. Atkinson suggested, in the KQ 8 walkthrough, in the DOD, add that to save the little girl, push away the metal crate. You can just backflip to get into the girls area. Break all the boxes around the girl and collect items or kill skeletons as necessary and talk to the girl. The girl will tell you of following her brother through the portal from Daventry. This girl will go back to her house in Daventry at the end of the conversation. This is the Kavanaugh child, and you can find her in the house just north of the windmill across the bridge in Daventry.
  53. Head north to the river. Save your game and use the shield on the river. The shield will become rusted. If you walk into the blood pools or the river you will die immediately, stay clear of them.
  54. In the north west corner of the map is a building with the boatman of the river of styx. The boatman cannot give you a ride, since both he and his boat are etherial and cannot carry material beings. Talk to the boatman for clues. The boatman will tell you about the magic feather and the scales of truth.
  55. Walk east along the river until you cannot go any longer. Go right along the wall and take the first left and follow the left wall around until you see the gate out of the level. Go past the gate and take the first left. Watch out for the skeletons at the top of the walls now. You will end up back by the river styx. Continue east along the river until you reach another wall, turn right. investigate the passageways that go off to the right and come back to the path. Save as you go to one file.
  56. The second passage to the right (almost halfway down the right side of the map) as you move south should spiral around to the left until you reach a tower.
  57. SAVE THE GAME. Use the rope and hook to climb to the top of the tower. Kill the skeleton there and take his armor. The best way to win this fight is to back the skeleton off the tower. Climb down the tower and the armor will be where he fell.
  58. DO NOT continue going south along this wall since the five or six skeletons who can still kill you are there.
  59. There is a tower in the approximate center of the map with four plates around it in the NE, NW, SE, and SW corners. SAVE THE GAME before you enter this area. If you are clever you can position yourself so that the zombies here will die and fall on the plates. If you get one to die on the plate, retreat and save. The remaining zombie will dive back into the ground. You must conserve your stones. You will need them later. You can also get to the tower by jumping up on the ornate platform with pots on it in the northwest of open area near the healing pool. Go south until you find a bridge, cross the bridge and it will take you to the tower. You can climb down the tower into the area where the pressure plates and zombies are. Save your game before you climb down.
  60. Tripping one of the four pressure plates will open a corresponding portal between two of the magical statues near the healing pool. The northwest pressure plate opens the northwest portal and so on. Tripping all of the plates will open all of the portals and save you many trips shuttling back and forth to this area. After you complete all four portals you may want to return here to get your stones.
  61. Trip the northwest pressure plate and enter the northwest portal. Save the game. There are bowmen here to kill you, kill them. If you touch the river you will die. Jump up on the small block then over to the large one. Save game. Back up to edge and take a running jump. Take the seventh skull from left to right on the bottom (3rd) shelf. If you found the two messge obilisks which had the clues for 7 and 3, this is what they were referring to. Get the potion from the angel. In the north east side of the box, there is a column with a crack. Push this column into the river. Save the game. jump up on the column and make a running jump to the other side of the river styx. Save your game if you make it.
  62. Trip the north east pressure plate and go into the north east portal. Kill the skeletal archers. Save your game. Jump over the holes in the bridge across the styx. Put the head on the statue and get the golden feather that falls from it. This is the feather of truth that Lord Azriel spoke of. Take the potion and the feather. Save your game. Jump back over the holes in the bridge. If you fail restore and try again with a different angle. I used the railing area of the bridge and did a running jump off the edge to the edge to get over the lethal waters below.
  63. There are two portals in the south. Trip each in turn. The heart area has a potion of reveal, get it. The scales area requires that you put the feather on one side of the scales and you jump up onto the other side. You will be judged as having balanced against the "feather of truth." This will heal the heart and drain all the blood pools on the level.
  64. Go to the far northeast corner of the map, travel by the edge of the map nearest the styx river, like you did when you went over to slay the skeleton with the armor you are now wearing. Go south from the far northeast corner and take the first passageway off to the right (west). Follow this west and north and east to a now drained blood pool. Pick up the green patch of slime or mold. Return and give the mold and the rusted iron shield to the Sylph and she will cast her protective spell on you.
  65. Explore the level more thouroughly and kill most monsters, while staying away from the five or six skeletons in the far southeast portion of the level. You should find the dying brother of the weeping child you saved before. There is a tower in the north central area, west of the gate out of the level, that can be climbed with the rope and hook to yield ome reveal invisable potion and three healing crystals. In the northeast there is a room full of jars. Break the jars and get the healing potions inside. You should also find the teleport circle back to Daventry from this level. You can use the teleport circle to go back and check on the little girl at this time if you like.
  66. You should now have identified two doors that need keys. The five nasty skeletons to the east of where you entered the level have one of the keys. SAVE YOUR GAME, and go and kill them. Be sure to get the key.
  67. The locked door in the south just to the west of the entrance you came in from Daventry is an area where skeletons are fighting and betting on the fights. Kill all of them and get the second key. This key opens the jail area which is found in the area north of the healing pool area and south of the styx boatman.
  68. Open the jail area. Save your game. Clear the first room by breaking the boxes and shooting the inhabitants. For the present time DO NOT touch the switches.
  69. The door on the west wall of the first area of the jail is illusory. Save your game and walk through this door and kill the sketal comander beyond. Get Azrael's hammer from the altar. This is a better ranged weapon than the one that you have.
