Baldurs Gate 2: Shadows of Amn Walkthrough


By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:
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Baldurs Gate 2: Shadows of Amn Walkthrough

by Al Giovetti


  1. Introduction
  2. Irenicus Dungeon Level One (Map AR0602)
  3. Irenicus Dungeon, Level Two (AR0603)
  4. The area with Malaaq the Genie is a separate map area (AR0601)
  5. The Slums (AR0400)
  6. Waukeen Promenade (AR0700)
  7. The Slums (AR0400)
  8. List of Stronghold Quests:
  9. Non-Player Character Quests
  10. Slums Sewers (AR0404)
  11. Copper Coronet (AR0406)
  12. Slaver Stockade (AR0405)
  13. Planar Sphere
  14. The Docks (AR0300)
  15. AR0334 Cromwell's forge
  16. Baldurs Gate 2: Shadows of Amn Hints
  17. Baldurs Gate II (2): Shadows of Amn Cheats
  18. References
  19. Letters

    General Advise

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  1. Scrolls gained as treasure are scrambled so that you get a random scroll in encounters, chests, shelves, boxes, bags, and caches. Scrolls cannot be discussed since they are randomized so they will not be mentioned. Shops have the only fixed scrolls in the game.

    Irenicus Dungeon Level One (Map AR0602)

  2. The game starts with a two cut scenes the first is cinematic first person perspective and the second is top down. Once Irenicus (the evil mage) goes away, Imoen will come up to your character and open his cage. At this point control is given to the player.
  3. A room to the west (left of screen) of Bhaal spawn has a jailer golem, a table, a chest, and a trapped picture on the wall with items, including the key to Jaheira's cell, dagger +1, and three healing potions. Get these items. Don't forget to search for traps until the picture on the wall glows red, then un-trap the picture.
  4. Open Jaheira's jail cell and pick the right conversation options to get her in your party. Go up to Minsc and Boo, and get them to join your party by telling him you cannot find the key or the switch to get him out. Avoid insults in these conversations.
  5. Suitably equip your party with the stuff you obtained from the jailer golem room northwest (up and to the right on the screen) of the jail cells. Open the door to the room to the north of the jail cells. As with all rooms, examine everything. The only way out of this area is to the southwest (the bottom left of the screen).
  6. Set your artificial intelligence at this time to whatever style of play you like. We encourage you to experiment on the best options. This would be in the Character Record (press P hot key), customize (click on the panel) area. Examine and read all options carefully. If you're stuck here put everyone on standard attack except Imoen and put her on thief adventuring mode to search for traps.
  7. The first room you will come to down the southwest hallway past the shadow thief bodies is the lightning Mephits room. The machine in the center of the room will generate about six to eight Mephits until exhausted. You can stop the flow of Mephits from this machine by throwing the switch in the northeast portion of the room. Notice the two arrows shaped like a circle that indicates action. The game is dumb, because it will not move your character to the machine to activate it. You must move the character right next to the machine and then click on it when the circular arrows appear.
  8. Go northwest out of the room into the Aataqah the Genie's room. Answer that you will "press the button." Trying other answers leads to some funny conversation. Threaten the Genie and he will laugh and be delighted. Pressing the button will prompt the Genie to create an Ogre Mage, which has the best loot and experience of all choices. Examine the Genie's room a bit before going on.
  9. Go down the corridor to the west. At the crossroads, go left and into the glass bottle room. Five of these bottles will have beings in them that you cannot talk to until you retrieve the batteries from Rielev who is imprisoned in his own bottle further on down the winding corridors. Loot the boxes and barrels. One box is trapped. Un-trapping the box will give you more experience points than un-locking them. Make sure you get the short bow out of this room for Imoen and a quarterstaff +1 for Jaheira.
  10. Go back to the crossroads and continue straight into a room with a sewage golem. Talk to the golem and tell him you are the master and that you wish him to continue his duties. He will eventually tell you that he needs an activation stone, which is on a table near Rielev's bottle. Loot the table, cabinet and locked chest for more stuff. You get about 400 experience points for unlocking this chest. Be sure to get the Long Sword +1 from the table.
  11. Keep following the corridor around until you pass the door to the north with the two lesser golems, a kobald ambush, and open the next rectangular room with one bottle in it. This is Rielev's room. Talk with him. He will ask that you release him from life by taking his batteries. Get the loot from the table and the barrel in the back and return to the bottle room and talk to all the bottle life forms for hints about this dungeon.
  12. Also, activate the Sewage golem with the activation stone, and get him going on his way doing his duties. The sewage golem will open the doors to the Otyugh, which opens the way to the master's room and other areas. Save your game. Kill the two lesser golems for 4000 experience points before moving on.
  13. Go back to the crossroads where you found Rielev and go northwest, then follow the corridor around into another kobald trap. You will come to the library with lots of books to read. Some of the shelves will have potions and spells for Imoen to scribe. The library also has one Mephit and another group of kobalds.
  14. Go down the northwest corridor out of the library after looting it for stuff. Follow the corridor around to the Derugar dwarven smithy. These dwarves will have crossbows and bolts. Alsoi loot Ilyich's body for the Dryad's Acorns and Mail of the Dead +2. The table has some nice stuff here look in the table, the chest and the barrel for more stuff.
  15. Stop at the door and have Imoen attempt to pick the lock giving you information on the statue shaped impression near the door. Just southwest of the door you will find a trap so go slowly here. Disarm the trap. Leave your party here at the trap and have Imoen go south and click twice on the device in the room to the south. This will allow Cambion the deamon to get loose. Cambion will attack the thief. Retreat behind the wall of fighters and Cambion should die quickly. Loot Cambion and get the bastard sword +1.
  16. Backtrack now to one of the three locked doors, you have found. One was north of the jailer golem. One was northeast of Aataqah the Genie's room. The other was southeast of the library. Use one of these doors, which the golem opened to allow you into the Otyugh's room. The Otyugh is tough and has an essential item, the Wand of Frost Key on its body. You will need magic weapons to kill the Otyugh. Loot the three chests for a Helmet of Infravision, oil of speed and some healing potions.
  17. Going northeast from the Otyugh room, you will enter the master's bedroom. There are three traps in this room: the floor, and two bookcases. Disarm the traps and find the air elemental statue that opens the door northwest of the smithy, the wand of lightning key, helm of Balduran, and an amulet of metaspell influence for Imoen.
  18. Go southeast and talk with the dryads. Offer to take the Dryad's acorns to Vaelasa, the Fairy Queen, in the Faerie Grove in the southeast corner of the Windspear Hills Map for 9,500 experience points. When you actually return the acorns to the grove, Vaelasa will award you 32,500 experience points. These Dryads are the ones who have the genie bottle needed soon.
  19. Backtrack to the door with the air elemental depression near it. Open the door. Inside you will find a treasure location to the northwest and far to the north you will find a bunch of Mephits. To the north east of this Mephit platform you will find the bottle of Malaaq the Genie. Offer Malaaq his bottle in exchange for the item Irenicus took from you when you were captured.

