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By Al Giovetti
Genre: classic games
Release: August 1997
Developer: Legend Entertainment
Lead Artist:
Publisher: Sir-Tech

Trophy Case II


What happens to old games, especially the best in the business? They get re-released in game anthologies from the good companies. All of the games in this series are good adventure games that you will not want to miss. These games are from the twisted minds of Legend entertainment.

Company Line

Sirtech Software, Inc. today announced The Trophy Case II, their second collection of acclaimed games. The package will include three award-winning games from Legend Entertainment: Death Gate, Companions of Xanth, and Shannara. Three full games on separate CDs, three complete manuals rolled into one handy volume, and one low price make the Trophy Case II an incredible value.

Death Gate - Based on the NY Times best-selling novels by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, Death Gate takes you to places beyond imagining: a dragon ship piloted by magic . . . a deserted shining city . . . mystical lands of elves, dwarves and dead sorcerers. Dazzling multimedia technology, a professional cast of over 40 speaking characters, 3-D modeled animation, and symphonic musical score make for an unforgettable experience. Death Gate has earned many awards, including the Computer Game Review Golden Triad Award, the Interactive Gaming Editor’s Choice Award, the Computer Gaming World Premier Finalist for Best Adventure, the Games Magazine Top 100 Electronic Games of the Year, and runner-up for the Strategy Plus Animated Adventure Game of the Year.

Companions of Xanth - Based on Piers Anthony’s novel Demons Don’t Dream, Companions of Xanth is the only game to bring you the magic, humor, and puns that made the Xanth books worldwide favorites. Filled with beautiful graphics and animation, original music, and digitized sound effects this breathtaking adventure makes you a key player in a struggle over magic when two demons vie for control of the enchanted land of Xanth.

Shannara - Enter the magical lands created by best-selling author Terry Brooks, and restore the legendary Sword of Shannara. Solve clever puzzles and fight fearsome creatures in your struggle to defeat Brona, the warlock king. The game picks up where Brooks’ first Shannara novel leaves off and brings the characters and settings of the world’s best-selling fantasy series in the world to life.

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