  70. Try to kill the other inhabitants of the jail from a distance without opening the cages using the bow. There are three sets of four switches to the east, west and south of the first room. The switches on the east wall open some of the cages. Throw them first and do not throw the other switches. This should allow you to walk down the cages and kill all the inmates without them being able to get at you.
  71. The switches on the west wall control the switches on the south wall. Every time you throw a west wall switch it will close all the other west wall switches. You can only have one open at a time. Switching one of the west wall switches down and then switching the south wall switches down will open that set of doors in the jail. Select the second west wall switch and notice that all the south wall switches are now reset to the up position. Throwing the south wall switches now will open another set of doors. Once you have done this for all four switches all the doors will be open. Be careful not to open all the switches at one time. This will let all the monsters out and free to attack you.
  72. Once all the monsters are dead, open all the doors and collect all the stuff from inside the cages. Also throw the switch on the north side cage well into the jail. This switch opens the exit out of the level of the dead.
  73. Save your game and go to the gate out of the area mentioned before. It is open. Go forward with your bow drawn. when the animated cut-scene is over, back up while firing to kill the other skeletons. Save your game.
  74. Killing the skeletal captain, this time around will be much harder. You can die a lot here. Be ready to use healing crystals here. This battle is what you were saving them for. I used a ranged weapon first while backing then drew my sword. Once he is dead get his sword, it is better than the sword of the lake.
  75. Forget your remorse about leaving Excalibur on the battle field and go north to the open drawbridge. Hit the switch to the left (west) of the bridge on the other side with Azrael's Hammer, and the bridge will drop revealing the portal to the next region.

    The Swamp

  77. Study the monsters of this level before preceeding. There are Scavenger Slime, Carnivorous Plant, Mandrigor Trees, Bubble Monsters, and Swamp Fiends. The Swamp Witch, the boss monster of this level, is in the far south of the level across the poisonous swamp water. Don't go there until you get the poisonous swamp water antidote. Avoid the pea soup green poisonous water. Pay partiular attention to the bubble monsters. You can kill them from a distance easier and they will sneak up on you if you are not observant. The scavenger slimes are also easier to kill with a ranged weapon. The Mandrigor Trees and Carnivorous plants require you to fight them with your sword.
  78. Just north of the passage back to the realm of death is a cove with a golden mushroom at the back. Fight your way to the back of the cove and hack off a piece. Pick the piece up and put it in your inventory.
  79. The prophet tree is just north and west of where you come into the level. Talk to the prophet tree a little for hints. The tree will charge you for the privelidge. I did not pay the tree more than one time. The hints are very poor indeed for the price.
  80. Just north of the tree is a platform with a well pump and a bucket. This is the healing spring for this level, where you can return to heal up between saves.
  81. In the south west portion of the level are two huts with a horn or hearing on a table in one room. Get all treasure. Enter the boarded up shack by using your sword on the doors. Kill all monsters in this area before moving on.
  82. Just to the south of where you came into the level is a cove with whispering weeds. Whispering weeds look just like groups of three people standing together whispering. They are colored a tan color. Approach them close enough to hear but not so close that they go under the water. Listen to what they say by clicking the hearing horn on them. They will tell you a secret that the swamp wisps will trade for an antidote to the poisonous swamp water.
  83. Keep fighting your way north along the eastern wall of the level to a cove in the far north east, killing all monsters along the way for experience. You must get close into the mandrigor plants to kill them by one or two good hits to their main trunk. You will see an archer skeleton hanging in a tree. Get the bow. Get over the remorse over leaving Azreal's hammer deep in swamp water and get moving.
  84. Fight your way to the northwest corner of the level where you will find the swamp wisps. Talk to the wisps until you exchange a secret with them and you see the animated sequence where they give you the flower antidote to the poisonous swamp water. Talk to the wisps again they need no more secrets.
  85. Fight your way along the western wall of the level until you come to a tower. Kill all the carnivorous plants you can, by getting close enough to chop them with your sword, but not close enough for them to bite you. This is the teleport tower, where you can teleport back to Daventry. Climb the tower with your rope and hook to put the teleporter on your map.
  86. Keep fighting south until you come to another tower where you can climb up two sections of the tower with your rope and hook to a bridge. The bridge leads to a door which has a hand shaped lock. You will need to kill the henchman of Lucreto to get his hand to open this lock.
  87. Move to the south center of the map and you will find an immense tower. Save your game. Go around the right (west) side of the tower and just bring the swamp witch (standing in the middle center on the south side) into range of your bow. Fire quickly while healing with healing potions. Be prepared to pull back and around the edge of the tower to get out of range. Heal if needed and return until you kill her.
  88. Go up to the door and shoot through the door at the ropes holding the sandbags. To the right (east) you will find a room with a dead swamp fiend, a caldron, and a recipie book. Click on them all. Take the unicorn horn from the body of the swamp fiend. This is the horn that the Daventry unicorn has lost. You can return the horn later. There is a rock in the southwest portion of this first floor, find it, and get it.
  89. Find the ramp up to the second floor. Notice the arrow traps set into the right hand (north) wall as you go up the ramp. Swing your sword in front of the traps to spring them, then walk by safely.
  90. Save your game. Break barrels and get stuff. Look for the ramp up to the third floor. Use the rock on the ramp to spring the lethal trap. Poceed up to the third floor.
  91. Go to the south tower and take the chainmail you find there. Go here first. DO NOT open the chest first.
  92. Go to the north tower and open the chest. You find a piece of the mask. After the animated sequence you will find yourself in a battle for your life with the henchman. Kill him and get his hand. Put hand in inventory.