    The area with Malaaq the Genie is a separate map area (AR0601)

  20. Return to the Dryads and talk to them to get the genie bottle. Take the genie bottle back to Malaaq, talk with him, and get Sarevok's +2, two-handed sword of Chaos and 15,000 experience points. Return to the Dryad grove and search southwest to find another bedroom loaded with traps. The floor near the door is trapped with three traps. The chest by the bed and the area in front of the chest is trapped. The chest is locked and trapped. The bedside table to the northwest is trapped and the table to the south is trapped. The only un-trapped item is the bookcase in the west.
  21. This chest in this room has the portal key needed to get to the next level. This room also has a pommel jewel used to construct a magical sword, bracers of defense for Imoen to give her some AC, and a potion of master thievery in the bookshelf. You might need the potion to open some cases since Imoen is a mage dual-classed to a thief.
  22. Once you have looted this room, you may want to go back to the jailer golem and kill him for an additional 5000 experience points. You cannot kill the sewer golem at this point. There are two portals off this level and onto the next, one is northwest of Irenicus' bedroom and the other is northeast of the jail cells. Either one goes to the same place.

    Irenicus Dungeon, Level Two (AR0603).

  23. You arrive on this map in the extreme southwest. You are immediately drawn into a conversation by Yoshimo, the Bounty Hunter. You should consider not incorporating him in your party at this time.
  24. Yoshimo is a traitor and traveling with him will be a problem. We do suggest that you take him with you into the Asylum later in the game. He will attack you in the asylum giving you a chance to take his heart to the temple of Ilmater for a 200,000-experience point quest. For now, we opted to get as much experience as possible into our main characters. Loot the box to the west before leaving the room.
  25. Within the next room, you will find four Mephit portals generating mephitis. The Mephits will continue to come as long as the mephitis within the cages are alive. Kill these Mephitis, and the Mephit threat is over. Many people conspired to keep the portals open as long as they could for maximum experience.
  26. Within this room is the dead body of Khalid. Do not insult Jaheira or she will leave your party forever. Jaheria is one of the four love interests of this game. If you are playing a male character, you have a chance to have three female lovers (Jaheira, Aerie, and Viconia deVir). Don't discard Jaheira so quickly by insulting Khalid, her newly deceased husband.
  27. The Mephit portal room is important for another reason. This is the point where you should have all six-wand keys after leaving. Lets review the six wands. The wand of lightning key is found in the chest in Irenicus' room. The wand of frost key is found on the Otyugh's body back on level one. The wand of fire key (chest), wand of cloud kill key (chest), and the wand of summoning (on the table) keys are in this room. The wand of missiles key is found on the clone in the room to the northwest.
  28. The room to the northwest leads to the cloning chamber. Within this room, you will find a shadow thief fighting with a clone. The clone is mad and there is no way to appease her. You will end up killing her and be sure to take the wand of missiles key. You should now have all six-wand keys. There is a fireball scroll in this room.
  29. Move on by taking the corridor to the north (top part) of the Mephit portal room. Kill the shadow thief and Mephit in the corridor. Go further down and deal with the kobald ambush. Follow the corridor around to the right. Open the door and look for the trap on the center of the bridge between the two doors.
  30. Before you open the door on the other side of the bridge, put all your people on ranged weapons (bows, crossbows, and slings) and turn off their AI (artificial intelligence) with the lamp like icon in the lower right hand corner of the game control panel.
  31. The entire next room, the wand room, has floor title depicting the wands on the columns to the north. Traversing the floor are two Duergar Dwarves and one Shadow Thief. You will need to keep your group from charging into the traps. Keep them in ranged fire. Quickly have Imoen go into the shadows and move up to the first column and click on it. As the enemies appear, target your group on them and kill them with arrows.
  32. The six columns in the north of the room are equipped with wands that correspond to the six keys. Detect traps will reveal the red trapped areas that extend diagonally from northwest to southeast across the room. Disarm all six traps and get the six wands with one charge each. The statue at the end of the room has a ring of protection +1.
  33. The five exits from the wand room include the door from which you entered the room. The other four exits are one on the long northwest wall and three on the long southeast wall. The northwest door leads to an encounter with three shadow thieves including a mage who are fighting a vampire named Ulvaryl. Killing Ulvaryl quickly after stunning her is a good move; try Chromatic Orb or one of your wands, such as the cloud kill wand. Use your thief mage, Imoen, to sneak into the room.
  34. The northernmost of the southwest corridors leads to two encounters with kobalds and Duergar. Watch out for the trapped chest. Search all the barrels, boxes and the table for more loot. Ranged weapons work well here. Move slowly and pick them off one at a time.
  35. The middle of the three southwest corridors leads to Frennedan who is locked in his room. Move into the room and speak to him. Tell him that he sounds too eager to escape and he will change from an old man to a small child. He is a very dangerous doppleganger.
  36. Search the room on your side of the locked door and un-trap the chest and the bookcase. Unlock the two chests near the door and look for the other box/chest on the other side of the room. Open the door to Frennedan's room and search it again. Inside his room watch out for the traps on the chest and search all the chests, tables, and bookcases along the wall for a ton of loot.
  37. The southernmost of the southwest corridors leads to an ambush to the south. The ambush is just beyond the open door where the floor changes from yellow to grey. Use Imoen to scout and move your group into the room ready to fight. After the vocal shadow knife finishes his little talk, two more will appear and attack with bows.
  38. Work your way out of the dungeon to the west. Continue southeast in the gray room, go down the stairs and follow the corridor to the northeast and out. This will take you to the Waukeen Promenade (AR0700), another cut scene (animated sequence).

    Waukeen Promenade (AR0700)

