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Review By: Al Giovetti
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EverQuests Hints

  1. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Unanswered Questions
  3. Classes
  4. Towns
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    Quests Divided by Towns or Zones:

  1. Akanon
  2. Eurdin
  3. Felwithe: High-Elf Home
  4. Freeport: City of Men and Evil
  5. Grobb: Home of Trolls
  6. Halas: Realm of Barbarians
  7. Kaladim City of The Dwarves
  8. Kelethin: Wood Elves
  9. Neriak The Dark Elves Realm
  10. Ogguk: Ogres
  11. Paineel: Evil Erudites
  12. Rivervale: Halflings

    Quests Divided by Classes

  1. Clerics

Quests Divided by Towns or Zones


    Eurdin: The Land of Magic and Mystery

  1. In The Paladins Guild:Followers of Light. Ask Vynon Estaliun ask him about "I desire to face fear" Then say "I will help catch the Poachers" He will tell you he wants there heads and to look for who is causing the killing.
  2. Larena Shelyrak Tell her "What Disruptions of the kobold Shaman"she will tell you to bring her 2 paws from the shaman for your reward!Or say "I will slay the Kobold Shaman" This quest takes place in Erudin and the Tox Forest. The first cleric guildmaster on the right wants you to kill a kobold shaman (lvl 5ish mob) and give her its paw. The reward is a couple of sp/faction/small xp.
  3. Lumi Stergnon Talk to her about "I am the new acolyte of peace" "I wish to battle the Undead"
  4. Rarnan Lapice Tell him "I am a new disciple"
  5. In the Deepwater Paladin's Guild: Dleria Mausrel tell her "I am a new priest" Then say "I wish to protect the Depths"
  6. Quweligon Steelherder Tell him "What deepwater tasks" Then say "What is the peacekeeper battlestaff" he will talk about getting pearls to make a battle staff and you must swim with the sharks. He gives you a pouch to get the pearl and put them in there, I found that the sand sharks have the bags right next to them with pearls and they wont attack unless provoked. Then say "I will collect the pearls".
  7. Then say to him "What is ocean protection" He speaks of a diseased shark and you must kill it, he gives you a bag after you tell him "I will hunt the diseased shark" He gives you a bag to fill with 3 of her young and her to combine them.
  8. Laoni Reista speak to her and say "I am a new Knight" She says you must clean the ocean of the rouges in Eurdins crossing. Then say "I am ready to assist with the cleansing of the ocean"
  9. This quest takes place in the Tox Forest. Talk to the female guildmaster (forget her name) in the necro hut. She wants you to kill Darla Starfire, a level 5ish npc who is supplying the hated Kerrans. Your reward for turning in her head is a torch. Another lucrative quest.For Erudites (clerics, paladins, and those who follow prexus or quellious) :
  10. The peacekeeper staff is a staff useable only by erudite clerics and paladins. The staff does 5 damage and has a delay of 28. The only real advantage of this staff is that it grants +10 charisma when held. This quest begins at the clerics guild in erudin. If you accept the quest you will be sent to the Tox Forest to search for an NPC. The NPC is in the first hut to the right after you leave the city gates. He will give you a staff and directions on how to continue the quest. Basically you will be required to kill a treant and bring back the treant shards to the NPC. When you do so he will grind them into treant resin and hand them back to you. You know must get the other required item to combine in with the treant resin to create the staff. Go to the vault in erudin(the bank) and talk to the banker on the far left. Tell him you are in need of some vasty deep water. He will tell you that you need a guild coin in order for him to give it to you. Now return to the clerics guild and tell them that this NPC sent you to get a guild coin. You will be given the coin. When you give it to the banker you will receive the vasty deep water in return. Combine the water and the resin in the staff and the end result will be a peacekeeper staff.
  11. This quest takes place in the Tox Forest at the necromancers hut. Talk to Marzius Denison (I think that's his name) on the right side of the hut. He will tell you to go kill Rungupp, a fippy-type NPC who runs around yelling that he will kill all erudites. He's a level 6ish troll shaman. Your reward for turning his head into the guildmaster is a rusty dagger.
  12. This quest takes place in Erudin and the Tox Forest. The paladin who stands outside the cleric's guild wants you to kill Poachers (lvl 4 NPCs who have names like Poacher Dell or Poacher Smith) and return their heads to him for 2sp/faction/xp.


