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Need for Speed: High Stakes Cheats

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  2. Cheat Codes
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  6. Playstation User Names
  7. How to get special features on psx and others
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    Bugs and Exploits

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    Hex Cheats:

    Cheat Codes:


    Playstation User Names: Enter the following as usernames.
  1. HOTROD Unlock Hot Rod bonus car
  2. FLASH Unlock Phantom bonus car
  3. BIGOVEN All cops speak English
  4. WHIRLY Fly a helicopter
  5. NFS_PD Drive a cop car

    How to get special features on psx and others

  1. Bonus Cars: Complete Hot Pursuit mode with each police car to get a new car (BMW M5, Corvette, Porche, Carprice and Lamborghini).
  2. Slower opponents: Choose Tournament or Special Events mode. Select your car, press Start, and immediately hold Left + Square + Circle through the loading screen.
  3. Heavier car: Choose Single Race, Test Drive, or Hot Pursuit mode. Select your car, press Start, and immediately hold Left + Square + Circle through the loading screen. Continue to hold the buttons until the loading screen disappears.
  4. Dashboard: Select any mode and select a track. Immediately press Up + Triangle + X and hold through the loading screen. This should enable the dashboard.
  5. Turbo Mode: Once you enable the Dashboard view, hold down the horn to accelerate faster.
  6. Quick money: You need 2 memory cards and you must own a car to do this trick. Copy your High Stakes file from the first card to the second card. Race in High Stakes mode, pause game play, and have player 2 intentionally forfeit the race. You'll now have two of the same car on the first memory card. Sell 'em for extra money, or keep 'em around as backups!
  7. Drunk mode: Pick a car and start a race. Immediately press Up + L2 + R1 and hold through the loading screen. The screen will now be blurred...
  8. Easier Tickets: Start Pursuit Mode and choose a cop car. When the game starts, press L1+Up to turn off the sirens. The person you're chasing will slow down. When you've caught up to him, press L1+Up to turn your sirens back on, then pull him over.
  9. Turn signal/headlights: Hold L1 and press Left or Right to use the turn signals, press Up for the headlights and Down to turn on the hazard lights.
  10. Super police cars: To unlock the ability to be the super police cars, you have to arrest 10 speeders within the time limit.
  11. Extra time: Don't enter a name to get more time in one player Hot Pursuit.
  12. Any car, any Tournament: Complete every Tournament. Now you can drive any car in any tournament.
    GameShark Codes
  1. Infinite Cash 80115da63b00
  2. 99 Points 80115eb40063
  3. Have All Gold Medals 30115f810001, 80115f820101, 80115f840101, 80115f860101, 80115f880101, 80115f8a0101, 80115f8c0101, 80115f8e0101
  4. Infinite Pursuit Time 8005e1ee2400

    Command Line Codes:


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