  39. When the game gives you control of your characters, loot the stuff on the ground and sell the excess stuff at Mira the Merchant at the orange and white striped pavilion to the southeast. Entering the round circus tent, directly to the south, will take you to a new area and a new adventure.
  40. Look at the game map (press M or click on the Map icon on the left screen control panel). Notice the names of all the places marked. You may want to investigate the promenade fully before moving on. The promenade will allow you to buy some equipment and put some on your want to buy list.
  41. The Mithrest Inn (AR0704) or the Den of the Seven Vales (AR0709), both found in the north, can be used to rest and memorize spells if needed.
  42. Decide if you want Aerie in your group. Aerie is a Lawful Good, Multi-Class Cleric/Mage, Elf Female, who is one of your possible love interests. There are three female love interests for male player characters: Jaheira, Aerie, and Viconia; and one male love interest, Anomen Delryn, for female player characters.
  43. Enge's Market (AR0713)
  44. Adventurer's Mart (AR0702) has some of the best equipment in the game.
  45. Arnolinus the Armorer and Perter the Fletcher (AR0706)
  46. Note the following areas, which are important later in the game:
  47. The ore merchant in the southwest is important in the Sir Sarles Temple of Helm quest later.
  48. Cernd's House (AR0708) is important in the Cernd's child quest later.
  49. Fennecia's Home (AR0710) is important in the Cernd's child quest later.
  50. Merchant (AR0707)
  51. Maheer is a storekeeper on the wooden platform in the southwest of the promenade. Maheer makes better instruments. With 2000 gold pieces, a diamond, and the silver horn of Valhalla, he can make the bronze horn of Valhalla, which can summon a level 9- berserker for once a day. With 5000gp, a bejuril gem, and the bronze horn of Valhalla, he can make an iron horn of Valhalla, which can summon a level 11- berserker once a day. The silver horn of Valhalla is found in a trapped chest inside the building to the north of the fish merchant in the northeast of the Bridge district.
  52. Aerie is found in the circus tent (AR0600) just south of where you enter the level. If you are evil Aerie will stick with you for a short time, but will leave if you continue to pursue the evil path in the game. Talk to Giran, the little boy standing to the west of the tent entrance, about his mother, and agree to find her for him. Talk to the guard and offer to help him with the tent problem.
  53. The first tent area (AR0600) you will encounter a Genie with a riddle. The correct answer is "the prince is 30 and the princess is 40," for 14,500 experience points. Continue to the northeast and kill the werewolves and illusions around the tent within a tent.
  54. Within the second tent (AR0604), you will find Aerie who looks like an Ogre. Agree to help Aerie and regain her sword from the two innocent looking peasants to the north. Reassure the spider to the northwest, Giran's mother Hanah, that her son is ok and waiting for her outside. Approach the two peasants who should now be to the east of the spider along the walk and they will attack. Kill them, get the sword, and return the sword to Aerie. Aerie will join your group now if you want her.
  55. Go north into the next area (AR0605) through the arch to the north. Kill the monsters and dispel the illusions with the cleric spell Dispel Magic or True Seeing. Go up the stairs and tell the Genie you are ready to go on.
  56. In the next area (AR0606), Kalah, the illusionist, should be killed quickly and Quayle, who is in the form of a green slime, should be protected. Once Kalah falls, the illusion is ended and you find yourself in the real tent (AR0607). Loot Kalah's dead body for a girdle of piercing, ring of human influence, and a bunch of scrolls. Talk to Hanah before leaving the tent and to Giran outside the tent for more experience.
  57. The Den of the Seven Vales, Second Floor (AR0712), has a group of four adventurers, including Amon the Mage and Pooky, his familiar. Do not fight them in the conversation. Get your characters setup. Save the game. Summon creatures. Move the creatures to surround Brennan Riesling the thief and tie him up. Put the bulk of your group in the south around the Amon and Pooky and kill them quickly. The loot will include war hammer +1, short sword +1, studded leather +1, ring of invisibility, hide armor, and cursed beserking sword +3.
  58. The Temple of Ilmater (AR0703)

    The Slums (AR0400)

  59. The game will prompt you to go to the slums (AR0400). You cannot go anywhere but the slums now. As soon as you enter the slums area, you will be confronted by Gaelan Bayle, a very entertaining fellow. Visiting Gaelan Bayle with Nalia de'Arnise in your group will have some interesting results.
  60. Gaelan Bayle takes you to his home (AR0311). Ask the right questions and Gaelan Bayle will tell you what your Stonghold quest is. Each character has a Stronghold quest that is linked to their profession. You may want to go immediately to secure your stronghold early in the game. So listen close to Gaelan Bayle.
  61. Outside Gaelan Bayles house is a boy named Brus who will ask you where you want to go. You will again have the option of being directed to your stronghold quest or to the Copper Coronet. You may want to go to the CC first to pick up some NPCs for your party. Each stronghold quest has a specific NPC that can be picked up during the quest so you may want to leave that sixth slot open for them.
  62. Upstairs at Gaelan Bayles house (AR0312), you will find Arledian who sells and buys goods for good prices. He also has a unique item, Glasses of ID, misc3p, which can identify three items per day indefinitely. These glasses are well worth the money.
  63. DO NOT return to Gaelan Bayles house with any money in your group over 20,000 gold pieces early on and 15,000 gold pieces later or he will force you into chapter three before you want to be in chapter three. You want to finish all the optional quests and stronghold quest in chapter two before you are pulled into the linear plotline of the game.

    Slums (0400)

    Copper Coronet (AR0406)

  64. The Copper Coronet is the single most important location on the map. Many party NPCs are found here. If you have installed the special edition downloads, one of the special vendors is here just to the east of the brazier. Many of the plotline, stronghold, and npc quests start here.
  65. The Copper Coronet is where most of the NPCs that can enter your party are located.
  66. The Copper Coronet is the location where the slaver quests start. Your first duty is to talk to Lehtinan and tell him you are interested in disposing of huge amounts of cash and that you are interested in his unusual entertainments. The northern areas of the Copper Coronet are locations for prostitutes, criminals, gladiatorial battles, and slave storage. Entering and exploring these areas will eventually lead to battles with the Copper Coronet guards.
  67. In the gladiatorial cells in the far north you will find Hendak, an imprisoned gladiator. Hendak will ask you to free the slaves and gladiators by getting the key. You have several choices and paths to get the key. Lehtinan has a key and the Beastmaster in the far east portion of the gladiator rings has a key. Kill the Beastmaster or return to Lehtinan and tell him of Hendak's escape attempt and get a key.
  68. Most good parties kill the Beastmaster and return to Hendak. The beastmaster has a nice bow and the keys to the gladiatorial cells. The beasts that the beast master tends will join in the fight with him.
  69. Lehtinan will ask you to kill Hendak. An evil character can kill Hendak and the slaver quest stops there. You can choose to doublecross Lehtinan and let Hendak go. Hendak will immediately walk straight to Lehtinan and kill him once released.
  70. Be sure to free the children to the east and west of Hendak's cell. Talk to each child for an additional 2500 experience points for each.
  71. If you choose to help Hendak, he will then tell you that the slum sewers lead to the slaver stockade. Hendak will ask you to clean out the other den of slavers in the stockade. If you accept, you can use the slum sewers to get to the stockade or just take a frontal assault by using a thief to open the door from the slums and go inside.
  72. There are some other notable characters in the Copper Coronet.
  73. Lord Jierdan Firkraag is near the bar area. Jierdan, who is really a red dragon in human form, wants you to come to Windspear Hills and help him with an Ogre problem. The quest is a trap and will eventually take you to the point of killing the dragon and his mage to save your honor. This is the paladin player character stronghold quest.
  74. Bernard is the innkeeper and bartender and he will buy and sell items, serve drinks and book rooms for rest in the coronet. Bernard is also a Harper. Bernard will figure prominently in the Harper quests and Jaheira quests. When Jaheira is poisoned, Bernard will help point the way to the culprit who poisoned her. When the party has to kill Galvarey, the docks district Harper hideout leader, Bernard will offer some consolation in that he is the only Harper believes Jaheira's version of the events. When you finish the slaver quests Hendak will take over the Copper Coronet and order Bernard to give the party item discounts.
  75. Romar and his young mistress are found near the prostitutes and the patron rooms in the northwest Copper Coronet, up the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs is Romar's wife. If you go find Romar and then tell his wife. Romar's wife will go upstairs and fight with the mistress. Most of the time the wife wins, and Romar goes home happy that she fought for him. If the mistress wins, she takes Romar to get married.
  76. Ungar Hilldark is found by the bar. Ungar is the Duergar merchant who deals in illithium that is required by Sir Sarles to craft a statue for the temple. You find out about Ungar when you go to Jerlia the ore merchant in the southeast portion of the promenade.
  77. Llynis the Dwarf is found in the northwest patron rooms in the backroom area of the Copper Coronet. Llynis has murdered Wellyn, a ten-year-old boy, and stolen his stuffed bear. If you go to the central portion of the graveyard (AR0800), where the headstones are, you will find Wellyn's grave. If its night, Wellyn's spirit is walking the graveyard because he cannot rest without his Lillbear. If its day, Wellyn's parents morn over the boys loss. You need to talk to the boy and the parents, before, and after you kill Llynis and return the bear to Wellyn so he can rest. You have the option of letting the Dwarf go, but don't you can loot his body and room for equipment to sell.
  78. There is an elf from Suldanesslar standing by the bar. Perhaps if you return after rescuing the city from Irenicus he will have a kind word for you.

