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War Gods Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

    The Sony Playstation Cheats:

  1. In order to become the last boss...Exor, you must put in this code while in the player select mode in 2 player. Hit left,down,down,right,left,up,left,up,right,down, and he will say aww too easy then select any player and whala! you have it! From: Luc
  2. to get the cheat menu, all you have to do is when the game starts, don't hit anything and wait for it to go to that screen where it says whoever presents....WAR GODS!!! right after he says that on the d-pad hit right, right then b,b,a,a, and it will say awwww too easy and the screen will flash. After that go to the options menu and you will see a thing in there that says cheat menu. While in there it has something that says easy fatality. In order to do that select a player and get to the screen that says "Prove Yourself!" and hit hp,lp,hk,lk at the same time from the place that you are supposed to do it from and whala! you have it. From: Luc

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There is a cheat menu within the game. You need a cheat code password in the game properties which will give you access to all the cheats. We just need the code so we can publish it here. Gamers are dying to hear these cheats.


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