Research evidence overwhelmingly supports the need for parents to assume an active role in the student's learning experience in order to assure maximum achievement. It has been demonstrated in numerous studies that parents are the most important influence in a child's life, even into adolescence and early adulthood stages. Therefore, this program has been designed to facilitate parent's active participation and cooperation with the schools and with other parents.

PARENT ACADEMY training activities provide participants with information about every aspect of the school's program in which they may be involved. The program enables them to put this knowledge into actual practice under direction of the school staff.

Parents who volunteer their time to participate in the PARENT ACADEMY, will gain valuable experience and tangible benefits through working in partnership with the educators of their children.

Because parents are the first and most consistently influential teachers of their children, this "first hand" demonstration of their support of our schools establishes a pattern of cooperation that becomes a permanent fixture in the life of a child.