Golgotha article by Al Giovetti Golgotha article by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Release: November
Developer: Crack dot Com
Lead Artist:
Programmer: Jonathan Clark
Producer: Dave Taylor
Publisher: Crack dot Com
Website: www.crack.com



Abuse was Crack dot Com's first game a side-scroller that many liked and sold well, and was produced for the paltry sum of $150,000. Crack dot Com is a tiny six employee company, whos helm is directed by company president Dave Taylor. Dave Taylor is a 1993 University of Texas graduate who worked for id Software and started the little Crack dot Com on the side.

Crack dot Com now publishes with Origin. Dave's favorite Apple 2 game was Rescue Raiders by Sirotech which was studied to make the new game Golgotha similar to it.

Jonathan Clark programmed the wonderful Abuse game engine, which was so successful. Now Jonathan returns to take a crack at Golgotha.

Muzzle Velocity by Code Fusion and Digi4Fun used the real time three dimensional battlefield and strategy game combination and was not very successful with it. The result was a confusing battlefield. It is hoped that Crack dot Com and Jonathan Clark will do a better job.

Company Line

Game Play

The game setting is the year 2048. The goal of the game is to destroy the enemy base, just like the goal in Sirotech's Rescue Raiders. You keep producing units until they overwhelm the enemy opposition.

A production pad, which cannot be destroyed, is located near the enemy base and is used to produce formations of tanks and other vehicles of up to 36 units. The vehicles can repair, refuel and rearm at other pads placed in the game.

The game will switch between an real-time overhead perspective strategy game and a first person perspective three dimensional action game, based upon vehicles.


The entire Script for Golgotha is online at the Crack dot Com website. Each of the 40 cities that you visit during the game have their own involved plotline.

The immense conflagration which forms the basis for Golgotha began when an American Archeologist in Israel is killed. The Americans attack the Iraqui village they blame for the death. The Europeans threaten the Americans. Tha Americans get Asia to attack Germany. The insuing chaos results in a free for all World War III based all on conventional warfare.


The game is replete with 512x 512 pixel resolution texture maps, and will support 24-bit color.


Voice Actors

Music Score

Each of the 40 cities in the game have their own soundtrack. Sounds from the game can be found on the Crack dot Com web Golgotha web site.

Sound Effects

Sound effects are appropriately military all from the library of sound effects at Crack dot Com.


The game is based upon programmable DLLs which will allow game players to change game parameters to suit their own playing tastes.

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