  93. Go back to the two level platform, that leads to a bridge, that leads to a door with a hand shaped lock. Climb the platforms with the rope and hook and approach the door. Save your game.
  94. Open the door and proceed in to the first of the ridiculas matrix puzzles.
  95. The exploding stump, rock, and fireball matrix puzzle: Step NE(diagonally right and forward), NE, N (forward), NW (diagonally left and forward), NW, NW (the stump explodes), heal yourself, N, Save game to a new slot, NE, and you are there. The animated sequence will carry you into the building where there are two swamp fiends to fight, one on each side of you. Immediately turn and hack one to death quickly, move forward, spin around and hack the other to death.
  96. Another way to get through is to use this grid:
  97. Open the chest and get the golden ladle. Pull the two chain switches and throw the switch that appears to the left of the door and leave. The stumps are harmless.
  98. This would be a good time to return to Daventry since the tower with the teleport circle is just to the north of here. Go check on the little girl at Kavanaugh's house and return the horn to the unicorn for experience, cash and a dirty red pyramid magic item needed later in the game.
  99. Go to the witche's tower. Use the golden ladle on the evil cauldron. Witness the cut-scene animation with Mudge the King of the Swamp. Enter the gnome realm by stepping into the whirlpool.

    The Underground Realm of the Gnomes

  100. Save your game.
  101. Study the monsters here before proceeding. Kill the bat manta and the rock demon with the ranged weapon by firing quickly while backing up.
  102. Break every barrel you see and collect the healing items and potions. Pick up rocks whenever you can. You need rocks for several places on the level.
  103. Go north to the door area. Use rock on the door plate to hold the door open.
  104. At this point I took the Hex Workshop hex editing program and looked for the gold I had, which was 1153. The item was listed as 8104 at hex offset 37A30 in the save game file. This hex offset was the first one found while searching from the top of the file for the hex 8104. Depending upon your level, your gold hex offset may be in a different location. It is better to search for your gold and your own hex offset and not trust my location, since the save game files get larger as you progress in the game. I changed 8104 to 8144 and got 17,000 gold pieces. This is more than enough to buy everything at every shop in the land.
  105. More on hex editing: Hex editing is very difficult. You need to save and backup your game before trying it. I have a section on Hex Editing in the Cheat Definitions section at the top of the cheat index page. You need to be able to translate 16 base numbers or hex number to 10 base numbers or dex numbers. You need to know what your save game file is. The save game file is the file that you edit. These files are generally in a save game directory. I name them by the amount of gold in the file if that is what I am editing. So I named the save game I used here 1153.
  106. After exiting the door that you opened with the rock on the floor plate, go left then go left at the first intersection. This will take you to the south and down a level and then around to the east. Keep going straight until you dead end at the Armor Shop in the far southeast part of the map. The armor gnome has a bronze breastplate for sale for 350 gold that will give you +5 to armor over what you have now, and a 250 gold platemail breast plate that will increase armor protection by +3. Buy the bronze breastplate.
  107. Go back to the pressure plate door and go east this time from the intersection and you will find a rock where a gnome is trying to dig his way out of the earthquake damage. Some of these gnomes will have rocks.
  108. Return to the pressure plate door and go west until you dead end into the Gnome Weapon Shop in the far southwest corner of the level. The weapons gnome has a fine crossbow for 300 gold that will increase your ranged weapon damage by about 50 points. Buy this bow. There is also an Axe for 400 gold that will increase your melee damage by about 70 points. Buy this also. You have now spent 1050 gold for armor and weapons. You will need another 250 gold to purchase the essence of Sun Tsu later permantently increasing strength (melee and ranged attack damage) and defense.
  109. Go back to the armor shop in the south west portion of the level and take the first and only passage going north off of the corridor just to the west of the shop. Go north until you reach the spiral staircase. Kill monsters, break barrels, and gather healing and other potions as you go. Go up the staircase. You will reach an east west corridor. The east portion goes to a dead end with another digging gnome.
  110. The west direction turns north and leads to a tunnel that leads down and off to the east off of the main corridor and then turns to move in a northern direction. The staircase down is an irregular one with steps of different heights.
  111. Go down the staircase follow the corridor. Eventually you will come to an area that appears to be a sheer drop into a deep pit. Be careful and look for the almost invisable bridge just to the west (left) of center. Walk out on this bridge until you come into a room with an old man at a fire. Talk to the old man until he repeats what he says. He will talk about hope and the loss of hope and the death of his tribe. Attack the crystal near the man and break off a piece. Put the piece in your inventory.
  112. Go back to the main corridor and continue around to the north east until you reach another intersection.
  113. At the intersection go east until you come to a pit that you will have to jump over. Save the game and make a running jump. Keep going north until you reach a rectangular chamber with a patch of yellow glowing substance on the north wall. Use your melee weapon to chip off some of the substance. The substance is Amberglow. Put the amberglow in your inventory.
  114. Go back to the intersection and go north. Save the game before you jump over the pit coming back. You will find the teleporter room and the only way out of this level. You will need to return here to leave and go to the next area (The Barren Region) when you have completed the level.
  115. Go back to the intersection and go west. You will find a wall that for the time being you cannot climb up. Later you will be able to climb down here as a shortcut to get to the way out of the level. Remember this location as it will save you time later.
  116. Go back to the pressure plate door. You have finished searching this area.
  117. Go west from the pressure plate door and take the first corridor to the north (left) as you move west. This will take you to the turning bridge room.
