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The World's Worst Joke? You be the Judge

This so mind-numbingly awful it just has to be shared:

Noah is sunbathing on Mount Ararat, feeling suitably smug when he hears a booming voice from the clouds.

GOD: Noah, Noah. I want you to build me another ark.

NOAH: Another one? Are there going to be more floods?

GOD: Possibly, I haven't decided yet but I want another ark - but different.

NOAH: How different?

GOD: I want this one built on several levels - lots of decks one on top of each other.

NOAH: ....yeah, right; what do want in it when it's built? The usual two of everything?

GOD: No, this time just fish


GOD: And not just any old fish.....they've got to be all carp.

NOAH: but why? - - - -
- - -
- - -

GOD: Because I've always wanted a multi-storey Carp Ark

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