    Slums Sewers (AR0404)

  79. The slums sewers are accessed from the secret north portion of the Copper Coronet. You get into this area by talking to Lehtinan and telling him that you are interested in disposing of large sums of gold. Then enter the door north of the corral area in the common room of the Copper Coronet. As you go down the hall two secret doors will be revealed on the north wall of the corridor on your way back to the cells for gladiators where Hendak is found. The second of these corridors leads to the steps down to the slums sewers.
  80. In the slums sewers your goal is to find the four items needed to solve Lilarcor the +3 two-handed talking sword quest. Lilarcor is a bit unhinged and when you talk to him, he sounds like Shay Addams, the old editor of Questbusters magazine and clue books popular from gaming of the 1980's. You need to match up four items with four pipes in slums sewers to get Lilarcor.
  81. The four items are a hand, a staff, a bottle of blood and ring. Vallah's hand is found by clicking on the sewer grate in the round shaped Otyugh room. The round room is south of the first corridor you enter from the Copper Coronet stairs. The Lover's ring is found on the two entwined skeletons hanging on the north wall of the dungeon at the intersection between the corridor that goes west to the Copper Coronet stairs and the corridor that goes northeast to the Myconid Room.

    The Myconid room (AR0418) has two myconids in it. Kill them.

  82. As you enter the sewer, the corridor goes south east from the stairs back up to the Copper Coronet. The first turn to the south goes to the hand otyugh room. The second turn to the south takes you further into the sewers through a door to a sewer that runs from the northeast to the southwest. A door which has been removed from its hinges forms a bridge across the sewer. This door bridge is trapped. To the northeast of the trapped door is a group of kobalds. The kobald shaman has the Shaman's staff.
  83. Southeast of the trapped door bridge is where you will meet the Hidden in Jan Jansen's child quest. Go back to the trapped door and continue southeast until you reach another crossroads. If you turn southwest you will run into a trap but the corridor continues around until you find man named Quallo and a Carrion Crawler who Quallo calls his friend.
  84. Question Quallo and find out about the clues. North and a little east of Quallo and his friend you will find a room with four pipes. If you click on the pipes they will give you the clues or hints Quallo mentioned. Return to Quallo and question him again about the riddle.
  85. Kill Quallo's friend, the carrion crawler, and take his blood. Now you should have Vallah's hand, Lover's ring, Shaman's staff, and Blood of Quallo's friend. Go back to the pipes and click on them in this order: pipe three, pipe one, pipe two, and pipe four. (The pipes are numbered in ascending numerical order from left to right.)
  86. In the far southeast of the slums sewers you will find a short corridor going southeast to a stairway to the Slaver Stockade.

    Slaver Stockade (AR0405)

  87. The slaver stockade is filled with traps to disarm, children to set free for 2500 experience each, thieves, slavers, trolls, and Yuan-Ti. If you enter from the sewers, you are on the east central portion of the map in the rear entrance room. In this room, fight with Captain Haegan and several of his men. Loot the corpses for Haegan's key and Telbar's +2 studded leather. Gems are in the chests and disarm the trap by the stairs.
  88. Go northeast and save the children from the trolls. Then go northwest and fight the pirates in the corridor. You must have Haegan's key to open the two central cells and talk to the children to set them free and get the extra experience points. Keep going northwest slowly. The next room has doors to the northeast and southwest. You want to send out your thief and bait the Yuan-Ti to walk one at a time into a ranged attack by your men staged in the corridor between the cells.
  89. The room southwest of the Yuan-Ti room seems to be the "living room" of the ship where many pirates are congregating, including two dangerous spell casters. Take the spell casters out first. You can again use your thief to bait the melee fighters and rogues out of the room. The spell casters will cast spells and stand where they are, wasting their magic.
  90. Disarm the trapped chest in the Yuan-Ti room, the west central storage area and hallway and the living area. Disarm the trap on the stairs down to the front of the ship in the south. Two more men should be in this area. Disarm the trapped shelf in the southeast. The southeast also holds the front door from the slums area. A guard is outside this door. You may want to exit and re-enter the slaver stockade. The guard should follow where you can kill him indoors.
  91. Return to Hendak for further thanks for killing off additional slavers. The only other slavers are those in the slaver lords in the large mansion (AR0906) at the east-center of the temple district (AR0900). This is a tough fight but makes a wonderful base of operations with tons of storage and loot spread over two floors (AR0907). You may want to wait before taking on these powerful slavers.

    Planar Sphere (AR0411)

