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Quake 2 Hints

    Prima and Killcreek Create the Ultimate Quake II Strategy Guide

    Multiplayer Strategies by Killcreek, Incredibly Revealing Level Maps by Prima's Mapmakers, and The Best Strategy Guide Writing by Master Gamer and Author Kip Ward

    ROCKLIN, Calif. – Jan. 13, 1998 – Prima Entertainment, the world's leading publisher of strategy guides has taken strategy guides to a new level by producing the most complete and strategically compelling guide to Quake II on the market. Prima's Unauthorized Guide to Quake II boasts many unique features not offered anywhere else.

    Online players will astound their competitors with the exclusive multiplayer strategies by Killcreek, the champion gamer who achieved legendary status by defeating DOOM and Quake designer John Romero in hand-to-hand game-playing combat. In addition, Prima's Quake II guide features detailed and original game-playing maps that help players achieve quick mastery of each and every level. The book is authored by master gamer Kip Ward, who's best-selling strategy guides include Prima's guides for Quake, Duke Nukem 3D and Tomb Raider II.

    "Discerning gamers will quickly see that Prima's guide to Quake II is, by far, the best guide to this powerful game," said Debra Kempker, publisher of Prima Entertainment. "Our team has spent countless hours creating detailed maps for every level; add multiplayer strategies from Killcreek and great writing from Kip Ward, and you have an unmatched guide to a killer game."

    Prima Entertainment (www.primagames.com) is the world's leading publisher of strategy guides for computer and console games, now with more than twelve million strategy guides in print. Renowned for its consistently high quality, The Rocklin, Calif.-based company has captured the hearts and minds of game players as "The Most Trusted Name in Games™" and continues to dominate the field it created in 1990. Founded in 1984, Prima Publishing, the parent of Prima Entertainment, has three divisions including Entertainment, Lifestyles, and Computers & Technology, and offices in the United States and United Kingdom. See more about the history of strategy guides at

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