Might and Magic VII (7): For Blood and Honor Walkthrough


By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:
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Might and Magic VII (7): For Blood and Honor Walkthrough



  1. Introduction
  2. Emerald Isle
  3. Castle Harmondale
  4. Bracada desert:
  5. The 2 Arbiters
  6. Path of light:
  7. Path of evil
  8. Breading zone
  9. The 4 quests:
  10. The Eofol tunnels
  11. Harmondale
  12. Barrows Down
  13. Erathia:
  14. Tatalia.
  15. Bracada
  16. Deyja
  17. Tularean Forest.
  18. Land of the giants
  19. Celeste
  20. Cheats
  21. Read the Review by Al Giovetti
  22. References
  23. Letters

    The Primary Quests:

    These are the primary quests for solving the game:

    Starting in emerald isle:

    emerald.jpg (6948 bytes)

    1=small house with shell

    2=dragon cave

    3=temple of the moon

    Emerald isle:

    Starting in Emerald city you have to retrieve some item for winning the contest, meanwhile I suggest to visit all the shops and learn all the skill you can, especially the magic one,made some training when you get some experience and start try to make the potions .

    The contest quests:

    Floor Tile: enter the  Temple of the Moon then look for the secret chamber in the library.

    Longbow: Look for it in  Dragon's Lair .

    Musical Instrument: the woman near the Two Palms Tavern have it .

    Red Potion:  first try for a potion use a empty bottle and a red flower.

    Seashell: Sally, near the Dragon's cave, will sell you one for
    100 gold. Another lies in a box inside the abandoned tent(where you'll find a lot of dragonfly).

    Wealthy Hat: . There is one inside the Temple of the Moon or talk with the solder near the dragon cave.

    Find The Missing Contestants: look for the shield and the message scroll on the floor of the dragon cave.


    Tip: if you accept the wand from the man near the potion shop in the future you'll have to do a quest for the merchant guild.(quite difficult!!!)


    Castle Harmondale
    Talk to the man in the inn,then you'll have to clear the castle from rats and bats,look for the experience barrels,then go to the man in the inn.

    Barrows Down:

    Stone city :talk to the king and get the Red Dwarves mine quest.who will ask you to rescue the
    Dwarves in the red Dwarves mine in the bracada desert.(before going there look for the other quest about the mines that you can get in the Tulerian forest).

    Bracada desert:

    Enter the mines and find the 6 Dwarves on the first floor of the mine.Then return to the king.


    Back In Harmodale.

    Inside your castle now every thing is fixed,enter the throne room and meet the ambassadors of the Elf King(Tularean Forest) and from  Queen Catrine(Erathia).

    Look for the Gryphonheat's trumbet in Tularean Forest

    Meanwhile the Arbiter will be killed.


    The 2 Arbiters

    Now you have to chose the new one Return to your castle in Harmodale and meet the ambassadors.If you want to follow the path of light go in Bracara Desert and enter the inn there.Talk to the man  inside and take him in the arbiter house in Harmodale(1on the map).    If you want to follow the dark path go to the inn in Deyja and take the new arbiter in Harmodale.


    Path of light:

    Now the war is over and the teleport for Celeste will be functional.

    So go in Celeste and meet the King in Castle Lambert .He will give you the Mist quest.

    To pass the quest you have to enter the hall of mist from the entrance and exit from the backdoor. First of all you have to find the 3 keys for unlock the backdoor.Use Invisibility .Inside  enter one of the 3 teleporter doors. Now in one of the 3 you'll have to press 4 levers near 4 fountains, then the central fountain will be empty and inside you'll find the chest with   the key.In one of the other zones that your reach via teleporting you have to press 2 buttons and a lever to unlock a secret room, in the last teleportig zone you have to press some altar then take a lift for an upper zone where the chest hides. When you have all the 3 keys use it on the 3 points in the main room to unlock the backdoor.Now return to the king.

    Go out Castle Lambert and look for the 4 houses(4 on the map).

    First of all you will get 3 Quests

    1)Purify the Altar in the temple of the moon In Evermorn isle.

    2)Find the Soul jars (You will find it in the Thunderfist Tunnels)

    3)Kill the Vampires in the wine cellar in Tatalia.

    After solving this one you will get the last one

    4)Kill Toloberti in The pit (look for 1 in the pit map).Tip: I have readed that using protection from magic will help, but I find after been killed 20 times that the better way is to  make toloberti follow you ,the run for the corner on the left near the stairs and hide yourself ,from there you can shoot him using some good magic and he can not .


