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Quake 2 Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

  1. Quake II (2) Secrets

    Cheats for the compatibility demo release:

    Enter the command console (press [~]) then type

    Note: [#] means any number (if you type "give blaster 255" then you'll get 255 blasters (WOW!...like you need it!). The same goes for all the other weapons. The [] means its optional.

  2. god - Enables god mode
  3. give blaster [#] - Gives you the weapon you start with (DUH?)
  4. give shotgun [#] - Gives you the Shotgun.
  5. give sshotgun [#] - Gives you the Super Shotgun.
  6. give machinegun [#] - Gives you the Machine Gun.
  7. give grenadelauncher [#] - Gives you the Grenade Launcher.
  8. give rocketlauncher [#] - Gives you the Rocket Launcher.
  9. give shells # - Gives you # number of Shotgun Shells.
  10. give bullets # - Gives you # number of Bullets.
  11. give grenades # - Gives you # number of Grenades.
  12. give rockets # - Gives you # number of Rockets.
  13. give quad [#] - Gives you # number of Quad Damage Power Ups.
  14. give envirosuit [#] - Gives you # number of Environment Suits.
  15. give invulnerability [#] - Gives you # number of Invulnerability Power Ups.
  16. give silencer [#] - Gives you # number of Silencers.
  17. give rebreather [#] - Gives you # number of Rebreathers.
  18. give jacketarmor [#] - Adds # Jacket Armor points.
  19. give bodyarmor [#] - Adds # Body Armor points.
  20. give combatarmor [#] - Adds # Combat Armor points.
  21. give health 999 - 999 health (doesn't add to your health)
  22. g_unlimited_ammo 1 - All ammo gets stuck at 999! (but you need to get the ammo first, Of course.)
  23. g_unlimited_ammo 0 - Ammo goes back to normal.
  24. noclip - Turn off clipping
  25. status - Displays info on the current game
  26. sv_gravity xxx - Gravity; xxx represents a number from 00 to 850,where 00 equals no gravity and 850 is normal gravity
  27. crosshair 1 - Cross wires on
  28. crosshair 0 - Cross wires off
  29. notarget - Invisibility
  30. map start - Jump to the start of level (might not work)
  31. map end - Jump to the level end boss (might not work)
  32. team "team name" - Sets your team name.
  33. gamemap (map) - Chooses map to play on.

    Other interesting stuff: (following quite useless, just for completeness)

  34. give powershield [#] - Gives you a Power Shield.
  35. give powerscreen [#] - Gives you a Power Screen.
  36. give item_adrenaline [#] - Gives you Adrenaline.
  37. give item_bandolier [#] - Gives you Bandolier.
  38. give item_pack [#] - Gives you Ammo Pack.
  39. give key_data_cd - Gives you the Data CD.
  40. give key_power_cube - Gives you the Power Cube.
  41. give key_pyramid - Gives you the Pyramid key.
  42. give key_pass - Gives you the Passkey.
  43. give key_blue_key - Gives you the Blue Key.
  44. give key_red_key - Gives you the Red Key.
  45. give key_commander_head - Gives you the Commaner's head.
  46. give key_airstrike_target- Gives you the Airstrike Marker.
  47. give cells # - Gives you # number of cells.
  48. give slugs # - Gives you # number of slugs.
  49. give mines # - Gives you # number of mines.
  50. give nuke # - Gives you # number of nukes.
  51. wait - ??(multiplayer)?

    Bounty Hacker (20/10/97)

    New! Quake 2 Full Release cheat codes: Type these in at the Quake 2 command line (press ~) ================

    MAIN CHEAT CODES ================ Command Item Quantity

  52. give all All Item See Other Cheat Codes
  53. give health Healt 100
  54. give weapons All Weapons All/No Ammo
  55. give ammo All Ammo 100s/200b&c/50g&s&r
  56. give armor Body Armor 200
  57. give body armor Body Armor +1
  58. god God Mode N/A (on/off)
  59. notarget No Target Mode N/A (on/off)
  60. noclip No Clip Mode N/A (on/off) =================

    OTHER CHEAT CODES ================= Command Item Quantity

  61. give jacket armor Jacket Armor 1
  62. give blaster Blaster 1 - No ammo
  63. give shotgun Shotgun 1 - No ammo
  64. give super shotgun Super Shotgun 1 - No ammo
  65. give machinegun Machinegun 1 - No ammo
  66. give chaingun Chaingun 1 - No ammo
  67. give grenade launcher Grenade Launcher 1 - No ammo
  68. give rocket launcher Rocket Launcher 1 - No ammo
  69. give railgun Railgun 1 - No ammo
  70. give bfg10k BigFu*kingGun10k 1 - No ammo
  71. give shells Shells 10
  72. give bullets Bullets 50
  73. give cells Cells 50
  74. give grenades Grenades 5
  75. give rockets Rockets 5
  76. give slugs Slugs 10
  77. give quad damage Quad Damage 1
  78. give invulnerability Invulnerability 1
  79. give silencer Silencer 1
  80. give rebreather Rebreather 1
  81. give environment suit Environment Suit 1
  82. give ancient head Ancient Head 1
  83. give adrenaline Adrenaline 1
  84. give bandolier Bandolier 1
  85. give ammo pack Ammo Pack 1
  86. give data cd Data CD 1
  87. give power cube Power Cube 1
  88. give pyramid key Pyramid Key 1
  89. give data spinner Data Spinner 1 =================

