Hexen II article by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Release:June 1997
Developer: Raven Software, www.ravensoft.com
Lead Artist:
Producer: Brian Raffel
Publisher: id Software
Phone: 800-434-2637

Hexen II


John Romero, the famous id Producer, started working on the new game Hexen II and then left id to found another company. John left the remaining production to Brian Raffel and the capable hands of Raven Software who have produced Black Crypt, ShadowCaster, Cyclones, Heretic and Hexen. With this kind of a track record people know you do good work.

Company Line

With the destruction of D'Sparil and Korax, the forces of Light believed that they would gain respite from the vicious attacks of the Serpent Riders. They were wrong.

With the remains of the first two Serpent Rider's armies added to his already powerful forces, the third Serpent Rider, Eidolon, stalked forth into the realm of mankind. No mercy was shown by this ravenous onslaught, and soon, the tribes of humanity fell to the Dark Generals of the Serpent Rider. For years, you have lived in hiding, biding your time, bitterly planning the vengeance that you lust for. Death, Pestilence, War, Famine... you will face them all on your quest to destroy Eidolon and all that he covets. Fortunately, you need not face this final battle alone, you have made an uneasy truce with those that were once your enemies.

The Necromancer, master of blackest magic, his reasons for destroying Eidolon are clear - he wished the power for himself. The Assassin, Taker of Lives, though she fights by your side, it is always best to watch your back. The Crusader, a man of magic and skill at arms, a healer who will protect you with his life. And finally, the Paladin, with the power of his ancient gods, he hopes to rid the world of the evil that has befallen it.

As you clinch your bootstraps and ready your weapons, you can only hope and wonder what lies in the depths of the recently besieged castle that stands before you. All of humanity rests on the edge of your blade.

Game Play

Choose from four classes Assassin, which is female, Crusader, Necromancer, and Paladin, or have all four in net play. The other three classes are male. Each class has a set of four or five weapons powered by the Tomb of Power. Each class has its own advantages and disadvantages inherent in groupings of special powers. Three special abilities per class and level powers will result as experience from battles and exploration accumulates.

As levels increase characters will be able to jump farther, or for the necromancer, the ability to raise dead enemies to fight for you is gained at higer levels.

Any type of spell you can come up with can be cast as a spell or put into a wand. Weapons include gauntlets, crossbow, swords, daggers, wands, and staves. You will be able to use up to five rings rather than the two ring limit used on most games. There are twenty weapons in all and several with the ability to combine making 36 weapons in all.

The environment is not totally destructable, but you can break barrels, windows, stools, chairs, and many other objects. Artifacts will include Fighter bombs to throw, Mage time bombs and Cleric poison clouds as in the original game.

Some of the bad polygonal guys you have to fight include Archer Knight, Death Wizards, Imp, Ice Imp, Hydra, Fallen Angel, three types of Golem, Paladin, and Assassin.

Hexen II incorporates the same interlevel layered movement as the first game. In addition you are able to smash through doors or open them with keys providing more life-like choices. You will be able to fly over traps and pitfalls rather than disarming them or activating a bridge to cross. You can crouch down low to get under things and jump over them like in Duke Nukem. It is your choice which method you use. Flight and crouch are new for Hexen II. There will be 29 levels in all.

Find the switch and pull it puzzles found in the first game are replaced with thinking puzzles. Game scenerios will appeal to both single players and multi-players, and are designed for both and not just for the multii-player experience.

This first person perspective Doom clone will keep you enthralled with beautiful game environments from Gothic Cathedrals to Egyptian Tombs.


In the first Hexen we saw the destruction of D'Sparil and Korax but not the Serpent Riders. The third Serent Rider, Malloc, has come into mans world. You struggle through many levels against many obstacles. In the end, in order to be triumphant in the final battle, you must ally yourself with previous enemies.


Rain, wind, sky textures, dark caverns, breaking glass, and blowing leaves will add to the graphic atmosphere of the game. One of the nicest features of the first game was the outdoor settings which will also appear in the sequel, it is so nice to get out of the dungeon some times. Those walls are so confining.

Looking at the unique textures, and the excellent use of color in the levels makes the game visually impressive.


Qrad light sourcing will enhance the mode, as will the more accurate model rendering. BSP structures have been improved.

Voice Actors

Music Score

Redbook audio and midi are used to provide ambient music and sounds to augment the mood and atmosphere.

Sound Effects


Compare to

Multi-player Features

Hexen II supports network and internet multiple players with up to 16 human players. Cooperative net games and competitive games will be available.

Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough



Andrew Sanchez, Boot, volume 2, number 8, April, 1997, pg. 72.

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