  1. In the clerics guild hail the guildmaster (Yeolarn Bronzeleaf) and he will ask you if you can serve the clerics of Tunare. Once you have answered him correctly he will ask you to prove it and bring him 4 sets of bone chips. Reward - xp/faction/spell scroll Strike (Cleric lvl 1)
  2. Downstairs at the paladin's guild in Felwithe you will find a guildmaster by the name of Lord Jyleel. He has two different quests that he will reward you for. One of the items he wishes to acquire is found on Orc Runners in Butcherblock. The other item will be found on Orc Oracles. The reward will vary in this quest from a minor item all the way up to a high level scroll.
  3. In Magician guild hail a Niola Impholder and she will ask to fetch some spell components (4 bat wings). You will receive the experience, a faction adjustment and a scroll.
  4. In the wizards guild hail Tarker Blazetoss and he will ask you to bring him a black wolf pelt.
  5. Tynkayle Say "Hail" and then say "I am young to felwithe" he then says seek out Tandan Nybright to make sure he is safe he wanders greater feydark
  6. Lord Jyleel Say to him "Hail" And he will talk about the orcs of crushbone he wants the scrolls that the Orc Orcles carry, You can only carry 1 at a time so this may take you awhile. You get money Exp and items,
  7. Say "Whats the problem with Orc runners" He says to hunt them in Butcherblock between Greater feydark and kaladim. I have seen them but could never catch one they carry a pouch that he wants!
  8. In Crushbone is a Dark Elf Ambassador he is a Match for me to kill at 24 alone Beware he hits for 40! When you kill him get his blackened Heart and return it to him for as I have heard really nice items. The ornate Dagger is a Quest Item as well for rivervale I was told.

    Freeport: City of Men and Evil

    In the Temple of Marr in Northern Freeport Home to the paladin guild and Clerics of Marr.

  1. Temple of Marr has a few quests some high level some low many are hard! Talk to Serna Tasknon tell her "I wish to join the fight against the freeport Militia"Or "I wish to assist the Temple of Marr"
  2. Tholius Quey tell him "Who is the fallen Knight"and "what is the trail of tears crusade"
  3. Celsar Vestagnon "What is the marr Minnow"and "I shall eradicate the Pirhrana"The are low level quests I was to high when I found them!
  4. Hall Of Truth
  5. This quest originates at the Paladins guild in Freeport. The freeport guards are quite clearly corrupt and the Paladins would like to purge the corrupt element from the city. For every freeport militiamen that you kill you will get a damaged helmet. If you return this helmet to one of the Paladin's in the guild you will receive 1 pp in compensation and a nice faction adjustment.
  6. Recommended level to complete : 3 and up To start this quest, speak with Theron Rolius, who stands next the paladin guildmaster in the back raised section of the Hall of Truth. He will tell you to find the Queynos courier and retrieve a message from him. Make sure to buy two or three bottles of milk before you leave. You must then travel to the West Commonlands, and find Mojax Hikspin, who will be sitting near a fisherman on the south side of the lake in the zone. If he is not there, wait for a few minutes and he will arrive. Say to him that you are from the Hall of Truth, and he will ask for a bottle of milk (yes, there was a reason you got them). When you give him the milk, another NPC, Duggin Scumber, a level 2-4 monk, will charge up, steal the note from Mojax, and start attacking him. Kill Duggin Scumber. It is important that you be the one to kill him, and not Mojax, because Duggin's body has the note, and will disappear if he is killed by Mojax. When you kill Duggin, take the note from his body, and return to the Temple of Marr in Freeport. Deliver the note to Eestyana Neastra, on the top floor of the temple, and she will reward you with a little EXP, a good faction adjustment, and a wrist pouch.
  7. This quest originates in the Freeport Militia House. Upstairs on the balcony you will find Captain Hazran. He will inform you that it is your duty as a citizen to seek out and destroy clan deathfist(an orc clan). Return their deathfist slashed belts to Hazran and you will be rewarded with a money compensation as well as a faction adjustment.
  8. Monks who begin in freeport are able to complete quests for several different sashes. You must do these in order and each is better than the last. The training(white) sash requires to turn in a snake fang, a bone chip and 2 orc scalps. The white headband grants +1 stamina and +1 charisma. The next headband is a yellow headband and will require you to return the white headband, a giant snake rattle, a deathfist slashed belt and a chitin from a desert taurantula.
  9. Speak with Celsar Vestagon on the third floor of the Temple of Marr in Freeport. Ask him about the Marr Minnow, and then about exterminating the pirahna. He will give you a sack, and ask you to put 4 fresh pirahna in it (not stacked, but 4 individual pirahna). You may get 0-2 fresh pirahna in loot when you kill a pirahna. The pirahna may be found in the lake by the Hall of Truth, just left of the bridge before you cross. There will be one or two just in the water. You will have to wait for them to respawn to get 4 pirahna, but it is worth it. When you have 4 individual pirahna in the sack, hit combine and it will give you the Full sack item. Give the Full sack back to Celsar, and he will give you a potion of Disease Warding. This may not seem like much at first, but it sells for about 8 gold, which is a load of change for a level 2 character.
  10. This quest takes place in Freeport. You start out going to the rogue guild under the hidden shop (near docks) located in East Freeport and talk to Nestral TGaza (she is the Dark Elf Rogue next to the entrance to the hidden rogues guild). she asks u to bring a note to Rebby (a halfing rogue) next to the Theater of the Tranquil and Ashen Order in WEst Freeport. Give him the note and you get exp plus some of his whiskers. He will tell you to return to the rogues guild and give the whiskers to Nestrak TGaza and u get EXP and a little bit money and a faction adjustement.

