Kings Quest 8: Mask of Eternity Hints


Review By: Al Giovetti
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Kings Quest 8: Mask of Eternity Hints

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you kill bubbles
  2. Chalice:Is there any purpose at all for the chalice in the final level?
  3. Dimension of Death Feather Bug
  4. Dimension of Death Bridge
  5. Dimension of Death: The Little Girl won't go home
  6. Barren Region: Ice Queen Scepter
  7. Lucreto: How to kill him?
  8. Points: Game Points
  1. From: Kathy Alongi I was in the dimension of death but was putting the stones on the wrong pressure plates. You need to put the metal boxes on the pressure plates to open the portals I still can not find the mold and the mushrooms for Slyph. Also, I just figured out I got the hammer before entering the portals and now I don't ahve the crossbow to kil the skeletons across the river. Any ideas? Kathy Alongi ANS: The mold fof the Slyph is in the NE corner of the Dimension of Death. Go north to the river from the four portal and the Slyph area to the river of death. Do not touch the river or you will die. Walk east along the bank of the river until you dead end. Work your way south, east, and north back to the river bank. Keep going east along the shore until you dead end. Go south and take the first corridor going west. Follow the corridor, west, north and finally east until you come to an area with mold in it. If you look at my walkthough it will tell you that you have to get this area to drain first before you get the mold. Once you trip the switch that drains this area the mold is in the square area in the NE at the end of the corridor just described. The hammer is a ranged weapon and should kill the skeletons nicely.
  2. Dimension of Death Bridge From: i am in the dimension of death, and i did just about everything except cross the river of death. i go to the boatman, and he says "go to the east to the bridge of life". is there something speacial thaty i have to do to get the bridge, because when i go there, there is no bridge. and how do you work the controls in the jail? you know, the ones that you press one, and one of the other ones go up. please help!!!!!! ANS: You have just barely gotten started. The bridge needs extending, but you need to get the key that opens the bridge. The boatman does not take you across. The bridge is beyond the barred opening to the north in the middle along the shore of the river styx. It is the area that if you go east from the boatman, you need to go south and east to get around. The jail requires that you use the switches the way I described in my walkthrough: 70.The switches on the west wall control the switches on the south wall. Every time you throw a west wall switch it will close all the other west wall switches. You can only have one open at a time. Switching one of the west wall switches down and then switching the south wall switches down will open that set of doors in the jail. Select the second west wall switch and notice that all the south wall switches are now reset to the up position. Throwing the south wall switches now will open another set of doors. Once you have done this for all four switches all the doors will be open. Be careful not to open all the switches at one time. This will let all the monsters out and free to attack you.
  3. Dimension of Death Feather Bug From: Barlera Cristina I am having a serious problem to play Mask of Eternity... In the Dimension of Death, I am at point in which Connor is in Hall of War. He kills skeletons, jumps bridge and takes potion. Then Connor puts skull on headeless statue, takes Feather of Truth and jumps bridge again... but he CAN'T EXIT THROUGH THE PORTAL.... If I try to save, the game goes in block...!! HOW CAN CONNOR EXIT FROM HALL OF WAR WITH FEATHER ??? ... In a Walkthrough by G.K. Ison, I read about "game patch" at this point (Hall of War).... " might need the game patch at this point", Ison writes. But what is a game patch ?? Where I can find it ? Thank you Cristina from Italy ANS: There is an automated patch system on the sierra website. The patch is downloaded automatically by using the Sierra Utilities to search their website for the patch. The patch automatically downloads and installs using the Sierra Utility correctly. Click on the Sierra Utility in your start menu. Click on autoupdate in the sierra utilities window. Click next in the autoupdate window. Then click next. Then click on the game name in the autoupdate window. Then click start in the autoupdate window. You must be on the internet for this to work.