  92. The planar sphere cannot be entered unless you have Valygar Corthala in your party. The blood flowing in his veins is the key to opening the door. Valygar is an important part of the Wizard, Mage, and Sorcerer player character stronghold quest.
  93. You can get the quest by walking close to the entrance to the Council of Six Building (AR1002) in the Government District (AR1000). Madeen will approach you and ask you to speak with Tolgerias, a cowled wizard found within the Council of Six Building. Tolgerias will give you the task of tracking down a murderer of cowled wizards named Valygar Corthala, the last decendent of a wealthy family of the city.
  94. Valygar Corthala's house is found in the Docks (AR0300) just to the west of the temple of Oghma in the first row of houses south of the entrance to the district. On the first floor (AR0325), after you talk with Tolgerias and accept the assignment, you will find Valygar's manservant who will have a different story concerning the events surrounding the Valygar “murders.” You will also get hints that Valygar is at his ranger cabin in the Umar Hills area (AR1100).
  95. Valygar is easily found in his bedroom in his cabin (AR1101) in the northwest corner of Umar hills (AR1100). You will need to believe Valygar's story to get him to join your party. You can then take Valygar to Tolgerias at the Council of Six Building in the Government district. Confront Tolgerias with his deception, and Tolgerias will gate out of the Council of Six Building. You can then go to the Slums district and enter the Planar Sphere.
  96. Once you enter the sphere you find your self on a walkway suspended in darkness with a closed door in front of you. Get your party close to the door and click on it. When the door opens into the first of a series of spherical rooms connected by walkways.
  97. The first room has four doors in the northwest, southeast, northeast and southwest. The door you entered is to the southeast. The southwest door leads to a room with some golems, three chests and a piece of machinery that hold items. Make sure you get the coal, golem arm and the planar key before moving on.
  98. The northeast room holds a view of the landscape that you are over at the time. Right now the sphere is over the slums district of the city. Later in this part of the game the sphere will shift to a portion of hell.
  99. The northwest room holds three Solemnic knights from the Dragonlance world that have been trapped in this sphere for a long time by Lavok Corthala, Valygar's “evil” necromancer ancestor. Speak to the Solemnic knights (Rayna and others). The knights warn you of the dangers in the circular rooms to the north and to the west of their room.
  100. Its best to just send one member of your party north and get the monsters to follow your one character south to an ambush you have set up in the Solemnic knights' room. Not only can you take the Sahuagin on one at a time, but also the Solemnic knights will help with the battle. A cloak of protection +1 is found in the Sahuagin area. Once you clear the Sahuagin room to the north, go on to the west area.
  101. The area west of the Solemnic knights' room is loaded with very powerful halflings. The magic users can cause you to loose a party member. Save your game and try to bait one halfling at a time into the Solemnic Knights' room and save after each encounter.
  102. The halfling area first goes west then turns northwest and finally turns north. There is a door into another spherical area at the other end of the halfling area, just after it turns north. The halflings Entu, Togan, and Necre have on their bodies Coal, gauntlets of ogre power, ripper +2 and stiletto of Demarchness. The gauntlets of ogre power can be used to make the hammer of t-bolts later in the game at Cromwell's (AR0334) so make sure you pick them up and keep them safe.
  103. The circular room north of the halfling area is the golem room complete with the machine that will make the golem and on the table opposite the golem machine you will find the golem building book and some coal. North of the golem room is the furnace room. East of the golem room is the floor icon puzzle room.
  104. Go north to the furnace room and get close to the front of each furnace and click on them one at a time. For each coal that your party has, each of the three furnaces will light and release a hostile flame or lava golem. You should have three coals: one for each furnace. The two doors leading east from the furnace room to the gear room are trapped, be careful to look for traps and disarm them with your thief.
  105. The locked area west of the central gear with the wheel on it holds the golem head and more coal. Bring the golem head back and now click on the golem machine two times to attach the head and the arm. The golem should come to life and immediately run east through the floor icon puzzle room into the beholder room where it will fight and defeat an elder orb. If you can damage the orb enough you can share in the kill and experience.
  106. Going northeast will take you to the navigation room (AR0410) and Lavok. Don't go to the northeast yet. Save your game. When you go to the northeast there will be a big battle with Lavok.
  107. Lavok is a powerful necromancer, who can kill or imprison your party members so kill him quick. Listen to his story and agree to help him. Lavok is a reformed evildoer. Search south of Lavok to find 3000 gold pieces, two diamonds, and a ring of actuity on Lavok's body.
  108. Going west from Lavok's room you find the forest (AR0419) with a sling +2 and a quarterstaff +1 hidden in the tree stump. Going northwest from Lavok's room you will find a bunch of lizardmen and some loot inside the machine to the north: 350 gold pieces, protector of the second, battle axe +2, and ninja-to +1.
  109. Return to the icon puzzle on the floor and click on the icons in a north, south, east and west order to open the door to the south which leads to an ambush by three mages lead by Tolgeris.
  110. In the Tolgeris ambush room (AR0412), you will find a ring of the ram on Tolgeris' body. Click on the frost to the north to reveal a door in to the frost or ice room. The door to the northeast leads to the fire room. There are several traps to be found in the ice and fire rooms. In the center of the frost room you will find a cache with a helmet of defense. In the center of the ice room you will find two caches with a shield +1, +4 vs.missiles.
  111. The doors to the north out of the frost and fire rooms go to the power core (AR0413). The power core is a large area of walkways with a power golem in the north central portion. In the far northeast is a trapped cache with a ring of danger sense, 6666 gold pieces, and one kings' tear.
  112. Backtrack your party to the entrance to the sphere, the door that used to lead to the slums district now leads to hell (AR0414), an area with several demons who have what you need a demon heart to power up the planar sphere for the trip back to the slums. Search the place and find the three Tanar'ri, each with a demon heart. In the center of the hell area, there is found the level boss a Tanar'ri named Lea'liyl. Lea'liyl also has a demon heart.
  113. Take the demon heart back to the demon core and click on the power golem after killing the other golems who inhabit the place. The planar sphere will now shift back to the slums. Return to Lavok and take him outside to view the sky above the slums on his own world for one more time and you have completed this subquest.
  114. If you are a wizard, mage, or sorcerer, Lavok will turn the planar sphere over to you as your stronghold. If you are not a wizard, mage or sorcerer, Lavok will turn the sphere over to Valygar. If the sphere becomes your stronghold you will be allowed to save the Solemnic knights and have cowled wizard apprentices in your stonghold. If not the Solemnic knights will leave the sphere to adventure in the forgotten realms.

    The Docks (AR0300)