    Grobb: Home of Trolls

  1. This quest is in grobb and is for shadow knights. You go up to the guild master(hulkulk I believe is his name) and hail him and he says some words you need to repeat. He asks that you get him 4 bone chips. WHen you bring them back and give them too him (don't stack em) he will give you some xp and also a two handed sword!!!! You can also keep giving him the 4 bone chips for more swords which are worth 2 gold 3 silver a piece. Compared to the 4 silver you would get for the chips.
  2. This quest originates with the Troll warrior guildmaster Ranjor. If you hail him and then tell him you are willing ta test yourself then he will tell you what he needs. It requires two pieces of froglock flesh(skin) and a piece of froglock meat. He will reward you with experience and after your faction rises enough he will give you a rusty two handed axe.

    Halas: Realm of Barbarians

  1. The following quest takes place at the warriors guild in Halas. Talk to an NPC named Dargon, who is at the enterance of the warriors guild. He will ask you if you are a warrior tell him that you are and he'll want you to give an elixer to a few people in Everfrost. You'll give the elixer to an NPC right at the enterance to Everfrost and he'll give you directions to another NPC, which will give you another set of directions to another NPC. This will continue untill you give a drink to a Megan O'Reilly. She'll then tell you to give the empty bottle back to Dargon. He'll award you with a Rusty Butler (AC 1), some cash, and a faction adjustment.
  2. Go to Jinkus Shamus near Marilyn McCann. Once you go through his conversation, he will tell you to bring back a globin caster necklace. There is one spot globin casters spawn in everfrost. Go to the entrance of the tundra part of everfrost, near the 3 guards and snowflake. Go right along the mountain side, good little ways, til you come to a place where there are 2 igloos. Goblin scouts and casters spawn here so you'll need to be level 5+ or in a party. Kill a few casters and take the necklace back to Jinkus. He gives you exp/little cash/faction.
  3. Go to Marilyn McCann in Halas. She is the one you give your guild note too for the shaman class. Once you talk to her and go through conversation. If you tell her you are a young shaman, she will tell you to go kill Granin O'Gill. He walks around in the tundra part of everfrost (near the orc shamans). He has low hps but can punch for 20 so becareful if you are low level. Take his head back to Marilyn and she gives you exp/little cash/faction.
  4. Karg Icebear is an NPC who spawns in Everfrost. Karg can make you both lupine armor and polar bear armor if you have the right components and the right cash compensation. He can also be killed by high level parties and carries some mighty nice toys.

    Kaladim City of The Dwarves

  1. Always start a conversation with the word "Hail" "Dwarves have there love of Treasure and Ale "
  2. Talk to Irontoe and say "Whats a Tumpy Tonic" He says to goto Ocean of tears and buy a kiola nut. He needs the nut and a flask of water,
  3. Location of nut at present cant find. You then take the tonic to Trantor Everhot he wanders into the mines alot in north kaladim.
  4. In the Warriors Guild, Hogunk Ventille in the arena say "I am a Warrior of Stormguard"
  5. Canloe Nusback Say "I wish to serve Stormguard" He will want you to give him large tattered orc belts which you get off of orc centurions,
  6. At the top level of the fighting pit is the GM to the warriors guild this is a High level quest, at 24th alone its a tough one. Ask him about the "Who are the Mudtoes"
  7. Is a dwarf in the warriors guild ill have his name soon say to him
  8. "what kind of favor" He explains the eye of Stormhammer was stolen by a thief and is in Rivervale who the thief is is unknown!
  9. Location C is where you find Trentor Everhot tell him "What is the dwarven wire" This also involves getting him a Tumpy Tonic. This is a quest associated with quest number 1.

