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Twisted Metal 3 Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

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  1. PSX Cheat Codes

Twisted Metal 3 Cheat Codes for PSX: from Cory

  1. God mode-L1,square,X,R1,start
  2. Homing Rain missles-up,down,up,down,up
  3. unlimited ammo-L1,L1,R1,R1,R1
  4. To be minion-right,right,left,left,left
  5. To be sweettooth-left,left,right,right,right
  6. 99 Freeze missles in weapon invetory-triangle,up,
  7. circle,right,start(they look just like power missles)
  8. Giant ricochet bombs-left,right,left,right,up
  9. smart seekers-triangle,left,down,right,up
  10. massive force-triangle,circle,down,left,up
  11. Unlimited specials-L1,L1,R1,R1,R1
  12. Enhanced weapons-R1,R1,L1,L1,L1
  13. CPU ignoeres health charge-ups-down,L1,down,start, triangle
  14. Warehouse-square,square,square,left,left
  15. Arena-up,up,up,left,left
  16. Club kid's house-left,left,square,square
  17. Homing Rain missiles up,down,up,down,up


  18. Music To listen to the songs and sounds from the game put the cd in a regular audio cd player and skip to ttrack #2. Enjoy!
  19. Save Game Settings To activate the memory card in Twisted Metal 3 go to the password screen and enter start 5 times. Set all your settings how you like them and begin a game. Just before the game begins you will be prompted to save.
  20. Arena In the password screen type Square, Square, Square, Left, Left it will go back to the main menu as though nothing happened. Now go to deathmatch, select a car and any stage. You will automatically start in the arena.
  21. Warehouse In the password screen type Up, Up, Up, Left, Left it will go back to the main menu as though nothing happened. Now go todeathmatch, select a car and any stage. You will automatically start in the warehouse.
  22. North Pole Lightning - Go to the teleporter on the upper level and you will be teleported to Santa's place, destroy his house and you will find the lightning bolt. Try to lure everyone into the pit or Santa's place, the get to the far end of the stage and use the lightning bolt.
  23. Hangar 18 Spaceship - Go to the raised level outside of the arena and travel around until you find a large area with a red light on the front wall, shoot the light and continue around the outside until all of the red lights are gone (4 in total). Find the road on the lower arena and head into the ship into the teleporter. Once up top look for the other portal. When you go through the portal you will be on top of the UFO. Destroy the dome and grab the spaceship. Only use it while on top of the UFO.
  24. Hidden Portal - As you drive around looking for the red lights you may notice a crack in one the the tiles in the corner by one of the red lights in a blue area. Destroy the tile to reveal the portal. When you go through the protal you'll find some weapons. 8 Specials - While on top of the UFO you'll see a flying UFO shoot it down and you'll get 8 specials.
  25. Egypt Lightning - Go to the temple at one of the far ends of the stage and blow open the entrance. Head down the tunnel into the main room and destroy the pillar in the center and grab the lightning bolt. Try to lure everyone into the temple, get out and use it. The Lightning bolt will only effect those in the temple.
  26. Eve - Go to the pyramid at the far end of the stage and destroy the pillar in front of it, revealing an underground passage. Go through the tunnel and into a room with a coffin. Destroy the coffin and go through the portal. You will be on top of the pyramid now, grab the rotating pyramid-shaped item. Lay one near an enemy like you would with the TNT, run away and detonate it.

    Levels Passwords

    Washington D.C. |Twisted Metal Level |Pure Lunacy Level

  27. Auger |R1, R1, Select, Down |Left, Select, Circle, R2, Up
  28. Axel |L1, Square, Triangle, Right, Up |Square, Square, L1, R2, Left
  29. Club Kid |Down, X, Up, Right, Down
  30. Firestarter |Left, R2, Select, L1, Up |Circle, Triangle, Circle, Right, Circle
  31. Flower Power |Right, R1, Left, Circle, Up
  32. Hammerhead |Start, Left, L1, Right, Down
  33. Minion |Up, Start, Down, L1, Square
  34. Mr. Grim |Down, Down, Start, R2, Circle |Triangle, R2, R2, X, X
  35. Outlaw |Triangle, Select, Down, Circle, L1 |Up, X, Triangle, Square, Down
  36. Roadkill |R2, Start, L2, L2, Circle
  37. Spectre |Up, Triangle, Down, Right, L1 |Up, Triangle, Left, Circle, Triangle
  38. Thumper |R2, Triangle, Left, Down, L2 |Square, X, Right, Triangle, L1
  39. Warthog |Left, Circle, X, L2, R2