  118. The turning bridge room has a bridge with two ends that go up and down and a center section that turns around. The bridge will only turn with the two ends up. The three pressure plates, from left to right: turn the bridge, lower one section of the bridge and lower the other section of the bridge. Put three rocks on the pressure plates, starting with the one on the left first and proceeding left to right until you have the bridge turned and extended, allowing you passage to the north out of this room. You will need three rocks to turn and extend the bridge.
  119. Go north from the turning bridge, turn left then right so you are going north again. Take the first passage to the left (west) that you come to and this will take you down and around to the south under the passageway toward the turning bridge and will dead end at two doors to the apothacary shop.
  120. You will save time if you go just a little further north and use your axe on the lock on the doors across the corridor going north and take the lock that will be knocked off the door and put it into your inventory.
  121. Go back and take the corridor to the apothicary shop.
  122. The apothacary gnome sells as many as you want of healing mushrooms (?), healing crystals (10 gold), shield potions (50 gold) and invisability potions (100 gold). This gnome also sells one bottle of essence of Sun Tsu which permanently increases your offensive power and defensive strength for 250 gold. There is a catch. The gnome wants you to complete a task to search for three items before she will agree to sell you the essence. Click on the little statue on the pedistal and talk to the gnome afterwards to get this conversation option to come up. She wants amberglow, an object of iron and a tree root. You should have the amberglow and the object of iron (the iron lock from the door) at this time. Give her these items. You will get the tree root later. If you hex edited your file buy whatever items you want here. If not buy the Sun Tsu essence then spend the rest of your cash if you wish. There are more weapons to buy in the next realm for which you may wish to save your hard earned cash after buying the essence of Sun Tsu. Go back to the main north-south corridor where you left it to go to the apothicary shop. Keep going north. Do not take the first corridor to the west that you come to, you cannot do anything there yet. Keep going north until the passagway dead ends into the next intersection after the one that went left off of the north-south corridor.
  123. This intersection goes east and west off the north corridor. Take the corridor to the west and explore it thouroughly. You will find a chamber in the far northwest portion of the level and this room has several roots in it coming out of the northern wall. Use the axe to chop off the roots and put the root in inventory. Only one root will chop off, so keep trying.
  124. Go back to the intersection and go east this time. You will come to an intersection that goes up and south to a room in the shape of a circle. Just north of the corridor is an area of the wall which is bricked up with stones. Keep going east and up until you come to a room that goes off to the south (right) after killing two Spriggans. Go into the room, which has one wall at a 45 degree angle, all the way to the back of the room. You will find a place to climb up. Use your rope and hook to climb up.
  125. You are in a square room with a large boulder in a circular depression that has a smaller circular hole in the floor. Push the boulder into the hole and jump down on top of it, Perhaps before you jump down the hole note the passageway that leaves this room from the southeast corner. This passageway is a shortcut back to the teleporter pad, which you saw earlier.
  126. Push the large sperical boulder down the circular hall to a corridor that goes off and down to the north. Push the sperical boulder down this ramp. It will bust through the bricked up walls in the corridor below. Follow the boulder down the ramp and notice the previously bricked-up door to the north off the east-west corridor is now open.
  127. On the east wall just south of the nitch where the boulder came to rest is a wall sconce. Put the crystal shard that you found in the room with the old man into the sconce. The shard will glow and the area will power up lighting the entire area with an electrical blue light.
  128. Follow the now open corridor to the east, north, west and then finally north again and you will be facing a Dragon Wyrm. SAVE YOUR GAME now. You need to draw your melee weapon and attack the Wyrm close in. After the Wyrm is dead. Get the Wyrm's black diamond heart and walk north. An animated cut-scene with the old man now starts. The old man turns to a young man, who talks about your restoring faith and the now young man disappears. Continue on north into the "Chamber of Enlightenment." There is a pedistal with a clear crystal of the shame shape and size as the dark red one you got from the Daventry unicorn after returning her horn. Click on the triangle shaped stone switch to the right and below the pyrimid pedistal and an animated cut scene message from the old man's people will result. Take the clear pyramid and put it in your inventory. Place the dark red pyramid on the pedistal and listen to another animated cut scene with Lucreto. Take the dark pyramid and the lodestone from off the high pedistal and put them into inventory.
  129. Go back to the corridor that lead off to the west just beyond the door where you found the lock. Go down this corridor. Save your game. The corridor has large boulders that come across it and you will need to time your movement across these boulder paths so you will not be hit by the rolling boulders. I waited until the rock was just entering the area in front of me and then went forward, and was never hit.
  130. Continue to the east after the boulders and you will meet the sage gnome and his celestial device. Talk to the sage until he tells you that he needs a lodestone to trick your magic map into taking you to another location that you have not yet been to. This new location is in the Barren Region.
  131. Give the sage gnome the loadstone from the pillar in the Chamber of Enlightenment. The gnome alters your map.
  132. Go to the apothicary gnome and give her the three items she requested. Click on the essence of Sun Tsu statue. Click on your gold then click on the shopkeeper and the correct amount will be deducted from your gold. Make sure you have 250 gold to buy the essence.
  133. Go to the teleport circle on the floor in the north east portion of the gnome level. Use the shortcut by Using your rope and hook to climb up to the circular room where you pushed the boulder down into the hole and then use the rope and hook to climb down the cliff just to the west of the intersection which goes north to the teleport pad to save time.