    Kelethin: Wood Elves Known for being the Defenders of Nature"

  1. In the Emerald Warriors Guild Talk to Galin Woodwind and say "Hail", "I will hunt for meat" he says to goto Butcherblock mountains ocean and hunt for sharks . And bring there meat back in a sack he gives you 4 are needed combine them and give it to him. NO sharks exist in Butcherblock currently.
  2. Sindl Talonstrike talk to him say "Hail"Then say "Who are the soldiers of Tunare" he explains some things about wood elves then say "Who are the harvesters" He says they have been under attack but what he doesnt specify just for you to protect them and bring back evidence that you are protecting them. Say "I will see to there protection" where the harvesters are is beyond me so you wioll have to look for them.
  3. Talk to Sylia in the SongWeaver's Guild. She will ask you to return 4 pieces of spiderling silk to her. Once you give her 4 spiderling silks she will give you 1 gold piece, a drum and a faction and experience bonus. This quest is only completable by bards.
  4. The wood-eld druid trainer will give you a quest when you hail him (i am a druid, not sure he will grant all a quest) Bring him a : rusty broad, long, short and bastard sword and he will give you : some xp, 3 gold and a 2hand blunt worn great staff. Do this quest a few more times and you will receive a tarnished scimitar. It's a great newbie quest since you get the swords of decaying skeletons and you want a great staff to train.
  5. The following quest takes place in Greater Faydark in the ranger guild. Certain orc pawns carry orc hatchlets. Return these hatchlets to Dill Fireshot at the ranger's guild in the wood elf city and you will be rewarded with a faction adjustment, a small amount of coin and perhaps an item.
  6. The following quest takes place in Kelethin, inside the Emerald Warriors Guild talk to Regren. He will ask you to bring him 4 items to prove your worth. He want a spiderling eye, ruined wolf pelt, bone chips, and bat fur. Reward - xp/faction/1 gold/tarnished long sword
  7. The following quest takes place in Kelethin, inside the Scouts of Tunare talk to the guildmaster (I don't remember his name). He will ask you to bring him 2 rusty daggers and 2 gold. Reward - xp/faction/5 silver/tarnished dagger

    Neriak The Dark Elves Realm

  1. In Neriak Commons, at the Warriors Guild: Trizam N'Tan Ask him "What are deathfist Agendas"He will say the orcs have been doing secret duties. Then say "I wish to cllect pawn kills" He says to bring him 4 orc pawn Picks return them for your reward!
  2. In Warriors Guild, ask Narex T'Vem "What Duties" then he speaks of the Lavastorm and of a Fire Goblin runner he wants you to kill. Then say "I accept the mission"
  3. Ask Naex T'Vem about "What is a leatherfoot" he speaks of the Halfling camps in the neriak forest. And says to kill them and bring him a leatherfoot cap your reward is 1 gp and some more.
  4. In Neriak 3rd Gate at the Necro and Shadow Knights Guild, Xon Quexill asks you if you are ready to spill the blood of others to serve the Queen. (Necro) I tried everything and think this ones broken.
  5. Loveal S'Nez (SK) talk to him and say "What are your delegated Duties" he will give you a hint then say "I will perform a test"
  6. Noxhil V'sek (Necro) Speaks of being low in the ranks and tell him "I wish to perform a menial task" & "I will collect Beetle eyes" or "I will perform courier duties"
  7. Xantis Lxtax talks about a ring of the dead and that she can make them tell her "Whats a ring of the dead"
  8. At the Thieves Guild. "The thieves guild gives little info on quests but heres a few i found" Tani N'Mar talk to him and ask him " I am new to the hall"He speaks of your worth then ask him "I am ready to venture to freeport"
  9. Also at the thieves guild, Hekzin G'Zule Tell him "I am a new rogue"
  10. Pazin Punox Tell him "I am a new recruit" (Broken)
  11. Eolorn J'Axx tell him "what is the foreign Take"

    Ogguk: Ogres

  1. This quest originates with the Ogre shadowknight (greenbloods)guildmaster in Ogguk. If you hail him and then tell him you are a greenblood he will inform you of a quest. The quest requires you to return 4 pieces of lizard meat to him. Upon returning the meat you will be given a rusty two handed sword.
  2. This quest begins in Ogguk at the warriors guild. Some full grown(not broodling) lizard men drop lizard tails when they are killed. If you are a Craknek or wish to raise faction with Crakneks then you can give the tails to Horgus at the warriors guild. If you are a Greenblood or wish to raise your faction with the Greenbloods you can give the tails to Grevak in the shadowknights guild. Grevak also will reward you for bringing in voodoo dolls. For your troubles you will receive a cash compensation as well as a faction adjustment. You will also begin to receive better items for each tail as you begin to garner more favor for your deeds
  3. This quest takes place with the shaman guildmaster in Ogguk. Return him four pieces of froglock tadpole skin and receive the standard newbie rewards.