    House list

  115. The docks have two rows of buildings. The first row just south of the entrance to the district starts on the northwest corner with the shadow thief guildhall (AR0305). On the second floor of the guildhall (AR0306) you will find Renal Bloodscalp who will offer you the Mae'Var quest. You can also practice un-trapping and unlocking chests here and get some good loot.
  116. To the east of the shadow thief guildhall is Prebek's home (AR0407), which figures prominently in the Xzar's quest for Montaron in the Harper hall, shown on the map as the Galvarey Estate (AR0308), in the far southwest corner of the docks.
  117. East of Prebek's and Sanasha's home is Valygar's home (AR0325). After receiving the quest to track down Valygar the murderer and find his manservant here. Search the second floor of the home (AR0326) and find a tax document for a home in the Umar hills area.
  118. East of Valygar's home is the temple of Oghma (AR0319).
  119. East of the temple of oghma is the safe house for the third Paladin stronghold duties test. East of the safe house is the guardhouse (AR0332).
  120. East of the guardhouse is the second part of the guardhouse (AR0333).
  121. East of the second half of the guardhouse is the entrance to the real thieves guild.
  122. The second row of buildings start with the Galvary estate (AR0308) mentioned above. The party will have a random encounter where a harper will ask them to return him to the Galvary estate in the docks. After that task is completed, Xzar will appear at the bottom of the stairs just in front of the Seas' Bounty Tavern. Xzar will ask you to enter the Harper hall and search for his friend Montaron. Upon speaking to the Harpers and asking about the hall, the harpers will give you a task to kill the evil mages in Prebek's home to gain entry to the harper hall. Once inside the clues to Montaron lead you to the harper bird on the second floor of the Harper hall. Return with the bird to Xzar to complete the quest. After the quest is over you can find Montaron's body hidden in one of the chests in the Galvary estate on the second floor.
  123. Northeast of the Galvary estate is Rayic Gethra's home (AR0302). Rayic Gethra is a cowled wizard that Edwin wishes you to kill. On the first level of Rayic Gethra's home you will find periapts. On the second level of Rayic Gethra's home you will find golems. The wizard Rayic Gethra is found on the third floor.
  124. Northeast of Rayic Gethra's home is the Sea's Bounty tavern (AR0313). At some point you will enter the Seas' Bounty and Ployer will appear with two mages dressed in black and green and poison Jaheira. You will then have to go to the Copper Coronet in the slums and talk to Bernard. Then go to the Council of the six building in the government district and talk to Corneil about the black and green wizards. If you pay the wizards to stay out of it and then kill the wizard quickly just outside the council of the six you will get the most experience from this quest when you confront Ployer in his house in the slums.
  125. East of the sea's Bounty tavern is the locked house of Kangaxx's Tomb and quest (AR0330). Kangaxx is a long dead lich who wishes you to return his lost body parts to him. His arms and legs can only be found if you accept the Cult of the Unseeing Eye quest in the temple district and journey to the sewers below the temples for the arms and the legs. The golden torso is found in the basement of one of the houses in the bridge district. Each of these tombs is guarded by liches. Return the torso and the arms and legs and Kangaxx reassembles himself and will fight the group. This is one of the toughest fights in the game.
  126. East of Kangaxx house is Mae'Var's thieves' guild (AR0302). This is the site of the thieves' stronghold quest, which started with Renal Bloodscalp. Take Renal's note to the storekeeper front for the guildhall to start the quest. The storekeeper will send you to Mae'Var in the basement of the guildhall.
  127. Mae'Var will send you to the Talos temple to steal the amulet of the weathermistress when she is sleeping if your reputation is good enough. If not you will be sent to the morninglord's temple to steal an item from a chest. If you are going to the Talos temple wait for night for the weathermistress to go to sleep then un-trap and unlock the chest to get the amulet. In the case of the morning lord wait for the guards to move away from the chest then hide and steal the item. In both cases the idea is NOT to get caught.
  128. For the second task Mae'Var will send you to Edwin on the third floor of the thieves guild. Edwin will ask you to kill Rayic Gethras at his house in the docks. When the door to his house is open, this means Rayic is home. Kill Rayic and return to Edwin.
  129. Unlock and un-trap all of the boxes on the second floor of the thieves' guildhall before completing the quest if you are a thief working on your stronghold. Once you succeed in your quest you will not be able to go back to do it. The training room holds much gold, a short sword +2, buckler +1, and studded leather armor +1.
  130. For your third task, Edwin tells you to retrieve documents from Marcus on the first floor in the Seas' Bounty tavern. Just threaten Marcus and he will give you the documents. Edwin will send you to Mae'Var.
  131. Mae'Var wants you to kill Embarl, who is on the second floor of the Seas' Bounty tavern. Listen to what Embarl says. Take Embarl's dagger and let him flee the city. Return with the dagger to Mae'Var. Mae'Var will send you once more to Edwin.
  132. Edwin will join your group and he has the key in his inventory that opens the strongbox in Mae'Var's bedroom. Get the Mae'Var's letter and the boots of stealth in the strongbox that show in Mae'Var's hand the plot to kill Renal. Return to Renal with this evidence and get the quest to kill Mae'Var. Return to Mae'Var's guildhouse and clean the place out. Return to Renal for the reward, a short sword of backstabbing +3.
  133. East of Mae'Var's thieves' guild is Cromwell's home (AR0334). Cromwell can make many things if you bring him the right artifacts.
    • Ankheg Plate Mail (plat06): 5000 gold pieces and an ankheg shell (misc12) from the Windspear Hills
    • Black Dragon Scale (leat19): 5000 gold pieces and black dragon scales (scaleb) from Thezll'ssillyia: The Shadow Dragon in the shade lord dungeon under Umar hills and from Nizidramanii'yt, the black dragon near Suldanesslar Area
    • Red Dragon Scale (plat18): 5000 gold pieces and red dragon scales (scaler) from Firkraag in the Domain of the Dragon under Windspear hills
    • Wave Halberd +4 (halb09): 7500 gold pieces, the waveshaft (halb09a) from the body of the astral prizon warden and the wave blade (halb09b) from Villynaty's body in Sahaugin City -- Use a thief to steal the wave blade after saving game and you will not have to kill the Sahaugin prince.
    • Equilizer Sword (sw1h54): 7,500 gold pieces, the pommel gem (sw1h54c) of the equalizer in irenicus bedroom in the irenicus dungeon level one, hilt of the equalizer (sw1h54a) in the mindflayer dungeon in the underdark on the table near the cells, and the blade of the equalizer (sw1h54b) in the beholder dungeon in the underdark on an Elder Orb's body.
    • Gesen Bow +3 (bow19), 7,500 gold pieces, Gesen Shaft (bow19a) from the rune assassins body in the tanner shop when you solve the flaying murders in the bridge district, and gesen string (bow19b) in the chest in the picture rooms in the far north east of the asylum upper dungeon
    • Vorpal Sword (sw2h15): 7,500 gold pieces, the silver blade (misc8u) will be given to you by Saemon when you defeat Desharik prior to leaving Brynnlaw on the way to Sahuagin City, and the silver hilt (sw2h15a) is on the group of Gilthanki that attack the party shortly after they return to the city after leaving the underdark. The party are seeking the silver blade. You have the option of giving them the blade or killing them and getting the silver hilt for the sword.
    • Crom Faeyr +4 (hamm09): 10,000 gold pieces, the gauntlets of ogre power (brac06) from Entu's body near halfling town area in planar sphere, hammer of thunderbolts +3 (hamm07) from the westernmost room of the mind flayer lair in the temple sewers, girdle of frost giant's strength (belt08) off the Demon Knight's Body in the Kuo Toan Dungeon in the Demigorgon altar room, and the hammer of t-bold scroll from the shadow dragon in ths shade lord dungeon.

    Temple district

  134. Get the real illithium (misc5k) and use it to upgrade your mace of disruption +1 (blun12) to a mace of disruption +2 (blun25). Then go back and buy the "fake" stuff and take it to the "artist." He will have a fit and leave but then go to the temple and guess what? They like the "fake" stuff just as well and you get the rewards anyway.

    Spellhold lower level

  135. The token machine. Here is where you get to use all those tokens. The Boots of Speed (with tokens) * Boots of Grounding (with tokens) * Boots of Speed (tokens) * Jester Chain (tokens) * Gesens Bow String

    Spellhold upper level* Blade of the North (lvl 2,open one of the doors with the portraits on in, then kill the mindflayer that holds it * Bag of Holding * 3 seemingly normal gems (needed for Doomplate further on) * A Rogue Stone * Dusty Rose Ioun Stone (complete the riddle with the statues) * Ring of Regeneration (complete riddle of feminine statue) * Doomplate +3 (gather 3 gems scattered over the lvl and get them to the portal in the north and, whack the ****ers that come out, next a djinni will give it to ya) * Ring of Free Action (on lvl 2, click the book on the pedestral 5 times and kill the enemies that spawn out after every click) * Katana +2: Malakar: open another of the portraited doors on lvl 2 * Then, when the weirdo starts to ask Q's, always answer 'good things', then solve the different riddle he has, you'll teleport to different rooms: in one room you get to kill a giant troll and 2 normal trolls, take the giant's head to the altar in the back of the room and put it in, youll get Club Bonecrusher +3, then afterwards in a room with 4 ppl sitting, solve their riddles BUT FIRST SEARCH THE TABLE in the middle, youll find a Cloak of Reflection (protects against Electricity) When near to escaping from the asylum, dont forget to search irenicus' room on the level with the cells, where you got in.