  134. Teleport to the barren region.

    The Barren Region

  135. Save your game. You will need to save your game often here. You will quickly get sick of jumping lava pools and hearing your screams as you die in the fires. Use your ranged weapon to kill Pyro Demons as they emerge from the lava for experience. Three shafts from your crossbow should be enough. Also use your bow to kill the fire ants for one healing crystal per ant. Collect all the healing crystals near the location where you arrived at the level and anywhere else they are lying on the ground. Do not even touch the lava near the shore as it will kill you. Stay away from the lava.
  136. You arrive in the barren region at the lower right hand (south east) side of the map. Just west of where you are is a bridge. If you cross the bridge and go north, you will find the weirdling villiage comprised of two huts. One hut, the one in the east is the weapons' smith, who is selling weapons, but also will tell you a tale of the Basilisk, who is the boss monster of this level. The weapons' smith will tell you that you need a shaft and a black diamond to make a weapon. You have the diamond and can give it to the smith now. The smith will also sell you a battle axe for 500 gold that will increase the damage over your present melee weapon by about 20 points. Ignore the two bows because they are both no better than the crossbow you purchased from the gnome weapon smith for 300 gold.
  137. The hill dwarves to the west can help you with the shaft, but they will not do so until you retrieve the stone of order. If you go west and take the path up the mountain to the bridge and speak with the hill dwarf who is blowing the horn, he will tell you about the missing stone. Just south of the dwarf with the horn is the forge. If you talk to the dwarf at the forge, he will refuse to do business with you because you are an outworlder. All the dwarves here tell you where to go.
  138. Go back down the mountain to the bottom and turn toward the bridge to the north of the bridge. Save your game before walking onto the bridge.
  139. The prime number bridge drum puzzle: This puzzle has a matrix of 5 x 7 blocks in the lava between the two bridge segments that go up and down into the lava. When you step on seven of the blocks, they will be revealed as metal with symbols on the top and they will no longer go down into the lava and incinerate Connor. The metal blocks have symbols that represent numbers. When the numbers from the symbols are added together the blocks represent the prime numbers. The line is a one. The triangle is a three. The square is a four and the star is a ten. The puzzle solution requires that you step on the blocks in their order as prime numbers: 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, and 19 is the correct order. Three is a triangle. Five is a line and a square. Seven is a triangle and a square. Eleven is a star and a line. Thirteen is a star and a triangle. Seventeen is a triangle, square and a star. Nineteen is a line, two squares, and a star. Save your game after you successfully reach each prime number block so that if you die you can restore and try again without having to go back to the beginning. If you have the blocks in the correct order the blocks will sound a drum for the correct number of beats corresponding to the prime number.
  140. Looking at the matrix from the bridge, the three is found one square N and one NW diagonally from where you are standing on the bridge. Save your game. The five block is one diagonal NW, one N, one N from the three. Save your game. Go diagonally SE, E, E, E and E to the seven block from the five. Save your game. From the seven block go S, S, and SW to the eleven. From the eleven go NW, NW, W, W and W to the thirteen. From the thirteen go E, E, E, NE, and NE to the seventeen block. From the seventeen block go S and SW to the nineteen block.
  141. Looking at the matrix with the x,y coordinates with origin in the lower left (south west) of the matrix the blocks are in the following positions: 3 is 3x,2y. 5 is 2x, 5y. 7 is 7x, 4y. 11 is 6x,1y. 13 is at 1x, 3y. 17 is at 6x, 5y. 19 is at 5x, 3y.
  142. You can also just look at the following chart to see how to get across:
  143. Once the last metal block chimes, a row straight up the middle will form to the other side, just next to the 19th block. The bridge is now safe.
  144. go north and east through the ant hill like lava geysers. Do not get too close since the lava spray will damage Connor. Keep going north across the field until you can turn left and up the hill to the west up onto the pyramid with a ramp. At the top of the pyramid take the fire gem which you will need later in the Frozen Reaches. Meet the archon in a vision.
  145. Head around to the southeast and then to the northeast until you come to a group of broken bridges into the lava. Save your game. Jump from one bridge to the next, saving your game after each successful jump and killing the Pyro Demons as they emerge from the lava with your crossbow until you reach the tower.
  146. Climb the tower with your rope and hook. Save the game. Step out on the colorful platform and notice that seven gongs will turn to face Connor. The gongs are from lower left to behind the stone and back to the lower right in the following color order: 1. light blue, 2. orange, 3. dark blue, 4 (straight ahead) red, 5. green (just to the right of the gong), 6. purple, and 7. yellow. Shoot the gongs in the correct order which is the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue and purple. Shoot the red gong first it is just behind the stone straight ahead and small bridge will start to build. When you shoot the correct gong it glows its color and makes a musical note in the seven note musical scale do, ray, me, fa, so, la, and ti. Shoot the orange gong which is the middle one of the three on the left. and continue on until you get all of them. Take the stone of order.
  147. Save your game and continue the process of jumping and saving until you are out of the lava.
  148. If you feel like taking the risk, some of the bridge goes off to the east and has many healing crystals on it. You can jump and save over to them, restoring if you incinerate yourself.
  149. Once off the broken bridge and away from the lava save your game and return to the hill dwarves to give them back their stone of order. Now the hill dwarf smith will make you the shaft for the pike and all the dwarves will honor you.
  150. Go to the weirdling smith shopkeeper and give him the shaft. He will take the shaft and the black diamond heart and make a black diamond heart pike to kill the basilisk with.
  151. Go to the area with the basilisk. Then go up the hill on the east side of the basilisk and continue around to the west where the trail branches until you come to, yes you guessed it, another lava pool with rocks in it.