    Qeynos: City of Men

  1. In the Temple of Life, Astaed Wemor Tell him "I am here to assist the Temple"then say "I will be travelling soon" or say "I will be staying close to qeynos" I have done neither of these didnt have enough faction
  2. In the Temple of Life, Nomsoe Jusagta tell him "I have seen a new disciple of life"Then say "I will take the flask" you need to take it to Brother Estle out on west Karana hes near a tree as you head into that zone. He gives you prayer beads in return wich you return to the Temple and give to High Priestess Jhana. She then says goto Splitpaw and give them to Brother Hayle. That part is hard and you will have to be higher level to do it. This quest takes place at the Temple of Life(Cleric's Guild) in Qeynos. Nomloe Jugusta is in need of an eager young recruit to deliver the blessed oil to Brother Estle. Brother Estle will be near the entrance to West Karana(probably fighting with another priest) which is just a short walk away. Deliver the oil to him and you will receive a faction adjustment, some experience and a small cash compensation. You might also receive information on further quests as reported by one player.
  3. In the Bards guild in Qeynos, Jusean Evanesque talk to him and ask about "Where are the reports" He will say (Anehan & Behroe) are at the docks and (Leanon & Quinon) are at the north gate. Then say give "Anehan report" or say "give Leanon report" you just take them to the guys and they give you back a report and you take that back to the bards guild and get exp and cash its a simple level 1 quest to do. This quest takes place in the bards guild in Qeynos. Goto the bard holding the lute outside of the bard guild and talk to him. He'll say that he needs to get the watch reports from Anehan and Behero in the docks and from two other guys in West Gate. If you choose Anehan and Behero then go to one little gate leading to the docks, Either Behero or Anehan are there depending on the time of day. You get experience for giving them the report request and then you get even more XP (and a little cash) when you give the report to the bard in front of the guild.
  4. In The Tax collectors house, This is a easy quest and you make a few Sps and real good exp for even a level 5 i received 3/4 a bar, In qeynos is a Large white house on the south side of town, Inside is a NPC , say to him "I will collect taxes" then say "give list" He gives you a list of 10 places you have to go. Most are in south Qeynos so its relativley simple. He gives you a list of peoples names and here are all the places they are at. Say to each "I demand Tax" 1. Tasya Huntlan= Lion mane inn, 2. Capt Rohand= The docks Mermaids Lure, 3. Ton Fireside= Fireforge near the bank, 4. Nastiff Taherd= Nestiffs Weapons, 5. Mar Sedder= Tin Soldier, 6. Sneed Galliway= Sneeds Shop near monks guild (sneed has a quest also), 7. Mira Sayer =Shes in qeynos hills see line below, 8. Fhara Sernhart= Leather and thread, 9. Fish Ranamar= Fishs Ale near docks, 10. Voleen Tassen= Baked goods next to location 9, 11. when you goto mira she is crying when you demand tax , then say to her "Whats wrong" she says a thief stole her taxes, The thief is at the crows tavern in qeynos you must speak to her first or this wont work. Goto crows a halfing tell him "Why did you steal Miras taxes" He tells you if you say to him "I am a gnoll loving weakling who isnt fit to comb your feet" He then gives you the last tax and when you have em all hit combione and take em back to the taxman YOU MUST Have the list he gave you to start with or it won't work!!
  5. This quest will take you to the Qeynos Hills or Black Burrow. Some of the gnolls there will drop gnoll fangs. Return these fangs to the Captain in Qeynos and you will receive a compensation and faction adjustment.
  6. This quest takes place at the monks guild of Qeynos. By returning the following items to Phin Esinrapp at the guild you will receive a headband. You must do these in order. Training Headband (white): 4 gnoll pup scalps Yellow Headband: 3 putrid rib bones(off of putrid skeletons) and the white headband. Orange Headband: 2 black burrow gnoll pelts, 1 black burrow gnoll skin and the yellow headband. Red Headband: Go to Splitpaw, retrieve the head of Gahnex Drah, and seek and return the belongings of Brother Dareb and Shen.
  7. In Queynos Hills: Baobob Miller is an NPC who frequents Qeynos Hills near the zone to Surefall Glade. He can often be found near the campfire. Baobob can make you wolf hide armor if you provide him with a wolf pelt and a cash compensation. Ask him about his wolf armor and he will fill you in on details regarding the quality and cash requirements for each piece.
  8. Chanda Miller is an NPC who frequents Qeynos Hills near the zone to Surefall Glade. She can often be found near the campfire. Chanda can make you bear hide armor if you provide her with a bear pelt and a cash compensation. She will not talk to you unless you tell her that her brother(Baobob) sent you. Ask her about her bear hide armor and she will fill you in on details regarding the quality and cash requirements for each piece.
  9. This is the quest involving Gnasher Furgutt (level 8 or 9 gnoll in Qeynos Hills). Kill him, take his head and the note on the corpse to surefall glade, and give to the ranger behind the guild (standing by himself, his name is Larsk Juton) give him the head. He will give you faction/experience/cash. Then when you give him the note he gives it back to you and tells you to go see Captain Tillin in S. Qeynos (same guy you give gnoll fangs to). Give Capt Tillin the note and he gives you cash and an Amulet of +5 charisma, then he calls the executioner to go kill the guy that was dealing with the gnolls. You can follow her and watch the execution if you want but its not necessary.

