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Thief: The Dark Project Cheats

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  5. Trainer for Unlimited Money.
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    Cheat codes and edits: Only works with v1.33

  1. Mission Skipping: If you're tired of a particular mission, pressing "Control-Alt-Shift-End" will cause the mission to end and allow you to move on to the next mission.
  2. Money cheat: You can give yourself loot by adding the line "cash_bonus" to your "dark.cfg." If set to an integer, its value is added to your loot total for loadout purposes.
  3. Starting Mission - You can start the game at a mission other than Lord Bafford's Manor by putting the line "starting_mission X" in your "dark.cfg," where X is the mission number to start at. When you select "New Game," you will start at that mission. With 'cash_bonus 3000' added to your dark.cfg file, go into the game. When you get to the "Loadout" screen, immediately hit ESC, then SAVE, then quit back to the Desktop. Go back into the game and LOAD the game you just saved. You'll return to the Loadout screen, and another 3000 gold will be added to your purse. Repeat until you have as much gold as you want/need!


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