List of Stronghold Quests:

True class includes all subclasses

  • We recommend that you encorporate the stonghold quest associated NPC into your party for the quest. His or her special talents will be needed in the quest. This is not a requirement for completion however.

    Non-Player Character Party Member Quests

  • Many of the non-player characters (NPCs) have quests associated with them. By bringing them into your party, these quests can be resolved. You receive satisfaction at having helped your friend with a problem.
  • Aerie, a lawful Good Avariel Elf Multi-Class Cleric Mage, is found in the Circus Tent in Waukeens Promenade. Aerie will join your party after you return your sword to her. She is a love object quest for a male player character who needs a lot of patience, and careing. You cannot be afraid to express your love and affection to Aerie. Aerie's quest is to rescue her mentor, Quayle, from Kalah, a crazed gnome illusionist. If Aerie is kidnapped by Bodhi the vampire during your attack on Bodhi's dungeon. Kill Bodhi and get her heart. Read the books in Bodhi's dungeon. The books tell you to take Bodhi's black heart and Aerie's body to the Temple of the Annunciator. Find the statue on the first floor with the outstreatched arms "as if they are waiting for something." Put Aerie's body and Bodhi's heart in the statue to restore Aerie. After you make love to Aerie, she will give you an ultimatum. She will tell you she has to leave and grow before committing herself to you. You can let her go, tell her to stay for the good of the party, or delay her by telling her to wait for a better time. If she leaves, she leaves for good and will not return.
  • Anomen Delryn is a lawful neutral human male fighter dual-classed to a cleric. Anomen is primarily a cleric. Anomen wishes to rise to knighthood in the Order of the Radiant Heart. Anomen's father is a drunk and blames all his problems on Saerk Farrahd who has an estate in the Bridge district. Anomen can be added to your good aligned party from his postion in the common area of the Copper Coronet. Anomen's sister is murdered about ten days after Anomen joins your party. If you encourage Anomen NOT to seek vengeance but to let the authorities handle it, he will pass his test for knighthood. Also this encouragement must be made when Anomen's father summons him, talks to him, and when Anomen seeks the Council of Six to ask for justice for his sister. Anomen cannot go into the Saerk Farrahd estate either before or after he is awarded knighthood or he will not be a knight in the Order of the Radient Heart. After 15 days and a reputation of 19, Anomen will be asked to attend the trial of knighthood. The prelate awards Anomen's knighthood and then he must speak to Sir Ryan Trawl. Anomen becomes lawful good and gets a boost to 16 wisdom from the successful completion of the quest. If Anomen fails the test he becomes surley and more evil. I assume that if you have not completed the Order of the Radiant Heart Quest, you will be asked to at this time. If you play a female player character, Anomen will leave and go to the Saerk Farrahd estate in the Bridge district. You must rescue him by going into the house using the upper door, at the top of the long staircase. You must help Anomen or he will die in the battle and be lost to you.
  • Cernd is a true neutral human male shapeshifter. Cernd is really one mixed up puppy. You get him into your group by talking with Mayor Logan and agreeing to escort him to his task and assist him with it. After the Druid Grove quest, return with Cernd to the Waukeen Promenade. Igarol, an ex-neighbor of Cernd and his wife Galia, when they lived in Waukeen Promenade. Igarol will rebuke Cernd and chastise him about his treatment of his wife and his unborn son. Igarol tells Cernd to go look at the state his old home is in. When Cernd arrives at his home, Catis is squatting there. Catis also rebukes Cernd for his treatment of Galia and his son. Catis sends Cernd to Fennicia at Fennicia's house, also in Waukeens Promenade. Fennicia refuses to talk to you with Cernd in the room, so send him outside alone and continue to talk to Fennicia. Fennicia reveals that Galia died months ago from abuse from the noble Deril, who lives in the southern part of the Government district. Fennicia says Deril is cruel and has Cernd's son. Cernd has the option to bring in the guards, threaten or fight Deril. If you threaten, Deril gives Cernd the child who he takes to the druid grove you have liberated previously.
  • Edwin Odesseiron is a lawful evil human male conjurer. Edwin will join your party after you complete the Mae'Var Guildhall quest given to you by Renal Bloodscalp. See the Thief Stronghold quest information above. In order to get Edwin to stay with your party you need to be evil or neutral and answer questions asked in conversations as an evil character would. After Edwin joins your group, get Korgan Bloodaxe and go into The Southern Chamber (AR0802). At the crossroads where you can go east or south, go east and catch Neviziah the vampire who has the Nether Scroll. Edwin will tell you that he looted the scroll and will investigate it. Your response should be that he can have the scroll for the good of the group. Several days later Edwin will tell you that he solved the scroll. You should immediately talk to Edwin and he will cast the spell from the scroll and turn himself into a female wizardess. The comments from this point are rather funny.
  • Imoen is a neutral good human mage dual-classed to a thief. Imoen is primarily a thief. Imoen is the first NPC to join your party in Irenicus Dungeon after the initial animation and cut scene. Imoen also leaves you from the beginning of Waukeens Promenade to the Beginning of the lower asylum dungeon. Imoen's quest it the entire main plot of the game.
  • Jaheira, a true neutral half-elf female fighter/druid, is another love interest for a male player character and the object of a very complex quest that is intertwined with your love interest quest. Jaheira is found in a cage north of your player character at the start of the game. If you get the key from the jailer golem and do not insult Jaheira or Khalid her dead husband, she is yours forever. Start the romance with Jaheira by going to the docks area to the shop near Valygar's home. The shopkeeper will suggest that you buy an amulet for Jaheira. Walking to the shop area with Jaheira will start this event. Some say walking up to the shopkeeper with Jaheira and your main character while leaving the others closeby is necessary. A number of random events culminate in the attempted imprisonment and murder of your player character which Jaheira cannot allow. At some time Meronia will approach the party starting the main plotline for the Jaheira quest. Jaheira will leave you until your party rests one time, then she will return and request that you accompany her to the guildhall. Galvarey, the guild hall leader, will attempt to frame your player character for all the evil in the area. Jaheira will deny this allegation. A fight will ensue and the harpers will die. From then on an escalation of attacks on the players will result in them being attacked by ever stonger groups of assassins. In these fights you can stand down and refuse to attack first and when they attack, you will be assisted by the local militia who will kill the harpers or be killed by them. You can also assist the town guards and help kill the assassins. Eventually Dermin Courtierdale will come to find Jaheira and ask her side of the story. The harpers continue to condemn her actions and eventually condemn her to death. The harpers refuse to listen to her side of the story. Jaheira is given the option of turning herself in rather than endure the attacks but I have seen no way to do this as yet. Mixed into these attacks are two other rather random events. Bandits attack your group and the player character if male needs to repeatedly offer himself as hostage in place of Jaheira. Another related quest is the random encounter with thugs who have poisoned Renfeld, a harper. Renfeld requests that you return him to Rylock, the guard for the harper hideout, which is the Galvarey Estate in the docks district. Upon returning Renfeld to the Harper hideout, you will find Xzar in red near the southernmost point of the western stone stair. Xzar wants you to break into the hideout and get his friend Montaron out of the Harper hide out. To gain admittance the Harpers want you to kill Prebek, see Prebek's house on the docks map, and his friends. When you get in, the long elaborate story is that Montaron was turned into the harper bird to punish him for tresspass. You get the harper amulet to gain admittance to the second floor, return the bird to Xzar, the bird transforms into a harper, the harper kills Xzar and thanks the party for the help. This confuses Jaheira no end. Later you gain access to the Harper hideout and find the body of Montaron in a chest in the room to the east of the cage where you found the harper bird. Perhaps you should take the body of Montaron to the authorities?
