Krush, Kill and Destroy article by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Review 05/11/97
Genre:real time strategy
Release:Early 1997
Developer: Beam Software (Australia)
Lead Artist:
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Requirements:Pentium, 90 MHz or faster CPU, MS DOS 5.0 or greater (Windows 95 compatible) , 16MB RAM , 1 MB VESA compatible PCI video card , 4x-speed CD-ROM , Keyboard, Microsoft or 100%compatible mouse , Hard drive installation (minimum 20 MB disk space free)

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Krush, Kill 'N Destroy (KKND)


After the smash hits of Blizzard's WarCraft and WarCraft II and Westwood's Command and Conquer and the sequels, what else were all the other companys to do? We they all want to be just like Blizzard and Westwood, so look for a veritable glut of real time strategy.

The game name reminds me of a game from the early eras of gaming called Crush, Crumble, and Chomp, about some very nasty monster superhero types, a gorilla which resembled King Kong, a Lizard called Lizzie, and another monster who bashed buildings. The all time favorite building to bash was the IRS building in Washington, DC. But, alas, any resemblance to this game was only coincidental.

Company Line

Finally, a formidable computer opponent to challenge the smartest cagey old vet. Battle an AI that probes your defenses, retreats, sets ambushes, and even attacks from multiple fronts. Add units that gain experience through combat, improving their damage potential and accuracy, and eventually the ability to heal themselves. Then place them in the most immersive terrain available, with hi-resolution , 3D rendered landscapes where you can drive under bridges for cover or up onto mesas for higher ground. Now you have a recipe to make any PC commander drool - welcome to the world of KRUSH, KILL 'N DESTROY!

Experience the best AI in real-time strategy - units gain experience, use ambushes, and retreat Fight through hi-resolution, 3D terrain - hide under bridges or take cover behind buildings Full multiplayer gameplay with up to 6 players on a network and 2 player modem support. Command 50 different units and buildings, each with detailed animation and digitized speech. Battle for survival in 30 single player missions, plus 10 multiplayer levels. Follow a rich story detailing a fight for survival on a post nuclear planet. Play from either side - hi-tech, post-holocaust Survivors or violent, mutated Evolved

Game Play

You gather resources, specifically oil, lumber, coal and iron, build some buildings, use the uildings to train and build units and upgrade the buildings and the units while you fight with the other group of combattants. This is a Dune 2 or Command and Conquer clone.

A really nice feature was the ability to develop and train vetran units by sucessful combat. These vetrans could then be taken into the next mission. Nice touch. Instructions to build units could be specific as to the number, up to nine, or infinite, giving you better control over constructions.

Enemy artificial intelligence was capable of ambushes and running away when injured severely and healing up.


There was this nuclear war and the world changed significantly. (Do you see where this is going? -Ed.) The Two groups of people who survived the holocaust are the Evolved and the Survivors. The Evolved mutated into molten mounds of semi human flesh while the Survivors managed to go deep underground and avoided the meltdown of flesh and nuclear piles.

These two groups have decided that they cannot co-exist in peace so they intend to slug it out. Besides there just is not enough in the way or resources for two civilizations so they just gotta fight until they exterminate those muties or was it normals this time? Did I mention that the muties (mutated humans) are religious fanatics?

The sense of humor here is real Aussie including the actors. Very refreshing Mad Max type humor.


The graphic representations of the units are also bent and twisted just like the muties and the graphics must match this theme. Look for some beauts. The scenery consists of trees, rocks, deserts, rivers, and ruins from the old world.


Animation within the game is not very interesting although mobile units and structures are animated. Before and after battles digitized full motion video movies of actors provides some comic relief since all the commanders seem to have comical roles. A very nice feature is the comedy mixed with the impression that the game designers do not take themselves too seriously. Too bad the acting is not very good in the video segments.

Voice Actors

The Aussie actors consist of some very weird looking muties who seem to be more interesting than the weird and incompetent normals that are returning from under the surface. One interesting actor is the bumbling young 90 day wonder who gets himself into scrape after scrape that you have to get him out of.

Music Score

The music seems to be a driving techno type music, which keeps the action going.

Sound Effects


The first few missions are not too difficult, but many of the later missions are very tough. Many will have to cheat to finish the game. There is no way to adjust the difficulty for different skill levels. There is a hex editor, a unit editor and a game trainer available throughout the internet for those who fell the need to cheat.

Multi-player Features

Multiplayer provides for 2-6 player network support using IPX network protocol (hi-performance systems recommended); 28.8 bps or faster modem for 2 player modem play.

Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough

KKnd Cheats


Peter does not consider the game very original. Peter and Todd must have extra sensory perception to get their scores so close, or they must have had a drink together at a game swaray and compared notes.


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