Muzzle Velocity review by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Price:$44.95 ($4.95 S&H).
Genre:strategy action
Developer: Code Fusion and Digi4Fun
Lead Artist:
Publisher: Digi4Fun
Phone: 1-800-551-0100

Muzzle Velocity


Company Line

Muzzle Velocity is the ONLY true war strategy game that puts you in the middle of the action. Instead of being locked into a simple overhead view, like competing war games, Muzzle Velocity allows you on the actual battlefield in a real-time interactive 3D environment (see-it) complete with texture mapping and spectacular 32-channel digital sound.The gameplay is phenomenal.

Whether you wage ferocious individual battles or begin a "career" that takes you through the entire campaign, you'll find that Muzzle Velocity is light years ahead of anything you've tried before.

From the "satellite" view, you can command a single platoon or an entire battalion from an Allied or Axis nation ( your choice ). You'll have complete control over battle strategy and tactics, atillery, inventory...everything. And at any time, you can leave the safety of your command post and find yourself on the front lines in a tank, vehicle or as a foot soldier.

You'll see and participate in monumental tank battles. You'll take part in fierce ground assaults. And, you'll have intense face-to-face combat action in cities, fields and forests in both good and bad weather during Summer and Winter.

Or you can set the game on automatic and relax as the battle rages around you. Muzzle Velocity is fun to play and easy to use. And, with special training missions and on-line help you'll see action immediately.

If you are not sure visit the demo site and download it.

Game Play

You control up to 100 units in the field in an overhead perspective or one single unit, such as a tank, APcs, trucks and soldiers in three dimensional mode. The 3D mode is certainly fun when you run around shooting and crashing into things.

The targetting uses a target retical and a targetting brackets that change color to indicate the other tank has targetted you. The recticle follows targetted items even when obscured by buildings and other obstacles.

The game can be played with over 200 missions or battles in campaign mode from one of three army perspectives. This game is both a strategy and real time action tank game which is somewhat unusual.

The combination of real time three dimensional action and strategy is confusing and needs a lot of work to master. This may also be a problem with Golgotha. We hope their design team has better luck.


Set in World War II during the era of tank warfare, you control either the Brittish, German, or US in battles with over 100 units.


The SVGA graphics have various terrain, structures, weather, and seasons. Smow shows a dark overcast sky with white ping pong balls fallling all around. Clear summer days are depicted with bright sun, whisps of clouds over blue sky, and many types of verdant trees and foliage to drive around or through. The perspective is three dimensional with the items on the peripery of the screen slightly drawn back and lower than the details in the center.


Voice Actors

The voices of "oops" for friendly fire, "I see them" when targetting, and "pull back just before you are destroyed are fully context linked and help you to play the game by giving cues to the action.

Music Score

Sound Effects

Trees crash down, buildings collapse, explosions resound, engines race, gears grind, and many other sounds fill the tanks.


The online and printed documentation provided is not very helpful.

Multi-player Features

There is no modem or network play so you have to play this game alone.

Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough


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Digi4fun Web site with download of the game

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