    Rivervale: Halflings (Land of the Little Folk)

    Rivervale is the home of the halflings. This zone exits to Kithicor Forest and Misty Thicket.

    Rivervale is important for two reasons. First and foremost it is the only city on the main continent where you can buy small armor. This is important for visiting gnomes or dwarves who probably don't want to sail all the way home to buy armor. The second reason is that rivervale is more or less in the center of the continent. If you have to be bound to one place(and are not an evil character) this is probably the place to be bound to. Rivervale features many interesting quests. A couple of the more popular ones include the pirahna tooth and squad ring quests. "Almost all factions listed here go towards the Wall ring Quest"

  1. In Fools gold talk to Blinza Toeppal and say "I will take the stew" Deliver the stew to Deputy Lowmot in the castle. Pays exp and money, Low level Quest. (faction given is 5) Repeat as much as you want!
  2. Goto the Druid Garden area and speak to Reebo Leafsway say to him "What is the trail of karanas wisdom". He will give you a box of carrots give them back to him, when you do he gives you another box of good carrots take them to Blinza Toeppal in fools gold. (faction given is 5) Repeat as much as you want!
  3. This quest originates from Reebo Leafsway in Rivervale. Shakey the Scarecrow has two problems, first he needs some stuffing and second he needs a new head. The head part I can't help you with(other than to point you to Erudin) the stuffing can be found off the Scarecrows in West Karana.
  4. This Quest is a high level one unknown on how high Reebo with talk about Shakey scarecrow he needs a new head and stuffing, Tell Reebo "How do I get Stuffing" To get stuffing goto west karana and in the fields you will find a bale of Hay, Take the bale of hay to Cazic Thule High Priest and have it blessed. Finally cast the hay and a flask of blessed oil of life into a Armorers forge. To get the flask travel to Qeynos and in the Temple of life is a priest named "Nomsoe Jusagta" Tell him "I have seen the new disciple of life" "I will take the flask" now you will have the flask and the hay. Then it will be ready repeat as much as you wish!
  5. Tell Reebo "How do I get head"Next is Shakey's head he will say you need to get the Book of the Necromancer in Eurdin called the forbidden tome! He also says the Eurdins posses some of the pages so start your search there! repeat as much as you wish!
  6. If you are high enough level 16+ you can fight and kill Nillipuss he carries alot of gold and jumjum stalks, So if you give Reebo 1 stalk per slots when trading for a total of 4 he pays in PP and gives magic wands and Exp! Nillipuss is an irritating little guy who roams around the city of Rivervale. His level ranges in the high teens so he will be a worthy adversary. However when you kill him he will often drop an item. One of these items is a jumjum stalk. He has stolen these items from vendors in Rivervale. You can return this to the vendor and receive a faction adjustment.
  7. Speak to Daleen Leafsway in the garden say "I will take the turnips" and deliver them to Deputy Eignon he is near the halfling hovels in town. Pays descent gp and nice exp for low levels (faction given is 5). Repeat as much as you want!
  8. In the Garden talk to Uner Gnarltrunk and ask him "Who is deputy hiltop" he gives you a note to deliver to Deputy hiltop hes acrossed the bridge in town he spawns every other day, Give him the note he will give you a payment in return to give back to Uner. if hes not there kapop will be there so you you can do other things while you wait. Award for this is quite good (Potions of Wisdom and Intelligence they sell for 1PP, Pine needles, food, bandages gems) Repeat as much as you want!
  9. LLscent Tagglefoot in the druids guild say to him "what kind of bind are you in" He will say he needs somone to deliver a case of jumjum juice to Xanuusus a treant on Karanas Plains this quest pays the same as quest number 4. Then say "I will take the Jumjum Juice" Getting to Treant is a rough walk now goto North Karana and when you get there follow the water to the right when you hit the mountains follow them and you will run right into him. Also Bixies drop this item now also so there maybe more to this quest im not too sure as of yet! Repeat as much as you want!