    After the 4 Quests go Again in Castle Lamber ,Resurecta will ask you to take a piece from the altar in the temple of Dark in the pit and a piece of the altar in the Temple of light in Celeste.

    Ok go in the temple of Dark in the Pit , the piece is under the altar.

    In the temple of light go on the upper level from the altar ,looking to north  the right combination is :press moon on the left,stars in the center and sun on the right,go down and click on the altar ,a wall will open, inside you'll find a chest with the missing piece.Return to Resurecta.

    Now it's time to slay the Xenofex in the Colony zod,in the Land of the Giants.

    Enter the zod and take the lift up, press all the buttons and go in room 1(look map).

    Use jump and reach the ledge.Click on the cage and get key.

    Go down and enter the new tunnel,in the big room kill the Xenofex ,and go Back to Celeste.

    Final Quest:

    Retrieve the Oscillation Overthruster from the Lincol.

    First of all go outside the throne room an get the new suits.

    Then go in Alvee and cast water walking the go west pass the isle and you will find a new location.

    Underwater :move northwest till the starcraft, enter it (the drones are quite difficult to kill)first you have to reactivate the power.Then in the Main control room you will find the Oscillation Overthruster.(central panel)

    Back to Castle Lamber in Celeste ,final movie.



    Path of evil

    It's time to pay a visit to the Pit.

    pit.jpg (19077 bytes)

    1)Tolberti's house


    3)breading Pit


    Inside the Pit go to the castle(3) and meet the King.

    The first quest will be to kill all the monster in the Breading zone and exit.

    BREE ZONW.jpg (27349 bytes)

    The entrance is near the exit of the Pit,take the stairs down and enter it.

    Kill all the monsters and then go in the room with a missing bridge(2) and drink from the left fountain.Now the bridge will be lowered,cross it and push button.

    Exit from the big room in the north section.Return to the king.

    The 4 quests:

    You can get it from the 4 masters that leave in the east section of the Pit.(1 on the map)

    First quest=Find the soul jars (look for it in the thunderfist mountains tunnel)

    Second quest=Clear the Clanker's Laboratory and lower the defense shield.

    thelab.jpg (11353 bytes)

    The lab is in the Tularean Forest on the north island, enter it and kill all the monster,then  in the library(1)look for the moveable book and enter the secret laboratory, click on the machine.

    Third quest=Find the piece of the key in the temple of Light (Celeste and the other one in the temple of dark(Pit).It's the same quest of the Light path.

    here it is:

    In the temple of Dark in the Pit , the piece is under the altar.

    In the temple of light go on the upper level from the altar ,looking to north  the right combination is :press moon on the left,stars in the center and sun on the right,go down and click on the altar ,a wall will open, inside you'll find a chest with the missing piece.

    Back to the Pit.

    Now Tolberti will give you the:

    Forth quest=kill Robert the wise in Celeste.

    Tip: first of all you need good magic skills then look at this:

    tolo.jpg (4354 bytes)

    place yourself near the big room corner and shoot him, he will not be able to shot to you.

    Return to the pit.Back to Toloberti and then to the Castle.

    The Xenofex quest:

    The king will ask you to slay the Xenofex in the Colony zod,in the land of Giants.

    Enter the Land of Giants via the tunnels.

    Then enter the zod and take the lift up, press all the buttons and go in room 1(look map).

    Use jump magic and reach the ledge.Click on the cage and get key.

    Go down and enter the new tunnel,in the big room kill the Xenofex ,and go Back to Celeste.

    Back in the Pit.

    And ready for the last quest.


    Maps and secondary quests:


    harmo.jpg (20098 bytes)

    1=arbiter house


    3=White Cliff Caves

    Other quests:

    Darron Temper, in the Temper residence, ask you to find The Fate of Elron Temper so go in the White Cliff Caves and go in the north east corner there you'll find an AcroMage Deck, take it back to him.

    In the church, a man will ask you to find the The Lantern Of Light, that is in Barrows crypt n°2 if I remember.


    the Perfect Bow from the master of bow, the bow is in Avlee in the Titan's Stronghold (very difficult!!)

    Bartholomew Hume:in a house in the small village north of the castle will initiate Priest and will ask you to find the lost meditation spot in Barrows down.(so go in barrows down enter the barrow10 ,9,or 7 and look for the key that opens the hidden map, now move the lever behind the map for reach the barrow you what in this case try to reach barrow 4 and then the one with an ankt inside click on the altar,now Bartholomew Hume telling you that you have find it.

