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Everquest Hints

by Al Giovetti and R Franklin, Katara of BCK

Table of Contents:
  1. Skills
  2. Ever-Quests: Quests Divided into Towns or Zones
  3. Survival Divided into Towns and Zones
  4. Continents and Races
  5. Contact Numbers
  6. Brotherhood of the Crimson Knights
  7. Maps
  8. References and Links

    The skill list for EQ is incomplete, but the spell-related skills listed are alteration, channeling (quicker spell-casting), conjuration, divination, evocation and meditate (faster spell-memorization). I suspect different classes will have different skills available to them.

    The spell-caster classes are:
    Paladin (warrior/cleric)
    Shadow Knight (warrior/necromancer)
    Druids (doesn't say if they actually cast spells)
    Shaman (less healing, more offensive spells than clerics)
    Necromancer- animate dead & leach life from victims
    Wizard - evocation spells
    Magician - conjuring spells
    Enchanter - enchantment of persons, places & things

    Personally, spell-casting has never been my thing. I'll probably go with a paladin, ranger, monk or druid.


    Continents and Races

    Dark elves being on another continent then humans is bull. I will list the continents and the races on those continents now.
    Faydwer : dwarves, gnomes, woodland elves, and high elves
    Velious : nothing is Known of the continent or its inhabitants
    Odus : Erudites (Highmen)
    Antonica: humans, Dark elves, barbarians, halflings, trolls, and ogres
    Kunark : wildland and mostly unexplored

    As you can see. Most races are on antonica. Besides that i am sure ppl are going to want to play highmen and i am definately going to play a woodland Elf. So look out DW, asmo, Wilder and other delves i won't be nice when we first meet :)

    We are going to be split up at first that is with out a doubt going to happen. What i sugest is pick a point on the map for all of us to meet and from day one start traveling. We can even put a storyline behind it I am sure Derf and Kryonn will be happy to make one that is rich. A calling or something. And as for Dark elves being against our codes. That is Bull shit!!!! We judge by actions not race. let pks be dark elves Darkelves on the norm are evil but there are some who are not. Have you never heard of Drizzt Do'Urden, or Zaknafien, or even That dark elf wizard (the female) I forget her name at this time?? plus there are plenty of stories where you can see some delves could have or would have been good had their society not warp their mind. My point is don't expect us to be together and deal with it as it goes. Hell even if everyone decides fine we will play humans to be together the only thing i will have to say to that is see you guys in a few days as i travel to you. now in the beta for learning and exploreing the game mechanics. yes decide a common race or common place for our testers to get togather and explore the game together but that does not mean you are going to limit me or anyone else to what i can or can not be. Think again.

    Kazin Bosque, Knight, BCK

    Contact Numbers

    Various helpful email addresses:

    Human Resources: hr@sonyinteractive.com
    General Info: info@sonyinteractive.com
    Marketing: mktg@sonyinteractive.com

    Internet issues:
    Email problems: postmaster@sonyinteractive.com
    DNS issues: hostmaster@sonyinteractive.com
    Web site issues: webmaster@sonyinteractive.com
    FTP site issues: ftpadmin@sonyinteractive.com
    USENet News issues: usenet@sonyinteractive.com

    For tech support or info:
    Tanarus info: tanarus@sonyinteractive.com
    Everquest info: equest@sonyinteractive.com
    Other PC games: pcsupport@sonyinteractive.com

    Also heres..Brad's
    Brad McQuaid
    Marcelyn Ditter
    Kristina Kirk

    If i find more Ill send em Asmo

    Brotherhood of the Crimson Knights The BCK can provide online assistance with the game and suggestions for how to play, but even better they are good companions. BCK Web Site

  1. From: Raymond "Zoo" Monroe It is my understanding that Fennin Ro and Rivervale are our mandatory Server and City. Is this correct? By the way Darkwind, you were right! EQ is far better than I thought it would be.
  2. From: Abram "Hanno" Bacon I must concur, a server that we specifically know before hand is a must. I certainly would not want to build up a character only to find out guild is on another server. ;) A centralized city is a good point as well, at least as soon as people can bind, these people perferably being BCK. We don't want to die in Rivervale and zone back home to Kelethin only to have to walk all the way back for sure, or where ever, tis not fun.
  3. From: Yen H. "Dead Poet"/"Keating" Liu I think Fennin Ro would be fine. And Rivervale is da place to be. Misty Thicket is great for young adventurers. Also whoever is making wizards needs to really powerplay and hit level 12 so you can bind all of us!!! When this decision is being made I request that this be posted at the PUB as well as MIrc Agama Systems (972) 701-8899
  4. From: Stitt, "Sly" Daryl Its good to see your name on the end of an email! Hope everything is going good for you. I'm actually still playing UO. :P I can't really play EQ until I upgrade my computer. Anyhow, Im having fun busting ass in UO still... :P

Printable Maps

  1. Antonica Printable Map
  2. Odus Printable Map
  3. Faydewr Printable Map
  4. Erudin Printable Map
  5. West Karana Printable Map
  6. East Commons Printable Map
  7. Mistmore Western Grounds Printable Map
  8. Mistmore Castle First Floor Prinatable Map
  9. Mistmore Castle Second Floor Printable Map
  10. Queynos to Rivervale Printable Map
  11. Qeynos Aqueducts Printable Map
  12. Freeport to Rivervale Printable Map
  13. Solsek A Printable Map
  14. Solsek B Printable Map
  15. Steamfont Printable Map
  16. Butcher Block Printable Map
  17. Northern Ro Desert Printable Map
  18. Unrest Printable Map


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