  10. Sherriff Roglio in the castle top floor will take goblin beads if you give them to him for money and exp faction is 1 point per bead!
  11. Marshall anrey talk to him he will ask you where you are from Say "I am from Rivervale" and answer him "I wish to join". He says to go get him a polar bear hide they have to be a regular hide no ruined pelts. For exp and cash then he asks you to go and get a dark elf Dirk which is located in Crushbone, (Repeat as much as you want) and 10 faction
  12. Marshall Larena if you give her a piranah tooth from the pond in town she gives you money and exp and says show this to the mayor. So far she doesnt give you anything back, and this is worth 10 faction towards the ring as well!
  13. In lake in town is a fish called "Chomper" kill chomper and he carries a ruby take the ruby to Fools gold Tavern and on the second floor is a female in the corner say to her "I am the new dishwasher" if you have enough faction she will tell you to go get the ruby that was lost at the docks or the pond. If you dont have enough faction and try giving her this you get nada otherwise you get exp and money!
  14. In the armourers house Kevlin diggs in the back bedroom theres a bed and on the bed spawns a sack. Get the sack and take it to Fools gold, Upstairs is Ace slighthand the casino owner and give him that coin you get for money and exp.
  15. Deputy Budo at the wall takes Deathfist Slash belts for money and some exp, (5 faction points) towards the wall quest.
  16. Goto fools gold you will see a Thief GM on the first floor Ruppey Kuttpurse goto to her and say "How can I smuggle" She then says to talk to Gingwich out in misty thicket hes a goblin and tell him do not kill him or ruin your faction by -50 and guards will kill you also. "Dark rivers Flow east"He gives you a stout return it to her for your reward!
  17. Talk to Marshall Ghobber say "Am I part of the wall" if you have enough faction you will get a squad ring. To use ring select yourself and right click on ring. Also once its used you have to take it back to Mrubble at clerics area and give it to her she will recharge you ring for you it heals 80 damage per charge! (Repeat as much as you want) The squad ring quest originates in Rivervale. Visit the castle like building in town. Walk up to Marshal Ghobber and tell him that you are new to his squad. He will send you to report to Budo in Misty Thicket. Budo can be found in the tower on the left of the entrance to the wall. Budo will inform you that you can return deathfist slashed belts to him(for a nice faction adjustment) and runneye(goblin) warbeads to Sheriff Roglio in town. After many(and I mean a bunch) of battles here you can return to Marshal Ghobber and ask him if you are part of the wall. If you have killed enough then he will reward you with a shiny new Squad Ring.
  18. Fiddy Bobick kill piranah give him the tooth for up to 1gp and 10 sps plus bags and food and water, actually good exp for this one. (Repeat as much as you want) and 1 faction point. This quest originates in Rivervale at the pier near the lake. Near the pier or right inside of the shop you will find Fiddy Bobbick. Tell him that Wickystick sent you. He will inform you that the lake is infested with Pirahna. For every pirahna you kill you will receive a pirahna tooth. You can return this tooth to him for a cash compensation as well as a faction adjustment.
  19. Talk to Blixkin Entopop in Misty thicket tell him "May I see your bug collection" and "Give list" He will have you collect 6 pieces of bug parts (Giant beetle leg, Giant wasp leg, Giant beetle mandibles, Giant wasp eye, Spiderling silk, Spiderling eye) then when you have them all combine them in the box he gives you and return it for your reward. In Misty Thicket, if you talk to Blixxin Entopop (he wanders around with a little klicknic trailing him named Ember), he will tell you about his bug collection. If you ask him about it, he gives you the opportunity to make one yourself, and gives you a Bug Collection Box. If you ask him, he will give you the list of things that go in the bug collection. These things are: Fire Beetle Eye, Spiderling Eye, Spiderling Leg, Giant Fire Beetle Leg, Giant Wasp Wing, Giant Scarab Egg Sac. If you get all 6 things in the Bug Collection Box and hit combine, you get the complete Bug Collection. Give your Bug Collection to Blixxin Entopop for your reward.