    Hangar 18 |Twisted Metal Level |Pure Lunacy Level

  40. Auger |X, Start, X, Up, L1 |L1, L2, L1, Triangle, R2
  41. Axel |Left, Start, Triangle, R1, Square
  42. Club Kid |R2, Right, Circle, L2, L1
  43. Firestarter |L1, R2, X, Left, Down |Select, Up, Left, Up, R2
  44. Flower Power |L2, Select, Select, Left, L1
  45. Hammerhead |Down, Square, Up, L2, Right
  46. Minion |Left, R1, Select, Circle, Left
  47. Mr. Grim |R2, X, Triangle, Down, Right |Square, L1, Triangle, Down, Start
  48. Outlaw |Square, L1, R2, R2, Square |Right, Triangle, Left, Select, Start
  49. Roadkill |Triangle, R1, Triangle, Up, X
  50. Spectre |Left, Up, Square, R1, X |Up, R2, L1, L2, Select
  51. Thumper |Down, X, Select, X, Triangle
  52. Warthog |L1, Right, L2, R1, Triangle

    North Pole |Twisted Metal Level |Pure Lunacy Level

  53. Auger |Select, R1, Left, Left, X |Circle, Select, Start, Up, Select
  54. Axel |X, Triangle, Square, R2, X |Up, Square, Triangle, Start, Square
  55. Club Kid |Triangle, Circle, Down, Triangle, X
  56. Firestarter |Circle, R2, R1, R1, R2 |Start, Triangle, Select, L2, Circle
  57. Flower Power |L1, L1, L1, Up, R1
  58. Hammerhead |R2, Left, Circle, Triangle, R2
  59. Minion |L1, Start, R2, Down, Triangle
  60. Mr. Grim |Triangle, Down, Right, R2, R2 |R2, Start, Select, L1, L2
  61. Outlaw |Start, Circle, Right, Up, L2 |L2, Up, Select, Start, Down
  62. Roadkill |Square, Start, L1, Square, Right
  63. Spectre |L1, Triangle, L2, X, L2 |Left, Up, R1, Up, Circle
  64. Thumper |Right, X, Left, Start, Circle
  65. Warthog |Circle, Triangle, Square, Select, L1

    London |Twisted Metal Level |Pure Lunacy Level

  66. Auger |Right, Right, R1, R1, Right |Select, L2, Triangle, L2, Up
  67. Axel |Up, L2, Circle, Square, L1 |Left, Left, Up, Start, Start
  68. Club Kid |Square, Right, Square, Square, Up
  69. Firestarter |Select, R1, Right, Square, Select |Down, Start, R2, R1, Select
  70. Flower Power |Circle, Start, Left, Square, Up
  71. Hammerhead |Triangle, Square, Down, Square, Circle
  72. Minion |Circle, R1, Triangle, L1, R2
  73. Mr. Grim |X, X, Square, Circle, Circle |Right, Select, Triangle, Start, X
  74. Outlaw |Up, R2, Triangle, Select, R2 |R1, Triangle, L1, Left, L1
  75. Roadkill |L1, Start, Start, R2, X
  76. Spectre |Circle, Up, Left, Circle, Start |L1, R2, Circle, Square, L2
  77. Thumper |L2, Down, Select, Left, Right
  78. Warthog |Select, Up, L1, Up, Square

    Tokyo |Twisted Metal Level |Pure Lunacy Level

  79. Auger |Down, R1, L1, X, Right |Start, Select, Right, R1, L2
  80. Axel |Up, Triangle, Select, Right, Up |L1, X, Square, Left, Left
  81. Club Kid |Circle, R2, Start, Right, R2
  82. Firestarter |Start, R2, Right, L2, Start |R2, R1, Square, Up, Square
  83. Flower Power |Select, L1, Triangle, R1, Start
  84. Hammerhead |Square, Left, Square, Start, L1
  85. Minion |Select, Start, R1, L2, X
  86. Mr. Grim |Down, L2, Select, Select, Right |L2, L1, Down, Left, X
  87. Outlaw |Left, Right, Up, Circle, X |X, Up, Start, L1, X
  88. Roadkill |Right, Triangle, Down, Circle, Start
  89. Spectre |Select, R1, R1, Right, R2 |Triangle, Down, Triangle, R1, Circle
  90. Thumper |R1, X, R2, L1, L2
  91. Warthog |Triangle, Start, Down, L2, Up

