Romance of the Three Kingdoms V (PSX) article by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Price: $49.99
Genre:Historical Strategy / Simulation
Release: July/August 1998
Lead Artist:
Producer: Kou Shibusawa
Publisher: KOEI Corporation
Phone: 415-348-0500

Romance of the Three Kingdoms V (PSX)


Koei has produced many turn-based strategy games that are rich in statistics and in the history of the orient. Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a long standing game that has enjoyed success in four previous installments. While not the longest series of strategy games, it has been a staple for this company with deep roots

Unfortunately, Koei may not be making any more PC games. We believe that Interplay may be publishing and converting some of the games for US distribution on the PC, but this is an unconfirmed rumor. Balor of the Evil Eye, a previous Koei PC title, appears to be marketed now by Interplay.

Koei hopes to market the game to Military strategy game fans; economic simulation game fans; fans of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms Series, fans of history based games.

Company Line

The fifth installment of the popular Romance of the Three Kingdoms (RTK) series.RTK V gives players the opportunity to build, manage and control an ancient Chinese kingdom while interacting with and directing the actions of characters from the famous Romance of the Three Kingdoms epic. The goal is to unify what is left of this politically fragmented, war-stricken land into a single kingdom.The game boasts the following unique features:

1) A valuable chance to learn/practice resource management of people, goods, and money for economic prosperity and military superiority in a non-threatening, yet challenging environment.
2) New military strategy engine allows players to choose from 13 different types of unit structures for improved tactical warfare.
3) The 30 different historical event sequences give players the opportunity to learn about the events that shaped the political and military scenes of 2nd century China.
4) 7 full length, historically accurate scenarios offer players the opportunity to study and affect historical China at several different stages.
5) A new on-line guide helps answer questions on the spot for ease of play.
6) The game system incorporates a new "Reputation" parameter that directly affects and is influenced by the actions that players take as rulers.
7) Players may now delegate special tasks to other officials so that they may give personal attention to special areas of concern.
8) Multi-player capability allows participation of up to 8 players.
9) 16 brilliant background songs arranged specifically for RTK play off the CD in CD-DA quality sound.This product is a production of Kou Shibusawa.

KOEI Corporation will not be releasing an English version of ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS V. If you would like to order the Chinese PC DOS version, directly from KOEI, it is available for $69.95 plus shipping of $5.00 within the United States, tax is charged on orders shipped within California. You can order by phone with Visa or Master Card by calling 415-348-0500 and selecting 1. Or by mail to: KOEI Corporation
500 Airport Blvd. #425
Burlingame, CA 94010

Be sure to include a note with your name, address and telephone number. Please state that you are ordering ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS V Chinese version for PC DOS. Romance of the Three Kingdoms V Chinese DOS version does not work in the DOS mode on Windows 3.1 due to lack of memory. However, it normally runs okay in DOS mode on Windows 95. This is a special order and will take four to six weeks for shipping.

Because this is the Chinese version no technical or game play support is being offered. However the limited 90 day warranty for defect will apply.

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From: Please tell me where can I order this game? romance of the three king dom V this is the site i went to, m thanks my email is thansk

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