  152. Save your game. Jump from rock to rock saving as you go until you reach the vertical cliff that rises above the back of the basilisk. Once to the cliff, where the basilisk is on the other side to the south, use your rope and hook to climb to the top.
  153. Jump down on the basilisk from the cliff above and behind the monster. An animated cut-scene depicts you killing the beast. Cut off the toungue of the beast with your fist. Put the basilisk toungue in your inventory. Get over the remorse you feel because yet another wonderous, magical weapon, the diamond heart pike with the magical alloy shaft, is forever lost to you.
  154. Move across the bridge which goes west from the dead basilisk area. Use this opportunity to kill Pyro Demons for experience.
  155. Use the rope and hook to climb to the roof of yet another tomb from the north side. Climb down or jump down the hole in the roof.
  156. Notice the pattern of four symbols on the walls and the direction of the arrows below them. The correct order of the symbols is the weird sideways smiley face, triangle, circle and square. Notice the arrows are pointed backwards in one group of symbols and forwards in the other. The direction of the arrows tells the correct order the symbols must be pushed to open the secret room. Get the sword from the sarcophagus. Push the symbols around the sarcophagus in the correct order and go to where the secret door opened and retrieve the newest suit of armor for this level.
  157. Click on the dead warrior and a key will drop on the ground. Pick up the key.
  158. Go back up the path to the north where you turned to the west to the jumping rocks in the lava pool. Go east at the intersection and then go north west until you find the fire dwarf area. Open the door to the fire dwarf area with the key from the sarcophagus.
  159. Kill the bowmen and retrieve the fire bow which is marginally better than the bow you are using. Some dwarves are using hammers which you should avoid picking up because they are much worse than the sword you took from the crypt.
  160. Follow the ramp around until you find the area with three buttons, three ramps and three doors. Kill all the fire dwarves you find with the quick application of the bow at long distance.
  161. Use the bow to fire at the buttons and extend all the ramps.
  162. Enter the first door on your left. Throw the switch on the wall and release the snow queen prisoner. An animated sequence will ensue where she opens a secret door and runs off.
  163. Get the steam valve cap from the cell on the left.
  164. Enter the secret room and kill the fire dwarf. There is a wall safe on one of the walls of the room with a symbol lock. Press the symbols in the same order as in the crypt and the safe will open. Get the steam valve cap from the safe.
  165. Save your game. Exit the first room and enter the second room and open the chest to retrieve the next piece of the Mask of Eternity. One of Lucreto's Henchmen will attack you in a fight to the death.
  166. Exit the second room and enter the third room across the third ramp. Kill the fire dwarf. Put one pipe cap on one of the pipes that flank the elevator platform that looks like the Enterprise transporter platform. Turn around and shoot the wall button with your newly acquired fire bow. You may need to change the camera angle with your mouse to be able to fire the bow at the button on the wall opposite the elevator.
  167. When you arrive at the second level get the ice queen's scepter which is lying on the floor in the room.
  168. Get back on the pad and shoot the wall button again with your bow. You will appear on level one.
  169. Get out of the elevator and put the second steam cap on the other pipe flanking the elevator platform so that both caps are on both pipes. Turn around and fire the bow at the button and you will trave to the Frozen Reaches.

    The Frozen Reaches

  170. Save your game.
  171. The mundane monsters of the Frozen Reaches include Frost Demons, Gryphs, and Ice Orcs. Kill all of these from long range with the bow. When the archer Ice Orcs die pick up their ice crossbows since they are better than the fire bow. The best way to kill these monsters is with the bow while backing up. Special monsters on this level include one invisable snow mane, a two-headed dragon and the Icelord. Unfortunately the Icelord lives in a stronghold, NOT an ice keep.
  172. Immediately cross the way to the ice palace and give the ice scepter to the ice queen. The queen will inform you that the scepter controls the ice dragon found in the east which can carry you across the ice lake. The queen will tell you to keep the scepter and implores you to save the king of the gryphs from the Icelord who has imprisoned him in the keep.
  173. If you go west just a bit on the level you will find a gryph who has grabbed an ice maiden and is holding her. An animated sequence will ensue followed by a battle with the gryph.
  174. If you go to the east, you will find the ice dragon, but the switch to the shutters is broken. You will need to push the ice block under the ice dragons, ice shutters to pull the broken ice chain and let the dragon out. I could not jump onto the block until I faced away from the block on the south or north side and backflipped onto the block. I kept sliding off when I running jumped from the front or never could get the height. Once on the top of the block, pull the chain to open the door and let the dragon out.
  175. Use the ice scepter on the ice dragon and you will jump up on the dragon. The dragon will fly you over the ice to the north shore of the ice lake where the dragon will remain until you need passage back to the south side of the ice lake.Work your way to the far north east corner of the map. On your way there, you will be attacked by the invisable snow mane. The snow mane cannot be attacked and is invulnerable unless you use a reveal potion to nullify its magic. Once visable kill the beast quickly.
  176. Once the beast is dead, keep moving north and east to the ice lake at the north east corner of the map. Use a rock on the ice lake three times to break up the ice. Then take the fire ruby from the Barren Region and click it on the ice lake. Then click on the flaming sword and it will replace the sword in your inventory. The indecipherable marker describes this very processs.
