shannara.gif - 7.4 K
By Al Giovetti
Price: $50
Genre: graphic animated adventure
Release: January 1996
Developer: Legend
Publisher: Randomsoft
Phone: 703-222-8500
Requirements: 486 DX, 33 MHz, SVGA, 8 MB RAM, 4 MB hard disk space, 2X CD ROM drive, sound card, mouse.

History: Based upon Terry Brook’s seventeen book fantasy story.

Plot: Many years ago, Jak Ohlmstead’s father and his friends fought off an evil Wizard. That Wizard has been resting up and now is fighting mad. The Wizard returns and wants to have revenge on Jak and you if you choose to take up the quest in Jak’s persona. The druid Allanon tells Jak the quest he must go on to thwart this menace. swordth.gif - 7.2 K

Autojournal: A handy automatic journal automatically keeps track of current quests and important events, and also allows you to take manual notes. The manual has a find function and a subject index to help in finding the right information.

Interface: By using your cursor, you examine, look, search, take, show and give others what you have.

Puzzles: Treasure hunt puzzles abound where you find the object, combine it with the right object or use it in the right way at the right place in the game.

Combat: The screen is divided into four parts: a large picture of one of the monsters you are fighting, a command line just below, and along the top and the bottom are the antagonists and protagonists lined up in a row.

Help: Online help system is there with information you need.

Graphics: vEry well crafted two dimensional grapics, save in combat where the monsters seem to be three dimensional.

Voice acting is professional and well done giving a professional air to the whole game.

Music: Is relaxing almost elevator music for travel and more driving during combat.

Sound effects: adequate. shadeth.gif - 10.4 K

Hint: When reviewing this game, our team of three found it necessary to install the entire 107 MB game to hard disk to speed it up. At the besieged town you need to go around the back and trade with the dwarf who can help you get into the town. In combat concentrate on killing the leader or a single very strong enemy first. Order each of the others to strike one foe at a time until they die. Fewer antagonists means less damage. In combat, Jak Ohmsford is the only one who can command the party members, so keep him in good health.

Extras: The novel Sword of Shannara is included in the box.

Kevin J. McCann, Computer Player, volume 2, number 12, May, 1996, pg. 78-79, 8/10 (80%).
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