EverQuest Survival Divided into Towns and Zones Hints


Review By: Al Giovetti
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EverQuest Survival Divided into Towns and Zones Hints

  1. Survival and Advancement Tips by Town and Area
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    Survival and Advancement Tips by Town and Area

  1. Oggok and Feerrott

      Oggok and Feerrott

    1. Trolls and Ogres Survival and Advancement
    2. Getting Arround in Oggok, Feerrott, and Innothule Swamp

      Trolls and Ogres Survival and Advancement by Greg Reynolds

      When I moved my stuff recently I threw almost all my notes out. Ill check for the EQ /loc notes but I fear they are gone.

      The three important areas are: Innothule - Froglok spawn area. This is directly below the entrance to Guk dungeon. You can live in that area making XP for 3-4 levels before they get too easy.

      Ogguk area - Skeleton Ruins. As you exit Ogguk town you go straight and cross the bridge, then make an immediate right and go until you hit the mountains. Follow mountains left a short distance to reach the skeleton spawn points. There are 3 or 4 skeleton ruins there and they are great for 7-9 level characters.

      Cazic Thule. In Ogguk area (Feerrott) the temples outside Cazic Thule are great for XP and cash for levels 8-12. Cross the bridge and hang a left to find the temple. There is an Ogre guard near the entrance to Thule that you can rest near and meditate (safe zone). There are also easy exploits of trapped lizards if you want to mana burn out white and yellow mobs as they get stuck running into the sides of buildings. Inside Guk the MOBs are tough. At 9 and up you can try to kill the 2-3 that spawn in the entrance if you have root, snare, or can otherwise kill them before they run for help.

      Oasis of Marr - On the East side of the oasis you find a Human Fisherman village. There are four fishermen. They are killable by parties in the range of 7-10 for XP and good loot. Each fisherman is generally good for 2-3gp each after you sell their fishing spears. After 10th you fish the Aqua goblins out of the water. They are offshore form the fishing village in an underground tower. Pull them onto shore. They carry bows and arrows that sell for good cash. Good race characters can sell items just down the beach at the Inn. Doing this got me to 14th level and made me pretty rich.

      Note the 20th level giant crocodile monster in Oasis carries a Magic Crooked Staff that is soemthing like 11/32 which is total kick ass.

      If you have trouble finding these spots let me know and Ill check my notes for /loc, but you should have no problems.

      I forgot to mention, the skeleton ruins outside of Ogguk have a safe zone along the mountain wall. There is a point where you can see skeleton runes in front of you, to your left, and to your right. It's a safe area you can sit and meditate in. Test it out. There's a way to make the mobs bounce back if they get too close to you so you can yo-yo them.

      If you head directly West back towards Ogguk from the skeleton ruins you swim across the river and there is an NPC Ogre that will buy your loot. It's much faster than returning to town. Either he or the other Ogres nearby here also sells Tainted Breath scrolls that cannot be found anywhere else for humanoid Shamans (Dervish camp in Oasis).

      There is no safe zone that I am aware of in the Oasis region, at least not in the interior regions that I frequented. However there are plenty of dead regions you can sit and camp in as long as no one drags a train onto your location, and no giants wander nearby. Keep someone on lookout for the giants and you'll be fine.

      The Froglog spawn point I mentioned can be dangrous. The little buggers swarm there a lot as those of you who play there know. Once they are all con blue to you tehre's no real threat, but before that you need to stay in a group and pick spots that don't draw more spawn than you can handle. Some spots are literally non-stop in spawning frogloks.

      If you want Kobold Hunters they are West of the entrance to Fennin Ro from Innothule Swamp. I think they are level 9 MOBs but I forget. Their loot sucks so they are only good for XP. As a matter of fact all loot in IS sucks rocks. Go to Ogguk or Oasis as soon as you are able or you'll be a dirt farmer.

      Getting Arround in Oggok, Feerrott, and Innothule Swamp by Al Giovetti

      How to get to:

    1. General Information on Ogguk
    2. The Lost Temple of Thule
    3. Fennin Ro
    4. Rathe Mountains

      General Information on Ogguk: Ogguk is the town of the Ogres. Ferrott is the area just outside the entrance to Ogguk and it is patrolled in certain "safe areas" by Ogre Bouncer guards. By safe area we mean an area that is safe for Ogres but not necessarily for others.

      The area is dotted by lizardmen warriors, mystics, scouts, and others. Higher level lizardmen leave tails and voodoo dolls. All lizardmen leave meat armor and weapons. The meat, tails, and voodoo dolls are quest items which should be used in the quests, the armor and weapons can be worn, sold, or used as appropriate.

      The Lost Temple of Thule is found by leaving the front entrance to Ogguk and going straight out until you reach the bridge over the greenblood river that cuts Feerrott in half. Turn left on this side of the river until you find an obelisk that has fallen across the river. Either take the obelisk bridge across or swim the river at this point. This will take you to the area just outside the Lost Temple of Thule. The area around the temple is very dangerous and prone to have roving groups of lizardmen numbering between 1 and 6. If six lizardmen jump you anytime before level 15 you may die quickly. The temple area has a very wide ramp up to the entrance. In the area to the right and left of the area right in front of the temple you will find five temples, each one guarded by a single lizard warrior. At the temple propper at the top of the ramp you will find at least two guard flanking the door.

      The entrance to Fennin Ro is found by when leaving Oggok go left and follow the wall until you reach the zone. When arriving at the Innothule "in-a-hole" Swamp take a left and follow the wall around to the zone to Fennin Ro.

      The entrance to the Rathe Mountains is found by walking straight out of Ogguk and across the main Feerrott bridge. Follow the path on the other side straight to the zone to the Rathe Mountains.

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