  177. Work your way west and south and you should find two towers guarded by a pair of Ice Orcs each. One tower is in the west and one is in the east just north of the ice lake. Kill the Frost Demons with your bow while backing up. You should be able to kill all of them this way. Both towers must be climbed with the rope and hook to get to the roof. The east tower has access through a trap door in the roof to the inside of the tower, where you will find potions and healing magic items. From the west tower you can find the passageway behind it to the northwest corner of the map where the portal to the next realm is. For now just shoot the Frost Demons on the path there. There is another stone sign here that describes how you kill the two headed dragon that guards the exit from this land and the entrance to the next. You must cut off its heads with the flaming sword.
  178. The Icelord's Fortress is in the north center of the map behind two lakes. You can explore the overlook on the other side of the lake, but you cannot get to the Fortress from the south. While you are here kill both of the two Ice Orcs at the front of the Fortress.
  179. Just south and east of the western tower is path north and up into the mountains. This path turns east and moves along the edge of the cliff until you get to a small, heavily-guarded passage that goes west and north into the Icelord's fortress.
  180. Work your way around the Fortress to the north side where you can use your rope and hook to climb to the top of the Fortress. If you walk close to the grating in the roof over the throne room an animated cut scene will begin showing Lucreto ordering the Icelord to kill you and the Icelord ordering his general to go out and find you.
  181. Go to the cells in the second level of the keep and meet the Gryph King.
  182. Go to the front of the castle and jump off on top of the Ice Orc who has now moved to protect the front of the Fortress.
  183. Get the key that the Ice Orc drops and go around to the north side to climb up to the roof again and free the GriphKing.
  184. Save your game. As you walk out of the cell area back toward the grating over the Fortress throne room, an animated cut-scene will start. An Ice Orc will jump on you from above and knock both of you through the grating into the throne room. You will confront the Icelord and when control returns, you will battle him to the death -- hopefully his.
  185. The chest next to the Icelord's throne contains a blue medallion that helps decipher ancient writing. Clicking this stone on any of the stone signs in this level will enable you to read them.
  186. Pick up the large icecycle that is on the floor near the grating and the impaled Ice Orc. Go to the front door to the keep and open it. Click on the gap between the door floor to the keep and the front stoop of the Fortress. Put the icecycle down in the gap. Use the sword to melt the icecycle into a pool of water and use an ice crossbow to freeze the water into a long thin rod.
  187. Pick up the rod and return to the throne area. Save your game. Put the rod into the slot to the right of the locked door in the throne room. The door will open. Enter the door and another cut scene will show you hitting the statue next to the chest in the room. You open the chest to find the next mask piece. Then the pieces of the broken ice statue reform into one of Lucreto's Henchmen who attacks you. Kill the henchman.
  188. Once the henchman is dead, go back to the ice dragon and fly back to the south side of the lake. Go all the way to the south west corner of the map and speak with the Gryph King in his palace there.
  189. The gryph king will give you a blue adamant gemstone.
  190. Return to the Icelord's fortress via ice dragon airlines and climb the north wall of the building to get on the roof. Enter the cell area just oposite the cells in the southern portion of the fortress. Place the basilisk toungue, the blue adamant and the golden mushroom slice on the chair and activate the controls to the left (south) of the chair. This will activate a permanent spell of strength that will increase your attack damage and your defense strength. If you have not done it before read the scroll for the spell of might that you picked up earlier in the game.
  191. The passage to the northwest corner of this level begins to the south side of the western tower. This passage curves around to the west of the western tower and continues north until you reach a wall.
  192. Use your rope and hook to climb the wall and save your game. You now face the two-headed dragon. Equip the flaming sword and move into where you can see the necks of the dragon clearly. When fighting only hit the necks and you will vanquish the dragon by cutting off his two heads. The body and legs of the dragon are invulnerable.
  193. Continue to the back of the chamber and jump down through the hole and move north into the next realm.

    Paradise Lost

  194. This area is very simple and has no monsters.
  195. Walk north until you get to the temple with a pyrimid like structure in the center.
  196. Place the clear pyrimid on this pedastal. Keep trying it is not easy.
  197. You will get another communication or vision from the chief archon. The archon will teleport you to the Realm of the Sun.

    The Realm of the Sun

  198. Save your game. Once in the realm of the sun there is no turning back.
  199. The monsters here include water snakes, henchmen and shadow demons. The shadow demons pop up when you step on pressure plates on the floors of the larger rooms and hallways. The henchmen guard nearly every corner and cross hallway.
  200. Kill the water snakes under the water in the water room to the south and west of your entrance. Go to the south west corner of the room and use your rope and hook to climb into a small nitch above the ceiling. Break the vase and look down to find the mask medallion. Pick up the medallion.
  201. The Realm of the Sun is composed of four separate levels. You start in the south east corner of the first level. The stairs up to level two are in the north west corner of the level.
  202. In the south west corner of the level is a room with the archons and a tablet on the holy sun altar. Listen to the wispering of the archons to get more clues at how to win this level. You should take the holy tablet of knowledge. Work your way to the north east corner of the level and an archon will let you into the hall of truths.
  203. The hall of truth has three doors one each: west, north and east. If you walk in the west door you will see a monster floating on thin air. Keep walking into the void and up to the monster and he will turn into a key.
  204. Take the key and move south and a little east to find a door with a keyhole. Use the key to open the door.
  205. Inside the door take the Temple Sword and another animated cut-scene will show your tablet hit by a lightning bolt that inscribes the meaning of truth on the tablet.
  206. Go back to the door in the north west of the level and click the newly enscribed tablet on the locked door under the magic mouth to open it and the way to level two of the Realm of the Sun.
