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By Al Giovetti
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Recoil Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

Please check out our cheats definitions, hints, and instructions at this location.

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    Hex Cheats:

    Cheat Codes:

    The cheats are case sensitive so type them exactly the way they appear. During play hit CTRL+X to enter cheat inputmode, then type:

  1. Cavalry - Become Invincible (God Mode)
  2. Hemmit - All Weapons Enabled
  3. Medic - Shields at Full Strength
  4. killjoy - Free Hover Tech

    Note: Codes are case-sensitive.


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    From: Mark Farnsley, Sent: Wednesday, October 06, 1999 3:53 PM Subject: Help with Recoil: If you could direct me to a site that I could get this help on, or if you coud answer my question, I would be totally greatful.I am at the 3rd mission (I think it is the 3rd) and I can't see to be able to blow up the factory with the 3 smoke stacks. I have killed everything there is and thrown the switch in the back of the factory. I have shot at it from every angle and used every weapon I have but my target site never turns green and I can't progress until the factory is destroyed.. PLEASE HELP!!! I really like the game but I am pretty frustrated because I can't seem to blow up the damn factory. Thanks -Mark Answer: Try the cheats on my cheat page.

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