    Egypt |Twisted Metal Level |Pure Lunacy Level

  92. Auger |R2, Start, R2, Right, Right |Down, L2, X, Square, Triangle
  93. Axel |Left, Up, L1, Up, R2 |Circle, Down, L2, L1, R1
  94. Club Kid |Right, Right, Down, R2, X
  95. Firestarter |Down, Select, X, Triangle, Left |Triangle, Start, R1, L2, Down
  96. Flower Power |Start, Right, X, Left, X
  97. Hammerhead |Square, R2, Down, Up, Square
  98. Minion |Start, L1, Right, R1, R1
  99. Mr. Grim |Up, Circle, Up, Up, L1 |R1, Select, Square, L1, Down
  100. Outlaw |L1, R2, X, Left, Start |R1, Triangle, X, Square, X
  101. Roadkill |L2, L1, Down, L1, L2
  102. Spectre |Start, Start, Up, R2, Circle |Square, L2, Square, Down, Square
  103. Thumper |X, Right, Start, Circle, Circle
  104. Warthog |Right, Up, Triangle, R2, Triangle

    Blimp |Twisted Metal Level |Pure Lunacy Level

  105. Auger |Triangle, L1, Triangle, Right, Circle |R2, Square, L2, Select, Start
  106. Axel |L1, R1, Up, Left, Circle |Select, X, X, X, R1
  107. Club Kid |Left, Triangle, R1, L1, Circle
  108. Firestarter |L2, L2, L1, Square, R1 |Square, R1, Right, Down, Triangle
  109. Flower Power |Select, Left, R1, R2, Left |Down, R2, X, R1, Up
  110. Hammerhead |Right, Down, L1, L2, Up
  111. Minion |Down, X, Square, Down, Select
  112. Mr. Grim |Left, Right, L1, Right, L2 |Circle, L2, L2, X, R2
  113. Outlaw |Circle, Left, R1, Up, L2 |Up, Start, Right, Down, Up
  114. Roadkill |R1, Square, Circle, Right Circle
  115. Spectre |Triangle, X, R1, Start, R2 |Select, R2, R2, Start, Right
  116. Thumper |Circle, Triangle, Right, Circle, Square
  117. Warthog |L2, Triangle, Down, Circle, Select
  118. Auger D.C X, Start, Left, Left, L2 Hangar 18 Up, Down, Triangle, L1, R1 North Pole Left, X, Right, X, Square London L1, Right, X, Start, Left Tokyo Circle, Circle, Left, Right, Left Egypt Select, Right, L2, L1, L1 Blimp Circle, L1, Triangle, X, Down
  119. Axel D.C L2, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Start Hangar 18 R1, Up, Down, Down, L1 North Pole X, Triangle, Square,R2, X London Up, L2, Circle, Square, L1 Tokyo Up, Triangle, Select, Right, Up Egypt Left, Up, L1, Up, R2 Blimp L1, R1, Up, Left, Circle
  120. Club Kid D.C Select, R1, Down, X, Right Hangar 18 Start, Start, Select, R2, X North Pole Right, R1, L2, Right, Triangle London Select, Up, Circle, R1, Up Tokyo R1, L1, R1, Triangle, Up Egypt X, Up, Select, L2, L1 Blimp L1, Circle, Start, Triangle, Left
  121. FireStarter D.C Left, R2, Square, L1, Up Hangar 18 L1, R2, X, Left, Down North Pole Circle, R2, R1, R1, R2 London Select, R1, Right, Square, Select Tokyo Start, R2, Right, L2, Start Egypt Down, Select, X, Triangle, Left Blimp L2, L2, Left, Square, R1
  122. Flower Power D.C X, L2, R2, Down, R2 Hangar 18 Select, Start, L1, Down, X North Pole Up, L2, Triangle, Circle, L1 London Left, Square, Right, X, L2 Tokyo L1, Left, X, Up, Circle Egypt Circle, Square, Left, L2, Down Blimp Select, Left, R1, R2, Left
  123. Hammerhead D.C Circle, Right, Circle, X, Select Hangar 18 Select, Circle, Down, Up, Square North Pole Start, Up, Square, Right, L2 London Down, Triangle, L2, R2, R1 Tokyo R2, Up, Triangle, Square, X Egypt Triangle, Triangle, R1, Select, Start Blimp Square, Up, Up, Start, Left
  124. Minion D.C Up, Start, Down, L1, Square Hangar 18 Left, R1, Select, Circle, Left North Pole L1, Start, R2, Down, Triangle London Circle, R1, Up, L1, R2 Tokyo Select, Start, R1, L2, Up Egypt Start, L1, Right, R1, R1 Blimp Down, X, Square, Down, Select
  125. Mr. Grimm D.C Down, Down, Start, R2, Circle Hangar 18 R2, X, Triangle, Down, Right North Pole Triangle, Down, Right, R2, R2 London X, X, Square, Circle, Circle Tokyo Down, L2, Select, Select, Right Egypt Up, Circle, Up, Up, L1 Blimp Left, Right, L1, Left, L2
