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Vampire: The Masquerade_--Redemption® Cheats

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    Bugs and Exploits

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    Hex Cheats:

    Cheat Codes:


    Command Line Codes:
  1. Add XP Start the game with the -console parameter. (ie: C:\Vampire\vampire.exe -console) In single player mode, press "~" to bring up the console. Type in xp [amount] to add that much unused XP to your character. (ie: xp 100) In single player mode, press "~" to bring up the console. Type in any of the codes listed below: NOTE: Some codes can be applied to anyone in your party, simply click on their image before bringing up the console to enter the code. Code Result
  2. god 0/1 1=God Mode on, 0=God Mode off
  3. cash # Change cash to #
  4. dropcash # Drops cash amount #
  5. xp # Add # to XP
  6. freecasting 0/1 Cast disciplines without using blood, 1=On, 0=Off
  7. ai Turns off AI for enemy and your party
  8. addalldisciplines # Increases all disciplines to #
  9. revive Full health (Can be done after death)
  10. vault Open personal vault from anywhere in-game
  11. freeammo No need for ammo
  12. stakme Stake self
  13. killme True death (Revive cannot bring back)
  14. totals List scene info (XP, Gold, etc)
  15. addthing # Spawn item # (ie: Vitae, Dagger, etc)
  16. advancement Brings up advancement window
  17. framerate 0/1 1 = Show, 0=Off
  18. poisonme Poison self
  19. diseaseme Disease self
  20. damage me Damage self
  21. whereis Location stats
  22. frenzyme Put Christof into frenzy
  23. maxfps # Set maximum FPS to #
  24. shapeshift # Shapeshift into # (ie: bat)
  25. shapeshift Shapeshift back to normal
  26. freeze Freezes body, but can still move around level
  27. pause Pauses action
  28. resume Resumes action
  29. emit # Emit # from character's feet (ie: fire, gas)
  30. jump Jump to level/waypoint (See below)

    Other Codes

  31. You may also try these codes: aitrace, particles, heads, loadpath, savepath, say, statustest, changescene, advance, changechronicle, getcls, combatmessages, scaleme, embraceme, *aura, camtest, setsoak, getchronflag, setchronflag, clearchronflag, netstat, read, shell, roomtype, autoswitchtest, enemycount, throwgib, setdetect, sethide, hands, stcmd, team, maxopenedlocs, noitemstatchecks, endgame, pack.

    Jump to Level or Waypoint

  32. Use the "Jump" code to instantly jump to areas within the game. Place a # after the level name to jump to waypoints on that level. ie: "Jump Monastery2" and "Jump Monastery2 1".

    WARNING: This will update your auto-save if you change to a different level. Also, by jumping to a different place in the game, it will not set off in-game switches that progress you further in the story-line. Be very careful with this cheat as it may cause you to restart the entire game. This cheat is best used for re-visiting areas in the game once you have completed it fully.

    Area Listing:

  33. Convent
  34. ConventDay
  35. OldTownDay
  36. SmithyDay
  37. Inn4StagsDay
  38. JudithBridgeDay
  39. University
  40. StThomas
  41. GoldenLaneDay
  42. UnornaDay
  43. EastGate
  44. EastGateNight
  45. OldTown
  46. Smithy
  47. Inn4Stags
  48. JudithBridge
  49. Unorna
  50. Haven
  51. PetrinHill
  52. PetrinHillDay
  53. AnezkaRoom
  54. NQuarter
  55. PragueCastle
  56. PrinceBrandl
  57. GoldenLane
  58. DummyNorthQuarter
  59. DummyNorthGate
  60. DummyNorthQuarterGate
  61. SilverMines
  62. SilverMines2
  63. SilverMines3
  64. SilverMinesNight
  65. Monastery
  66. Monastery2
  67. Monastery3
  68. ArdanChantry
  69. ArdanChantry2
  70. ArdanChantry3
  71. ArdanChantry4
  72. JosefTunnels
  73. JosefTunnels2
  74. JosefTunnels3
  75. VysMountain


  1. Vampire: The Masquerade--Redemption® Official Strategy Guide

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