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By Al Giovetti
Price: $20 - $50
Genre: sports
Developer: Arc Development (Brittain)
Lead Artist:
Publisher: Gametek
Phone: 415-289-0220
Requirements: 486 DX4, 100 MHz, 16 MB RAM, SVGA graphics, Windows 95 or 3.1, mouse, Sound Blaster compatible

Art of Fly Fishing


Sierra's Trophy Bass series has put fishing games on the map. People are actually considering the purchase of a fishing game and for good reason. The game sold so well Sierra came out with a sequel in the early part of 1997.

Company Line

Experience the complex and exciting sport of Fly Fishing on the finest native trout rivers in the British Isles! Learn and practice the knowledge and techniques of the masters of Fly Fishing. Become familiar with the habitats, weather patterns, river dynamics, and fish behaviors in specific rivers and exclusive fly fishing locales.

This game gives you the unique opportunity to fish three of the best and most exclusive rivers in the British Isles. The Test is home to the elusive brown trout, the Test is one of the finest chalk streams in the world. Some of the largest trout can be caught here including rainbow trout up to nine pounds and brown trout up to six pounds

The River Spey. One of Scotland's most celebrated salmon rivers set in the dramatic scenery of theHighlands. You will be able to catch salmon weighing up to thirty pounds and sea trout of over twelve pounds

The Blackwater Relax and fish for salmon in the beautiful Irish countryside. This river enjoys large summer runs of grilse and you will have the opportunity to catch salmon weighing up to 30 pounds.

Each river is beautifully illustrated, with 3-D animated water. When you have hooked a fish, you can see all the action in the overhead view. This view can also be used to put together a strategic plan. You can see the places where the fish will hide and then use this information in the casting view.

Furthermore, the fish are life-like in their behavior patterns, and each type of fish interacts with their environment, and with you when you enter into that environment. These fish are intelligent -- you won't be able to fool them easily!

Every day that you fish will be different due to the huge database which creates unique and detailed weather conditions for each day. You can examine these conditions to help you decide the best way to fish and the equipment to choose. Once you have learned everything there is to know about fishing in the practice mode, you can compete against both computer players and human players in the competition mode. Cash prizes can be won for the largest catch and these can be spent in the fishing shop. Equipment that you purchase there will give you an advantage over the other anglers.

The library provides comprehensive information about the fish that you are trying to catch, the food that they eat and the environment in which they live. This information, combined with the detailed illustrations, provides a wonderful database for both avid fishermen and naturalists. Features: Compelling Game Play that will appeal to the novice right through to the professional angler.

Game Play

Realistic Fly Fishing in some of the most awe inspiring scenery in the United Kingdom. Three of the best trout rivers in the Great Brittain are featured: The Test, River Spey, and the Blackwater Relax. You can fish from the banks or in the shallows.

Casting is similar to the click click swing mechanism for computer golf games and just as unsatisfying. You move and click the mouse to get the rod to cast the fly. A bar graph casting meter is consulted while the movement is made to synchronize movements.

You have a choice of rod, line, wet and dry lures. Once cast, the lure is viewed in a pop-up window, which you watch while you wait for a fish to develop interest. I guess this is why so many fishermen drink heavily, it is the waiting that kills you and the game. Once interested pressing the button at a critical time will set the hook in the fish. The setting of the hook to coincide with the strike is critical and not easily mastered. Landing the fish is by releasing and increasing tension as the fish plays the line. Once close enough you net the fish.

"Full Artificial Intelligence that mimics the complex behavior patterns of the fish under a full range of environmental conditions. " It is hard to observe the complex behavior. Mostly you just wait for the fish to strike. If the fish is not caught successfully, eventually it will refuse to bite.


You wait for the fish, have a beer, read the online manual, and miss setting the hook, over and over again, as you take the role of a fisherman.


Side views and overhead views of the streams are shown. The side view is scenic while the overhead view shows where the fish and the underwater obstacles are.


The spot animation in the rivers on the high definition photography indicate water flow well. The other animations are not very good and compare poorly with the animations in Trophy Bass.

Voice Actors

Music Score

Sound Effects

Fantastic CD Sound Track and a whole range of ambient sound effects that transports you to the riverside.


This is a plug and play Windows 95 product to simplify installation and play without many bugs. The written manual is very very short and contains little information. The online manual, which is much harder to access than the book is a voluminous compendium of fishing facts. The writing is not well crafted and ferriting out the fish facts is iffy and difficult. The online manual does explain the workings of each lure, even if it does not provide any solid fishing tips.

"A Huge Database including fantastic animations that will tell you all about the fish and their environment. Of the utmost importance to those anglers that match the hatch and a great guide for the naturalist." You could get this information from a good fishing book and dispense with the software.

Multi-player Features

There is hotseat play with up to six human or computer controlled anglers. There is no network, modem, or internet play.

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Scott A. May, Computer Gaming World, issue 154, May, 1997, pg. 150, 50%.
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