  126. Outlaw 3 D.C Triangle, Select, Down, Circle, L1 Hangar 18 Square, L1, R2, R2, Square North Pole Start, Circle, Right, Up, L2 London Up, R2, Triangle, Select, R2 Tokyo Left, Right, Up, Circle, X Egypt L1, R2, X, Left, Start Blimp Circle, Left, R1, Up, L2
  127. Roadkill D.C Start, Select, L1, Triangle, L2 Hangar 18 Down, L2, Start, Right, Select North Pole R2, Select, Triangle, R2, Up London Triangle, L2, Right, Triangle, L2 Tokyo Square, Select, Square, Select, Triangle Egypt Left, L2, Start, Square, R1 Blimp Right, Square, Left, Start, Select
  128. Spectre D.C L1, Square, Up, X, R1 Hangar 18 Circle, Left, Circle, Square, Square North Pole Select, X, Down, Right, Start London Start, Down, Square, L2, Down Tokyo Down, X, L2, Triangle, L1 Egypt R2, Down, Square, X, Up Blimp Triangle, X, R1, Start, R2
  129. Sweet Tooth D.C Circle, Circle, L1, L1, Start Hangar 18 Right, Right, Down, Circle, X North Pole L2, Circle, Select, Circle, L2 London R1, Right, R2, Up, Right Tokyo Circle, Up, L2, R2, Left Egypt Select, Up, R1, R1, Circle Blimp Start, Triangle, Up, Square, L2
  130. Thumper D.C R2, Triangle, Left, Down,L2 Hangar 18 Triangle, Up, Select, R2, Triangle North Pole Square, R1, R2, Circle, Select London Start, Start, Select, Up, L1 Tokyo Right, R1, Triangle, Up, L2 Egypt L2, Start, Right, Left, Triangle Blimp R1, R1, X, L1, Start
  131. Warthog D.C Select, L1, Left, Start, Left Hangar 18 Start, L1, Right, R1, L2 North Pole Down, L1, Start, L2, Square London R2, Triangle, Triangle, Start, Left Tokyo Triangle, R2, Right, Left Egypt Square, Square, Start, L1, Triangle Blimp R2, L2, Down, X, Left
  132. Sphinx surprise: Fire at the Sphinx face in the Egypt level for a special surprise.
  133. Blimp bonuses: After falling to the bottom level of the blimp, destroy the boxes that are stacked on the ground. Hidden weapons and health icons are hidden inside.
  134. Tokyo fan of death: Drive your car up to the big fan in the Tokyo level and teeter on the edge. Then, wait for the other characters to chase after you and let them fall into the fan and die. Quickly throw your car in reverse and wreak further destruction.
  135. press L1 L1 R1 R1 R1 as a password, go to new game with the settings how they normally are, select any player, quit, go back to new game, choose anybody, and you should have unlimited specials. The code lasts forever until you turn the playstation off. I hope you liked this code.
  136. Hangar 18: Blow up all red levers on outer perimeter of level. This will enable you to pass through the red lasers blocking the portal in the middle of the level. This will bring you above the spaceship. Take the left road and take another left and pass through the portal which will bring you to the top of the spaceship. Blow up the white top and you will find a very powerful weapon. Be sure that you stay on the very top of the spaceship when you use it or else you will be damaged also.
  137. To get unlimited specials at password put in L1, L1, R1, R1, R1. Then go to new game choose any character. Then when you begin the game, quit it. Go back to new game and choose your character(s) and when you begin the game you should have unlimited specials.
  138. To beat the final battle you must shut down the regeneration or you will have to keep playing unlimited enemies. To shut down regeneration you must get the four levers in the level. This unlocks the barrier that covers the 5th lever which is in the red room. Once the barrier is broken, you must blow up the lever and this stops the regeneration.
  139. Enter these cheats at the password place.
  140. World of ice: Up, up, x, x, up
  141. Kill all humans: L1, R1, L1, R1, R1


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