Trophy Bass 2, Front Page Sports
Preview by Alfred Giovetti, 09/30/96
Price: $55 ($30 if you have the original)
Release: September 1996
Genre: Fishing Simulator
Publisher: Sierra Online
Phone: 800-757-7707
requirements: Windows 95, Windows 3.1, 2X CD ROM drive,

Company line: To those of you who scoff: I'm willing to bet that you didn't think computer golf would take off either. So there. Trophy Bass was one of our most innovative products, and it offered such an amazingly realistic fishing model that virtual fishermen everywhere have been clamoring for a sequel. All right, you're on. Only this time, we're going to give you modem, network, and Internet play, and you can battle it out amongst yourselves to determine which of you is the Baron of Bass, the Arch-Angler, the Ruler of Rod and Reel! We're going to have a great upgrade price to those of you who already have the original game, plus a contest to win all kinds of cool stuff, including a real fishing vacation with one of the world's top bass pros. So keep checking our website for more info as it becomes available...

Many people think fishing and fishing shows are about as interesting as watching the grass grow. In fact, fishing is a strategic and tactical contest between an intelligent and resourceful opponent, the fish, and man. It is this battle that Trophy Bass and now Trophy Bass 2 portray in an interesting and engaging manner.

Many people have an image of the modern fisherman as someone who drinks too much beer, sleeps the binge off over the top of a line in the water, and catching fish is either dumb luck or the triumph of high technology and cruelty over an innocent and ignorant animal. And while some fishermen and boaters do drink too much, most are responsible boaters and far too serious to dull their senses and wits by drinking to excess. Many fishermen are not cruel but even turn back their catch to give another an enjoyable battle, and what many fail to understand is that many fishermen are greater conservationists than the most dedicated professional.

Jean Claude Costeau said it best, that "once someone knows and loves nature, they naturally feel compelled to protect the beauty and majesty they find there." (My interview with Costeau was broadcast, and will be rebroadcast on the Computer Show relating to his line of interactive products on the undersea world).

The sequel promises "true-to-life action" indicating that someone at Sierra has spent time watching Disney’s True-to-Life adventures from the 1950’s movies and television shows. Five new lakes have been added, including Bull shoals, Lake Mead, Lake Castaic, Lake Kissimmee, and Lake Eufaula, to bring the total to 10. In addition to the new lakes, there are new lures and one new fish, the trout in Lake Mead. Full motion video angling tips will come with the game.

Casting methods, lure types and modifications, lakes, fish, climate, time of day, and other features add variety and interest to game play. Career mode pits anglers against competition in Trophy Bass Classic tournaments and competition in the World Series of professional bass fishing.

Trophy Bass 2 will have pre-tournament, between rounds, and after tournament chats discussions with other players. Internet tournaments will support up to 100 anglers with the host determining the length of the tournament, lake, and start time. Multi-player tournaments are one to one via null or phone modem, multiple players via network in head to head or cooperative play modes. Many fishing tournaments, and especially bass tournaments, are not based upon the number of fish caught but by the weight of the largest three fish.

Multi-player: This version is an enhancement for internet, network and modem, both null and phone, play.

Reviewers: Steve tops the pun list with, "It is hard not to be lured (ouch) by its many charms."

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