Might and Magic VII (7): For Blood and Honor Cheats article by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:
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    Hex Cheats:

    Cheat Codes:
  1. Easy Experience After killing a monster worth high points (like a dragon), cast paralyze on the dead body to bring back to life and kill again with one blow to get the points again. Repeat as needed.
  2. Receiving More Items from Dead Dragons You can have as many items as you wish after killing the red dragon in the beginning of the game. Just click on the dead red dragon to get your item and if you see that the red dragon still appears save your game. Click on the dragon again after saving. If clicking on the dragon & it disappeared, reload your save game & click on the dragon again. Do it as many times as you like til you're ready to go for the fight.

    Cheat Files:
  1. MM7 Gamehack fileThis will allow you to modify Party Gold, the Experience & Skill Points for all/any of the 4 Characters. , Readme, Requires: GameHack 2.0 (registered), J. Libenson
  2. _IMP_'s MM7 trainerThis will allow you to modify Party Gold, Food, Health and Spell Points, _IMP_
  3. FLT's +5 trainer, .NFO file
  4. Awesome starting charactersAll Stats: 255, Exp: 5,000,000, Lvl: 1, Skill Pts: 999, Maxed Starting Skills, Type: Ranger, Monk, Cleric, Sorcerer, .223k
  5. CLASS's +5 trainer, .NFO, 23k
  6. MM7 View, The infamous MM7 view that lets you view movies, graphics, edit characters, and so much more! This is still a work in progress. **NEW**, St0rmCat, 458k


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