  207. Save your game.
  208. In this level the archon and the room, called the Hall of Light on level 2, with the puzzle is in the south east, but this room can only be reached by going to the north east portion of the level and going directly south to the south east room.
  209. In the Hall of Light, push the book and the pedistal to the center of the circle of light and a key will appear. Take the key. Your tablet will be inscribed with the Light passage.
  210. Go to the room with the keyhole in the center of the level just north of where you come in and open the door. Enter the room and take the Temple Armor to go with your Temple Sword.
  211. In the south west portion of this level is a locked door with no keyhole. You open the door by finding the unlit wall candle and pulling it. This switch will open the door. Beyond the door is another chest with another mask piece. You now have the entire mask. The unlit candle is in a north to south corridor just north of the door. From the door go north (up) then turn left. Follow the passage way north and west around to the room. Exit the room by the other door and you are looking at the unlit candle.
  212. Go to the cauldron room in the north east corner of the map. This is the room where Lucreto is using the cauldron to make his henchmen. Use the mask medallion you found in the water snake pool on level one on the cauldron to purify it. The cauldron becomes a healing pool where Connor can return to heal up.
  213. Go to the door in the north wall of the northwest corner of this level and use the newly inscribed tablet on the door below the magic mouth to open the door to the third level.
  214. Save your game
  215. This level is organized like a diamond with the significant rooms at the north center, south center, and west center edges of the map. You arrive on the level at the west center edge of the map.
  216. Make your way to the north center following the winding corridor to the north and west.
  217. Click on the archon and he will let you in. There are nine stones with a graphic of mask pieces on the top. The pieces are all mixed up. You need to push the nine mask pieces around until they form an entire mask. This one is easy but takes some time to accomplish. There is plenty of room to push the pieces around to. The finished mask must be in the center of the depression in the middle of the room and fully cover the grid shown under the stone pieces there.
  218. When you get the mask finished the door on the north end of the room opens and you can step through and get the golden key.
  219. Make your way south and east via the winding corridor to the large room on the east center edge of the map. Save your game. This room has two zombies, two skeletal archers and an archer captain. Lure the captain from the room and finish him off with your sword. Likewise lure the zombies to where you can kill them with arrows. You can either rush the two remaining archers or try to kill them with arrows at a distance. Once killed move to the back (east end) of the room and open the door with the keyhole with the key from the north central room. Get the chalace and your tablet inscribes with the last important message.
  220. Go to the door with the magic mouth above on the north side of the south central room. Click the tablet with the inscriptions on the door and go through.
  221. Save your game.
  222. Once you click on the archon, you will go though the door and be in the last battle with Lucreto.
  223. Lucreto cannot be killed but he can be knocked back into the whirlpool once the mask is restored to its altar. Your object is to get very close to the altar and place those pieces. Lucreto will try to stop you, knocking you back away from the altar.
  224. Strategy: Completely heal Connor after every time Lucreto sprays you with his magic staff. The staff will take half Connors health. When Lucreto closes with you and uses his staff to melee, two swipes of your sword will take him down. Heal if needed. Move quickly up to the altar and place mask pieces until Lucreto stops you and sprays you with the staff again. Repeat the process until all Mask pieces are placed.
  225. After the Mask is placed a magic portal whirlpool will open behind Lucreto. Move around the altar quickly and strike him with your sword to knock him back into the portal. After about five or six swings he should be sucked in.
  226. Relax and enjoy the animated cut-scene movie ending. It looks like the animated sequences with full length animated films. Very nice detail and beautiful rendering of the mask under blue light. All the inhabitants of Daventry will be restored including King Graham, his minister, the beautiful Sarah and others. The game ends here and you cannot go back and visit the people you saved. Or try to complete the remaining puzzles and tasks left undone.
  227. This walkthrough will give you 6560065 points out of 6631364 points. Any help on where the other points can be gained would be appreciated. Just email me and don't forget to give me the full and unabreviated name of the game in the same email with your questions, comments, suggestions, additions, corrections, accolades and criticizms. You can increase your score by killing chickens, frogs, and birds. There are some cracks in the Daventry castle which you can examine for points.



  1. From: Tom c/o Lucy SladeGreat walkthrough. I never had one better. So many other walkthroughs expect that u know everything and skip some important points. Thanx. Tom.
  2. From: Judy HickmanJust wanted to thank you for the help. It deffinately helped me when I thought I had done everything possible to solve the puzzles. Thanks again for the wonderful walkthrough. Keep up the good work. Judea
  3. From: paul mcgee, Sent: Thursday, June 08, 2000 10:10 AM, Subject: kings quest 8, my wife has gotten herself stuck when she was falling and connor is just sitting in midair shaking she saved it like this( yes i know what your probably thinking but) its over with and i need a code or something please advise she is all the way to the frozen section and she dont want to start over ANS: Paul,Your game has bombed. You need to restore to a prior save game. As a general rule, ALWAYS save periodically in a game from time to time. I guess you might try to teleport your character to another location?? Let me know what happens. Thanks. Al
  4. From: bi90627@binghamton.edu Sent: Thursday, June 29, 2000 11:56 AM Subject: King's Quest 8 Al, Great walkthough for King's Quest VIII, Mask of Eternity. After completing the game, I have a few comments you may find useful:
Happy gaming, Steve ANS: Great Comments
  • From: Daniel French Sent: Wednesday, June 28, 2000 1:25 PM Subject: KQ: Mask of Eternity Walkthrough In regard to King's Quest: Mask of Eternity. I think that you produced a great walkthrough. Thanks, Daniel French

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