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By Al Giovetti
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Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

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  6. Razor Trainer Unlimited Resources, Hero Moves, Spell Points, Bonus; Control Other Towns.
  7. Trainer Unlimited Movement, Spells. Edit Artificats, Players, Attributes, etc.
  8. Another Trainer
  9. Cheat Enabler This patch allows you to access the cheat menu within the game.

    Hex Cheats:

    Cheat Codes:

    While playing, press [TAB] then type in the following codes:

  1. nwconlyamodel : Build all buildings in your castle
  2. nwcsirrobin :Immediate failure
  3. nwctrojanrabbit :Immediate success
  4. nwcavertingoureyes :Hero gains extra 35 archangel
  5. nwcantioch :Hero gains tent, ballista and ammo
  6. nwcigotbetter :Hero gains 1 level up
  7. nwccastleanthrax :Hero gains highest luck
  8. nwccoconuts :Hero gains unlimited move points
  9. nwcmuchrejoicing :Hero gains top morale
  10. nwcalreadygotone :See the full revealed secret item map
  11. nwcgeneraldirection :See the full map
  12. nwcshrubbery :All sources increased
  13. nwctim :Hero gains all magic and 999 spell points
  14. nwcfleshwound :Hero gains Death Knights
  15. nwcphisherprice :Brighter colors


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  2. Official 3DO Heroes 3 Site
  3. Andy's Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Page

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  1. From: lizzardHey do u have cheats for Heroes of Might and Magic 3??? If u do please Msg me thx Lizzard

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