  4. From: dave carter I have played KQ 5 thru 7 and I agree that the biggest mistake made with 8 was adding the battle elements without adding the typical battle keyboard commands (i.e. strafe, duck etc...) I've checked your walkthru and a couple of others but can't find the solution to my problem....When I get the feather of truth, the transporter no longer works and I can't leave the hall of war..If i put the skull on the statue but do not pick up the feather, the transporter works ok...i have the four rocks on all of the pressure plates so all transporters are turned on... Any suggestions?
    Ans: This does not sound like your game is working properly. You should contact the game manufacturer.
    Problem Solved dave carter I checked Sierra web site. In the chat room I found someone asking the exact same question. The answer was a patch. I downloaded and problem resolved. Thanks Dave
  5. Dimension of Death: The Little Girl won't go home: From Eva, Yee-Wah ToIn the Dimension of Death, I found the little girl. After I talked to her, she didn't go home. I told her to go, and she asked me, "...but how can I leave this...prison?" What should I do now? ANS: I believe that you need to open the door by pushing the iron box that is blocking her way home. Also you may have to break the boxes up that surround her. Try that and let me know what happens.
  6. Barren Region: Ice Queen Scepter: From: Kristoper A. Fine, Phone: (425) 649-9516 In the FROZEN REACHES you said:"...cross the way to the ice palace and give the ice scepter to the ice queen." I do not remember you talking about the "ice scepter" before Conner entered the FRONZEN REACHES. Where do you get the "ice scepter" to give to the ice queen? I made a thorough seach on where one can optain the "ice scepter" before one get to the FROZEN REACHES, yet I could not find it. Can you let me know where the "ice scepter" is found before one enters the FRONZEN REACHES? ANS: The King's Quest 8: Mask of Eternity Walkthrough referrs to the Ice Queen's scepter which is the same as the ice scepter in the end of the barren reaches section around #167 of the walkthrough. The scepter is found on level two of the elevator area which is accessed before you go to the ice realm. Go back to the elevator and go down or up to the second level and retrieve the scepter. See the walkthrough for more information.
  7. PointsFrom: Vara Lyngklip, Sent: Wednesday, November 10, 1999 8:42 AM, Subject: RE: King's Quest 8: The Mask of Eternity Al, Thanks for your note. By the way--I managed to complete the game with more than the possible number of points. How? I'm not sure! Maybe I'm dislexic and read the number wrong (several times). Doesn't really seem possible, since I actually missed several things... ANS: Not really a problem....completing the game than more than the possible points.... This game has a lot of ways to increase the number of points over the maximum... The game displays your score in points compared to a "maximum" number of points. This maximum is not really a maximum many players have gotten over this score by spending a lot of time doing other things in the game which were not necessary to the main plot.
  8. Is there a list of all possible point-bearing activities (like shooting the targets in Connor's yard)? From: Vara Lyngklip ANS: Try looking at the walkthrough. I am unaware of a complete list
  9. How do you kill bubblesFrom: Vara LyngklipI read the walkthrough after I finished the game, so these comments are rather after the fact... I never found the bell (and therefore excalibur), but used the reveal potion to get the chest of gold behind the staircase (ramp) of the castle in Daventry. Nor did I ever "check on" the little girl once she returned to Daventry. In addition, I seem to have completely missed a whole set of armor in the Barrens (though I got the sword)! I did kill EVERY monster including frogs (but no bubbles--how do you kill bubbles?), read EVERY gravestone, drank EVERY tankard, and poked into EVERY corner I found. ANS: I assume that the bubbles represent a character under the surface of the swamp that will attack you below the water line. You need to hit him below the water line to kill him.
  10. Lucreto: How to kill him? From: Vara Lyngklip: Also, I was completely unable to kill Lucreto. I had to push him backward into the vortex (same as with the one skeleton in the DOD--couldn't actually kill him, either). I assumed this was intentional? ANS: Yes this is the way you dispose of him.
  11. Chalice:Is there any purpose at all for the chalice in the final level? From: Vara Lyngklip ANS: No Cordially, --Vara


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