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1. Which of the following formulas is not presented in the proper format?
     A. +A3/D14
     B. +D12*23.89
     C. B45+A12
     D. +G45-G34-H23

2. With the cell pointer positioned at cell D5, the contents of the cell is displayed on the
     A. prompt line
     B. summary line
     C. cell location
     D. address line

3. The primary advantage of using formulas in Lotus is
     A. the number can be calculated faster than using a calculator.
     B. the number will be automatically recalculated each time a variable value changes.
     C. the spreadsheet displays the number in the appropriate format.
     D. the spreadsheet verifies the accuracy of the formula.

4. Which of the following is NOT an advantage offered by a spreadsheet application which uses
input macros?
          A. Calculations are performed in a fraction of the time required to make the calculations
     B. The accountant has increased confidence that computed values are accurate.
     C. Pre-prepared spreadsheets can be adapted to meet specialized business situations.
          D. The printed spreadsheet provides the accountant with documentation for support of
     journal entries.

5. The cell protection feature
     A. prevents the user from accidentally inputting data over formulas.
     B. prevents the user from positioning the cell pointer on the protected cell.
     C. eliminates the display of the cell contents on the address line.
     D. shades the cell to prevent the user from reading the cell contents.

6. A formula must contain which of the following components?
     A. value
     B. number
     C. variable
     D. operand
The following partial spreadsheet applies to the next three questions:
2 Fully
3 Historical Diluted
4 Earnings Available to Common STock $800,000 $600,000
5 Common Stock Outstanding 100,000 100,000
6 Common Stock Equivalents 0 25,000
7 Earnings per Share ? ?
7. An appropriate formula to input at E7 to compute historical earnings per share is
     A. E4/E5
     B. E4/(E5+E6)
     C. +E4/E5
     D. +E4*E5

8. An appropriate formula to input at F7 to compute fully diluted earnings per share is
     A. F4/F5
     B. F4/(F5+F6)
     C. +F4/F5
     D. +F4/(F5+F6)

9. The appropriate formula to compute the difference between historical and fully diluted earnings
per share is
     A. E7-F7
     B. E7+F7
     C. +E7-F7
     D. Cells containing formulas cannot be used in another formula.

10. Which of the following statements concerning the Titles spreadsheet feature is FALSE?
     A. It permits you to effectively view parts of a spreadsheet larger that the computer
     B. Three types of titles may be executed.
     C. the cell pointer canNOT be positioned in a cell above the row where a horizontal titles
     command has been executed.
     D. It enables you to increase the number of characters displayed on the screen.

11. With the cell pointer positioned at cell E5, the address line displays E5:+A5*E3.  If an Insert
Column spreadsheet command is executed at cell C20, the address line will now display
     A. F5:+A5*E3
     B. F5:+B5*F3
     C. F5:+A5*F3
     D. F5:+B5*E3

12. The formula +A8/$A$3 is located in cell A10.  If this formula is copied to cell B10, the
formula stored in B10 will be
     A. +B8/$B$3
     B. +B8/$A$3
     C. +A8/$B$3
     D. +A8/$A$3

13. Using the Classic 1-2-3 command menu, the command to copy a spreadsheet formula is
     A. /(R)eplicate
     B. /(C)opy
     C. (C)opy (F)ormula
     D. /(D)uplicate

14. Which of the following spreadsheet functions are used together to accomplish a modification
of the spreadsheet?
     A. insert and copy
     B. insert and delete
     C. delete and copy
     D. copy and verify

15. A Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet contains ___________ columns and __________ rows.
     A. 64, 256
     B. 256, 1024
     C. 256, 2048
     D. 2048, 2048

16. In what cell would you position the cell pointer to create a title to lock columns A through C
and rows 1 through 6 on the screen?
     A. any cell in column D
     B. any cell in row 7
     C. C6
     D. D7

17. In what cell would you position the cell pointer to create a title to lock columns A through B
on the screen?
     A. any cell in column C
     B. any cell in column B
     C. C1
     D. C4

18. Which of the following is the primary advantage of the Save File spreadsheet feature?
     A. The disk file replaces traditional paper records.
     B. The disk file becomes a more permanent record.
     C. Revision of a spreadsheet is more efficient than creating a new spreadsheet model.
     D. Periodic saving of the spreadsheet prevents total loss of data if a power failure occurs.

19. On a spreadsheet, the intersection of a row and a column is termed a
     A. cursor
     B. cell
     C. coordinate
     D. cell pointer

20. With the cell pointer positioned at a column total, the address line displays
D20:@SUM(D3..D18).  If the command to delete one row is executed at cell A10, what will now
be displayed on the address line if the cell pointer is positioned at the column total?
     A. D19:@SUM(D3..D17)
     B. D20:@SUM(D3..D17)
     C. D19:@SUM(D2..D17)
     D. D20:@SUM(D3..D18)

21. A function must consist of a 
     A. function name
     B. value
     C. cell variable
     D. A and B or A and C

22. Which of the following functions could replace the formula +D3+D4+D5+D6+D7?
     A. @SUM(D3,D7)
     B. @SUM(D3..D7)
     C. @ADD(D3..D7)
     D. @SUM(D2..D8)

23. A formula that makes logical decisions is termed a(n)
     A. decision statement
     B. logical function
     C. if statement
     D. logical statement

24. Which of the following range of cells would NOT be recognized by the spreadsheet Print
     A. B10..G40
     B. A1..B34
     C. F30..A10
     D. D1..E5

25. Using the Classic 1-2-3 command menu, the command that instructs the printer to advance
the paper to the top of the next sheet is
     A. (A)dvance
     B. (R)eset
     C. (P)aper

26. Which of the following is NOT a benefit of printing a spreadsheet?
     A. The printed copy can be distributed to other personnel.
     B. The printed copy provides documentation for journal entries.
     C. The print process verifies the appropriateness of cell format and column widths.
          D. The printed copy helps the user to evaluate a spreadsheet that is larger than the
     computer screen.

27. To print a portion of the spreadsheet, you must identify the ________ of cells to be printed.
     A. series
     B. group
     C. portion
     D. range

28. When inputting a formula to display a value at cell D10, the cell pointer would have to be
located on
     A. the prompt line.
     B. the address line.
     C. cell D10.
     D. any cell on the spreadsheet.

29. Which of the following items is NOT displayed on the address line?
     A. cell format
     B. cell pointer location
     C. macro menu
     D. cell contents

30. If you accidentally attempt to input data into a protected cell, the __________ key can be
used to remove the "Protected Cell" message.
     A. Break
     B. F1
     C. Clear
     D. Escape

31. The Titles feature increases the efficiency of using a spreadsheet that
     A. displays financial statement information.
     B. has column headings.
     C. is larger than the screen.
     D. canNOT be printed on a printer.

32. The minimum spreadsheet column width required to print the number $1,345,900 is
     A. 10
     B. 11
     C. 7
     D. 8

33. Which of the following is NOT a valid spreadsheet function?
     A. @SQRT(32)
     B. @MIN(B3..B23)
     C. @MAX(A1:A23)
     D. @SUM(B23..D24)

34. The spreadsheet may accept ____________ functions in any single application or model.
     A. 4
     B. 100
     C. an unlimited number
     D. none of the above

35. When saving a spreadsheet to a file using the Classic 1-2-3 menu (/(F)ile (S)ave), the file
name is typed on the ___________ line.
     A. address
     B. edit
     C. summary
     D. prompt

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