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    This game is almost impossible to write a walkthrough for, simply because of all the different ways to solve it, but here you can find clues to some of the most frequently asked questions. Just remember that these answers might not help you, depending on which way you have played the game. Also they are not in any specific order. Obtained from misc. newsgroups.

    Good luck & enjoy the game!

  1. Q1: Where can I find the snake guy? Answer
    A1: The snake guy is in the upper portion of the screen up from the fish lady. To the right of the insect lady!
  2. Q2: Where can I find the shell casings? Answer
    A2: The shell casings are at McCoy's feet as he walks into Runceters. There are three hot spots on the floor. backtothetop.gif 1.65 K
  3. Q3: How do I kill the cook at McCoy´s apartment? Answer
    A3: There is a better option... When the cook tries to spill soup on you, there is a short moment where you can click on the right part of the screen and you will jump away. This gives you some time so you can go after that foul player. Just keep running after him, and don't kill that bum. Running toward the door and climb up the ladder in the next screen and walk to the locked door. He will jump out. Believe or not, it is much easier to kill him that way. backtothetop.gif 1.65 K
  4. Q4: How can I get past the two cops in the #5 culvert in the sewers? Answer
    A4: You can't get by 'em. Not while they're there. To get them to leave, you must go to your apartment. Head to the left of the main sewer crossroad, the one with the four paths, and then head left, then up, then into your building and try to get into your apartment. After that, the cops will be gone. backtothetop.gif 1.65 K
  5. Q5: How do I get the images from the watching cam at Runcitter's place? Answer
    A5: If you click on the camera hung from the ceiling in the upper left part of the screen it will trigger a question to Runcitter and you will get the disc. It also helps to be using the "user choice" agenda on the Options screen. backtothetop.gif 1.65 K
  6. Q6: Where´s the flask of liquor? Answer
    A6: You get the flask from the bartender of the China Bar on Animoid Row. backtothetop.gif 1.65 K
  7. Q7: I´m tied to the chair, how can I get out of it? Answer
    A7: Click on the floor once in front of the chair to get the chair up on one leg so you can hobble around. Then click on the hotspot on the wall in the back of the room. It is a radiator or something sharp where you can cut your bonds. backtothetop.gif 1.65 K
  8. Q8: How do I get into the back room at the strip club? Answer
    A8:Talk to the dancer, until the bouncer walks right next to you, and then bolt to the revolving chair farthest from the door with the light above it. backtothetop.gif 1.65 K
  9. Q9: How do I get Bob to fix the KIA for me? Answer
    A9:Always talk to Hassan the snake guy next to the Peruvian woman's bug shop. Keep asking Hassan questions until he gets angry. He'll go off about that crazy guy Bullet Bob. Listen to what he says and set your conversation options to Users choice. Then go talk to bullet bob. Make sure you put him "on the machine" when the option becomes available to you. He'll offer to fix up your KIA for you. LET HIM DO IT. Remember...If you've played through the whole game before, you are going to get framed later in the game. Be very careful about what evidence you upload into the mainframe because it may come back to make you very unhappy later in the game!! backtothetop.gif 1.65 K
  10. Q10: How can I meet Tyrell & Rachael? Answer
    A10:In Act 2 search the Tyrell Building for Clues about the Rasta . When you go out to the Main Entrance talk with the Officer behind the Counter . Mc Coy asked for Tyrell and the Officer said that you must contact Rachael first by the Phone but he gives no Telephon Number . Go to the Police Station and talk to Guzza . He said that he will set up a Meeting with Tyrell and that you better get some good Questions for Tyrell . Get back to the Tyrell Building and Bingo , now you meet Rachael and a short Time Later Tyrell. backtothetop.gif 1.65 K
  11. Q11: How do I get the Marcus-DNA from the Tyrell building? Answer
    A11:Go to the computer console outside the anti-grav chamber and use it until he says "I couldn't even begin to guess the code" Then go to the Esper room, use the picture from the security camera and zoom in on the dog on the far left, his collar says "Rikki" go and use the computer at Tyrell again and you get the DNA backtothetop.gif 1.65 K
  12. Q12: Where do I find the Moonbus? Answer
    A12:Go into the sewers near your apartment. At the second sewer screen (has a bridge - not the bright green room with retractable bridge) Select the back doorway. once there, select the area immediately north-west from where you came in. After the area with the large fan, go left. You'll find it from there. backtothetop.gif 1.65 K
  13. Q13: Where do i get the fuel for the Moonbus? Answer
    A13:On the screen just before the moonbus (where Crystal's prone body is), look in the lower left hand corner. backtothetop.gif 1.65 K
  14. Q14: Where can I find the twins? Answer
    A14:You know the 4 way intersection in the sewers? The one with the chasm separating the right entrance from the other three exits? Go to the upper left of the screen through the round culvert. You will see a door marked "5" which leads to Chinatown. Forget that and go through the doorway on the right side. It takes you into a room with a big industrial elevator that goes down. Go down. This takes to you a sewer apartment often populated by a drunk lounging on the couch. You can go left or right from this room. If you go right, you will see the plank. backtothetop.gif 1.65 K
  15. Q15: How do I cross the plank in the sewers? Answer
    A15:When you try to cross a large rat will run out at you. Run back to the other side of the plank and shoot the rat when he gets close to you. His body should give the plank the support you need to cross over and meet the twins. backtothetop.gif 1.65 K
  16. Q16: How do I find the way to Tyrell´s office? Answer
    A16:You need to go to the door at the top of the sewer screen that leads to your apartment. You know how it's on the left of the four-way crossroads in the sewer? Anyway, at the sewer crossroads, head left into the area that leads to the manhole that leads to your apartment. In this area, head to the door at the top center of the screen, the one that never led anywhere up until now. At this point, you can go northwards (up) on the screen to get to the area that will take you to the Tyrell building. You can't call Guzza until the twins give you the dirt, and they wont' do that until you give them the DNA stuff from Tyrell's office. backtothetop.gif 1.65 K

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