    After you Have chosen your path light or dark, you can return to him only if you have chose the light path and he will ask to find the Priest in the Temple of Baa in the north east part of Alvee.


    In the inn a man will ask to find the The Signet Ring stolen from the bandits, look for it in the bandits cave in Erathia.

    Barrows Down

    borrows.jpg (17289 bytes)

    1=Stone city

    2=hunted mansion


    g=golem part


    other quests:

    One of the Dwarves will ask you to kill all the Troglodytes in the lower part of the city, so take the lift in the north part and go down, kill them all and return to him.(the lower part of the city is the first part of the tunnels that connect the city to Nighon,  here you will find the exit for the nighon tunnel)


    The Barrows crypts(3) : 3 quests will lead here .

    1)the one for initiate Priest (look in the Harmondale quests)

    2)Inside Barrow 2 you will find the  the Lantern of Light (look in the Harmondale quests)

    3=the Archdruid quest obtained in the  in Tularean Forest(house near stable).Find the skull of  king Zokarr in the nighon tunnels(north east part on the floor of a circle room)then take it in his  Tomb in the barrows crypts ( the one with Ankh symbol )


    Haunted Mansion quests:

    1)the first is obtained in Erathia from the man in the house in front of town hall.,for the knight-Cavalier promotion.Kill all the monster inside the house.

    2)One of the 3 paintings quest is here(quest obtained in tatalia)


    eratia.jpg (20022 bytes)

    1)the sewers(thieves guild)

    2)Fort Riverstride

    3)Bandit Caves

    3)lower part Is the master tomb.

    4)Castle Gryphonheart


    Castle Gryphonheart quests :

    1)(during the war)before you choose the new arbiter)The Queen will ask to rescue Loren Steel from the elves in the cave in the Tularean Forest.

    2)the paintings quest (2 of the paintings are in the castle)

    Fort Riverstride quest from the Elf King(during the war) steal the plans.You will find it behind a
    portrait of Queen Catherine.

    from:Sir Charles Quixote(house in front of the city hall)

    1)Kill  Wromthrax the dragon  for the crusade quest(located in a cave in tatalia).

    2)(path of light must been chosen) Free the woman from the house in Deyja (look for Deyja's map).


    The letter quest from Norbert Thrush.Take the letter to Lord Markham's in Tatalia.

    The Cavalier quest from Fredrick Org (kill all the monsters in the haunted mansion in the Barrows down)

    The AcroMage quest, win all the games in the 13 taverns located in Avlee - Celeste
    Bracada Desert - Barrow Downs-Tularean Forest-Deyja -Evermorn Isle -Nighon -Stone City -Tatalia -Harmondale -The Pit- Steadwick .

    Bandit Caves quest ,find the ring (look for the quests from Harmondale)


    tatalia.jpg (17698 bytes)

    1)pirate cave

    2)merchant guild

    3) Wromthrax the dragon

    4) Lord Markham

    5)The wine cellar

    g)golem part


    Bracada desert

    bracada.jpg (13552 bytes)

    1)Red Dwarf mines

    2)The school of sorcery

    3)teleporter for Celeste



    deja.jpg (14860 bytes)

    1)Sir Charles Quixote quest(look for it in Erathia)

    2)the Pit



    Tularean Forest.

    tforest.jpg (19276 bytes)

    1)the old tree

    2)The lab

    3)the Cave and the chest with the trumbet.


    avlee.jpg (15751 bytes)

    1)Titan stronghold

    2)temple of Baa

    3)passage to the Lincol

    g)golem part


    Reaching Nigon and The Land of the Giants

    The entrance is in Stone city, then down in the tunnels under the city.

    stone.jpg (15589 bytes)



    Nighon tunnels:

    nighon tunnů.jpg (21144 bytes)

    1)exit to stone castle

    2)exit to thunderfist mountains

    3)the skull of the King of the Dwarfs

    Inside the Nighon tunnels go north east for the exit to the thunderfist tunnels.


    Then in the Thunderfist  tunnels:

    thundermont.jpg (26856 bytes)




    mount nighon.jpg (18529 bytes)



    The Eofol tunnels

    efol.jpg (17470 bytes)



    Land of the giants

    giants.jpg (17004 bytes)

    1)colony zod

    2)Dragon's Lair


    The colony Zod

    colony zod.jpg (18131 bytes)

    1)human in cage



    celeste.jpg (20661 bytes)

    1)castle Lambert

    2)Temple of light

    3)Wall of Myst

    4)the 4 quests






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