    1. Bracers of the Reverent
    2. Boots of the Reliant
    3. Caduceus of Sacrement
    4. Chestplate of the Constant
    5. Gauntlets of the Ardent
    6. Greaves of the Penitent
    7. Vambraces of the Fervent

    Bracers of the Reverent
    1) Find and kill Zahal in North Karanas. You had best take a tracker (bard, ranger, druid) with you to help find it.
    2) Killing Zahal will spawn the corpse of Regis in the North East area of North Karanas. Get the Ingot of the Reverent and a flute from this corpse.
    3) Take the flute to Lianna Feresa in Rathe Mountains. She will give you the Icon of the Reverent.
    4) Give the Ingot of the Reverent, and Icon of the Reverent and 2 enchanted platinum bars to Gavel in the Temple of Solusek Ro to receive the Bracers of the Reverent.

    Boots of the Reliant
    1) Talk to Blaize in the Temple of Solusek Ro and you will receive the quest.
    2) Head to Kithicor Forest and search the burned out cabins. A book spawns in one of the cabins. You need this later on in the quest. Be careful in Kithicor since it becomes a haven for high-level undead at night.
    3) Now you need to hunt Kithicor Forest for a bag that spawns rarely on a tree stump. What fun! The stump in question cannot be reached from the ground. You must either levitate or jump to it from a nearby fallen tree. Affectionately referred to as StumpWatch 99 this part of the quest is incredibly tedious. The bag contains the Ingot of Reliant.

    Caduceus of Sacrement
    1) Talk to Gavel in the Temple of Solusek Ro to receive the quest.
    2) Head to Mistmoore. In the graveyard is an illusionary wall. You need to pass through this wall and you will enter a room that has 4 doors. Only one of these doors can be opened, but opening it triggers the other doors, each of which has a rather nasty mob behind it. The Icon spawns on the floor in one of the rooms and looks like a doll.
    3) Head to the Rathe Mountains and visit the Skeleton Ruins. A Giant Darkbone Skeleton will spawn here rarely. He drops the Ingot.
    4) Return 2 bars of magnetized platinum, the Ingot, and the Icon to receive the Caduceus of Sacrement.

    Chestplate of the Constant
    1) Talk to Gavel in the Temple of Solusek Ro to be given the quest.
    2) Head to Dagnor's Cauldron and kill Bilge to receive the icon of Constant
    3) Head to Runnyeye and kill Sludge to receive the ingot of Constant
    4) Head back to the Temple of Solusek and have galvanized platinum made by Genie. You need 2 bars.
    5) Hand the bars of galvanize platinum, the icon, and the ingot to Gavel to receive the Chestplate of the Constant.

    Gauntlets of the Ardent
    1) Talk to Blaize in the Temple of Solusek Ro to receive the quest.
    2) Head to Befallen and kill Babbinsbort (3rd floor and rare) to retrieve the Icon of the Ardent.
    3) Head to Everfrost and cast enduring breath on yourself. Swim down through a hole in the ice to retrieve the Ingot of the Ardent.
    4) Take the Icon, the Ingot, and 2 enchanted platinum bars back to Blaize to receive the Gloves of the Ardent.

    Greaves of the Penitent
    1) Talk to Blaize in the Temple of Solusek Ro to receive the quest.
    2) Head to the Necromancer Island near Toxxulia Forest and find the Erudite named Maugrim. He has the Icon of the Penitent. You require this to get the greaves.
    3) Head to Upper Guk and go to the location of 205, -485. The Ingot of the Pentinent spawns here. It may be an 8 hour spawn like other Cleric quest items.
    4) Grab a bar of Magnetized Platinum and give all 3 items to Blaize to receive the Greaves of the Pentinent.

    Vambraces of the Fervent
    1) Talk to Blaize in the Temple of Solusek Ro to obtain the quest.
    2) Kill the named aviak "Gull" in the Ocean of Tears on Aviak Island. Gull drops the Ingot of the Fervent
    3) Find Jovan in Highhold Pass, and give him two Tumpy Tonics, which can be made with the brewing skill or via a side quest. He will give you the Icon of the Fervent.
    4) Take the Ingot, the Icon and an enchanted platinum bar back to Blaize to receive the Vambraces of the Fervent.

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