  • Jan Jansen is a chaotic Neutral male gnome multi-class illusionist thief. Jan is selling turnips in the south portion of the park in the government district. Engage Jan in a conversation and the tax man will come and interrupt. Later the tax man will ask you what you were discussing with Jan. Say you were discussing the weather and Jan will come back and offer to join your party. Some time after joining your party (in my case 15 days) Jan will get a message about Lissa's daughter, Jaella, who is sick in the mind because of the treatment she received from Lissa's husband Vaelag. Vaelag beats both Lissa and Jaella. Lissa was Jan's old sweatheart, and they were betrothed until Lissa met Vealag. Jan will stay with Lissa and Jaella who are in the second floor of the Jansen home while you find the cure. First you must talk to Uncle Gerhardt Jansen who is in the basement of the Jansen home. Gerhardt will send you to find the Hidden by talking with Lady Jysstev at her estate in the south part of the government district. Lady Jysstev will set you up with a meeting with the Hidden in the western part of the slums sewers (AR0404). The Hidden will only heal Jaella if the party kills two of his enemies. The Hidden sends you to the proprietor of the Sea's Bounty in the docks district. You are to tell the proprietor that you are a seeker. The proprietor, named Thumb, will send you to the second floor of the Five Flagons inn (AR0511) where you will find two githyanki in the southeast of the four rooms. A fight will ensue and you will kill them. Return to the Hidden and he will reveal he is really an illithid (mind flayer) who has healed the child already. Vaelag comes to get Jaella and Lissa after your party heals them. Lissa protests that Vaelag has changed. When you see Vaelag on the first floor of the Jansen home, a fight almost breaks out. Jan asks you to support him should the time ever come where Vaelag hurts Lissa or Jaella again.
  • Keldorn Firecam is a lawful good human male inquisitor. Keldorn appears in the temple sewers in front of the entrance to the followers of the unseeing eye when you accept the Unseeing eye quest from one of the temples. Keldorn will return to the Order of the Radiant Heart in the barracks area in the north of the building when released temporarily from your service. Keldorn's Quest following the Unseeing Eye quest which he volunteers to help you with concerns his family. Upon the first time you enter the government district, Keldorn will ask you if you mind stopping by his home and meeting his wife and children. Be real careful with this quest, some have found it to be bugged. Save before entering Keldorn's house. The object in the quest is to go to the MIthrest Inn in Waukeen plaza and speak with Sir William Thorpe who is in the north part of the common room. Thorpe recommends that Keldorn spend more time with his wife and family. If Keldorn does not kill him and returns to his wife, he will spend more time with her and the quest is completed for about 15500 experience points.
  • Korgan Bloodaxe is a chaotic evil dwarf male beserker. Korgan can be found near the south side of the common room of the Copper Coronet and will return there after dismissal from the group. Korgan will only join your group after the book quest as a mercinary for a fee of 500 gold pieces. Korgan wishes to retrieve a rare and valuable book from the Southern Tomb under the graveyard. Let Korgan tell you about his quest and he will join your group to go retrieve the book from the tomb. See the Edwin Odesseiron quest above. Do not go to the tomb without Edwin Odesseiron in your party or you will never be able to complete the Nether Scroll quest. When Korgan gets to the far south portion of the southern tomb he will start telling you that the tomb has been looted and that Shagbag, a former companion of his, has probably robbed him of his prize. Korgan will then suggest that you go to the Pimlico estate in the Temple district to see if Shagbag has taken the book there. When you get to the Pimlico estate the book is not there and the people in the estate are slaughtered. Korgan says that Shagbag did it and is probably celebrating on the roof of the Copper Coronet in the slums. When you get to the roof Korgan and Shagbag have a talk and then the fighting starts. Shagbag has the book, which you are free to sell to any vendor who will take it.
  • Nalia de'Arnise is a neutral good human theif dual-classed to a mage. Nalia is primarily a mage. You will need another thief in your party. Nalia does not replace Imoen. Nalia forces herself on your party, the first time they enter the Copper Coronet. Nalia needs help with trolls who have overrun her keep. Talking with Nalia will open up the de'Arnise keep area. In order to get to the keep or the countryside for the first time, go to the gate district first. Then you can go to the other areas in the countryside. After you clear the keep of trolls you find out that they may have been hired by Isaea Roenal, who is Nalia's betrothed. Nalia despises Isaea. The trouble starts shortly after Nalia's fathers funeral when Isaea, who is an officer in the town guard siezes Nalia with the help of several millitiamen. Shortly after the abduction Khellor Ahmson shows up and advises that Isaea is not the man he seems to be. Khellor says that his crooked ways will surface after you examine Barg in the Docks district and find the journal of his gem smuggling in Isaea Roenal's house in the government district. Barg is found at the southern foot of the western stairs in the docks district (AR0300, 2384, 2510). Befrending Barg and asking him to help you get a job will land you the name of the slaver contact Officer Dirth in the Seas Bounty, first floor. Talk to Dirth and he will attack you allowing you to take the Isaea Slave Document from him. Break into Isaea Roenal's house and get Isaea's Journal and report back to Corgeig Axehand in the Council of Six building in Government district. Tell Corgeig all three items and he will return Nalia to you.
  • Viconia deVir is a neutral evil female drow cleric. Viconia will originally join your group in front of the jail in the government district. Viconia is being burned at the steak. The party needs to get very close to the steak and click on it twice to release Viconia and then fight with the finatics to free her. Accepting Viconia in your party immediately drains your reputation by two points. Releasing Viconia from your service permanently or for a short time returns two points of reputation. If Viconia leaves your party temporarily she can be asked to wait for you anywhere or return to the graveyard to be picked up when needed later. If you are good but want Viconia in your party, take her out before all major discussions and put her back in just after them. She will leave if you keep making good conversation choices. Also, if you have Keldorn in the same party with Viconia, he will eventually challenge her to a fight. Keldorn will kill Viconia if you are not careful or vice versa.
  • Yoshimo is a true netral human male bounty hunter. You can pick up Yoshimo in Irenicus Dungeon as you exit the portal from level one to level two. Later you can pick up Yoshimo in the Copper Coronet. Yoshimo is a traitor in the employ of Irenicus. Yoshimo's quest is to slip sleep potion into the party's food before going to the Asylum and ambush them when they try to break out. When you kill Yoshimo he will ask you to take his heart to a temple of Ilmater for a reward of 200,000 experience points.


    1. The rules pack for level 20 to level 50 characters for those who use the experience cap remover. It's avalible for download at and on ShadowStriders page.
    2. Baldurs Gate Dungeon
    3. Game Banshee Quests


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