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Panzer General 2 Cheats

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    Hex Cheats:

  1. This was used in the Blitzkreig Campaign. In the first scenario of the campaign save the game before doing anything. You should have about 500 prestige points. Exit the game. Using a Hex Editor open your save game and go file 00002D80. It should look like this beside it 0100 0000 0000 0000 0000 0200 F401 1400. The offset F401 is the 500 prestige points. Change F401 to DAD6 to get 55000 prestige points. I dont know if the file where the prestige is will change in the other scenarios in the campaign as I just started playing. You can change it to more or less prestige points but I use DAD6 for a start

    Cheat Codes:

    Bug Cheats
  1. From: Joe Cox Start by spending all or most of your prestege. Then take over a town to get more. Here's the tricky part, While you still have the guy selected who took over the town right click on someone who needs reinforcements and spend the prestege you got from the town you just took. Now if you did this right you can still cancle the move where you took over the town. This takes your prestege below zero which rolls it over or something, anyway you end up with somewhere around 65000 prestege. Enjoy Joe


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