    EXTRA CHEAT CODES =================

  90. give airstrike marker AirStrike Marker 1
  91. give blue key Blue Key 1
  92. give red key Red Key 1
  93. give security pass Security Pass 1
  94. give commander's head Commander's Head 1
  95. give power shield Power Shield 1
  96. give armor shard Armor Shard 1
  97. give combat armor Combat Armor 1

    *The above 8 commands are not activated by the "give all" command. ===========

    INFORMATION ===========

    Cheat codes from Kuhas of the Quake Marines Our Web Page: www.quakemarines.com My E-Mail: kuhas@quakemarines.com

    I will post more as I find them, for the future releases and updates of Quake 2. Please do not reproduce an altered copy of this document, and please note our clan name and URL if you intend to post this for public consumption. Thank you. ===========

    OTHER STUFF ===========

    To use cheat codes in multiplayer mode, you must run the server with the following command: +set cheats 1

    I also found the following in the source code, These are not cheats at all, but seem to be multiplayer actions or communications that you can do to other other players in the game.

  98. point
  99. wave
  100. salute
  101. taunt
  102. flipoff
  103. putaway

    Pete Nilson sent these too me:

  104. wave 0 is the flipoff
  105. wave 1 is the salute
  106. wave 2 is the taunt
  107. wave 3 is a wave
  108. wave 4 is point

    Pete "Mostly Harmless" Nilson email: info@spinnerets.com Personal Home Page: http://www.spinnerets.com Clan FLAG! Page: http://www.columbia.edu/~dbw13/flag

    Updates and additions to this document, if any are needed, can be found at:


  109. You enter the following cheats when you press that button to the left of the 1 key it is either ` or ~ so here are a few codes

    GIVE ALL - gives you all items and wepons

    NOCLIP - turns clipping on so you can walk through walls and doors and stuff to mov up while cliped press the SPACE bar to move down press C

    AND THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THE CODE FOR INVICABILITY OR IN VULNRABILITY WHICH MEANS YOU CAN' T DIE IT IS ................................................................ ..........GOD MODE................



    Secret 1: Go down the ramp, and through the broken door. Follow the path around, then turn right at the T-intersection to go to the outside area. Walk forward down the stairs, then turn around. Go to the left side of the stairs, and go under them, to get the bandolier. (You must crouch to get it.)

    Secret 2: Then, from the top of the stairs, go left into the water, and follow it into the hole in the wall. You will come to a big room with a fan in the ceiling. Turn left, and follow the water all the way to where the water stops. Search around that area, and on the left side, you can go under the wall, into the second secret. There are grenades, and three armor shards there.

    Secret 3: Go back to the stairs where you got the bandolier. Go up the stairs, and turn right. Follow the hallway through the door. You will come to a large room with some monsters. There's a staircase ahead of you. Go around it, against the right wall. Make a left, and look up. You will see an orange-yellow light in the ceiling. Shoot it. A wall in front of it will open, and you will get 5 grenades, and two 25 health boxes.

    Secret 1: It's near the end of the level. Go through the level until you get to a large open area with a bridge that explodes. Jump into the water, and turn right. You will see a tunnel. Stand in front of the entrance to the big tunnel, and look left. You will see a smaller, squarish tunnel. Go in it, and follow the right wall. After three turns, you will see a crack in the wall. Shoot the crack a few times, and you'll find secret number one, with a super shotgun and a corpse in it.

    The rest of DEMO2's secrets come after you've completed DEMO3, so go to DEMO3 now.

    Secret 3: Go past the first room, and you will come into a room with a large water area. Jump straight into the water, and turn around 180 degrees. You should see a crack in the wall. Below that is a crack in the floor. Swim into the crack in the floor, and crouch. Turn left, and swim straight down the passageway. You will enter a small room. Look up, and go through the hole there into another small room. Go through the crack in the wall, and down the hall is a rocket launcher, 10 rockets, and jacket armor.

    Complete DEMO3, and you will return to another area in DEMO2 that you couldn't get to before.

    Secrets 2 and 3: Once you're back in DEMO2, hit the switch in front of you, and follow the path to the left until you're back at the broken bridge room. Then follow the right wall and go through the door. Follow the path forward, and go over the bridge you lowered by hitting the switch. After going over the bridge you lowered, go through the door and turn right. Walk forward to the first alcove and look left. You will see a red light. Walk towards it, and you will drop down. Walk forward a few steps and turn right. Go forward, get the grenades, then strafe left (facing the same way) and go forward. Turn left, go forward a few steps, and turn left again. You will see a super shotgun, and 10 shells. The super shotgun accounts for the last two secrets (yeah, it's weird, but that's all the secrets there are).


  110. Download Quake 2 Trainer


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