Hexen: Beyond Heretic
Review by Al Giovetti, 09/15/96
Price: $50
Genre: action (read Doom clone)
Publisher: Raven/Id Software
Phone: 970-522-1797
Website: http://www.ravensoft.com
Requirements: Power Macintosh

History: There was Doom. Doom spawned a Doom-engine. People licensed the Doom engine. Games were produced with the Doom engine. Hexen was one of the best of the Doom clones, and much better than its predecessor Heretic which offered nothing over the original Doom game.

Now we have Quake and Doom may be passť. So what does that say for Hexen? Kevin feels that this game, at least for the Macintosh market is one of the best and worth a look and perhaps even your money, so read on.

Plot: There is this humongous arena and everyone in that arena wants to kill you. You, on the other hand, are gentler and more sensitive than all those who wish to kill you, you simply want to kill, squash, decapitate, dismember, disembowel, skin, and disintegrate them with extreme prejudice. Hey! Its not personal! Itís just business!

Game play: Run, hide, pick up weapons, shield, powerups, ammo, and kill everything that moves. You get to choose between the cleric, mage, and fighter (What about multi-classed characters? -Ed.). Each class or profession has its own set of weapons and special abilities (Ho Hum - Ed.).

Graphics: Peter Olafson said, "the graphics have a thunderstorm-at-twilight presence." (Excellent imagery - Ed.) The graphics in the Macintosh are at six different resolution modes all the way up to 640 x 480 pixels. Kevin says the graphics are "stunning."

Multi-player: Hexen supports null modem, phone modem, and network play.

Mac Version: Doom engine used to make the Mac version. Occasional freeze ups. High-resolution graphics on the Mac. Requires a Power Macintosh.

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Kevin J. McCann, Computer Player, volume 3, number 4, September, 1996, pg. 95, 9/10, (90%). MAC