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MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries Cheats

Type the following cheats while holding down ctrl-alt-shift to achieve the desired result.

Mercenaries Cheats

Please check out our cheats definitions, hints, and instructions at this location.

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  3. Cheat Codes for the 3Dfx Version
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Cheat Codes: While in the mission portion of the game hold down the ctrl-alt-shift keys and type these codes. Each mission requires that you type these. These are toggles. Use them once and they are on. Use them a second time and they are off. A bar will appear at the top of the screen confirming successful use of the code. The very long codes are really tough and time consuming to type in correctly.

  1. Ctrl-Alt-Shift must be held down while typing these codes
  2. ANTIJOLT: time expansion
  3. BEHOLDMYGLORY: look around freely
  4. CRAZYSEXYCOOL: infinite jumpjets
  5. FLASHYFLASHY: auto-grouping
  6. INMYBEAUTIFULBALLOON: gives you jump jets
  7. ISEENFIREANDISEENRAIN: toggles infinite ammunition
  8. ITSDABOOMB: kills targeted mech with a nuke
  9. LIKETHECOMSTARBABY: wins the mission
  10. ONTIMEEVERYTIME: time compression
  11. OOOHHHLLLAAALLLAAA: toggles heat tracking
  12. REDJACKANDTIKRULES: destroys targeted mech
  13. SUPERFUNKICALIFRAGISEXY: toggles invulnerability
  14. REDJACKRULES = kill mechs
  15. ONTIMEEVERYTIME = fast mode
  16. BUBBLEBOY = targeting and collision spheres
  17. WEDIDITAGAIN = design team
  18. TIKRULES = end mission successfully
  19. BUBBLEBOY =bounding spheres on/off
  20. WALKTHISWAY = leading reticle enabled/disabled
  21. click on the second light bulb in the mech bay to see a staff photo Donna

    Cheat Codes for Different Versions

  22. superfunkicalifragisexy = invulnerability on\off
  23. iseenfireandiseenrain = unlimited ammo on\off
  24. ooohhhlllaaalllaaa = heat tracking on\off
  25. wediditagain = coming at cha again (Dorcs Screen)
  26. itsdabombinmybeautifulballoon = sprout jumpjets
  27. tikrules = end mission successfully
  28. likethecomstarbaby = end mission successfully
  29. ontimeeverytime = time compression key enabled\disabled
  30. bubbleboy = bounding spheres on\off
  31. crazysexycool = infinite jumpjets on\off
  32. beholdmyglory = free eye mode on\off
  33. antijolt = time expansion enabled\disabled
  34. flashyflashy = auto-grouping enabled\disabled
  35. walkthisway = leading reticle enabled\disabled

    Cheat Codes for the 3Dfx Version: Here are some cheats for the 3Dfx version of Mechwarrior Mercenaries: hold Ctrl+Alt+Shift then type:

  36. su - invulnerability on/off
  37. is - unlimited ammo on/off
  38. oo - heat tracking on/off
  39. it - "nuke" current target
  40. re - destroy current target
  41. in - gives you jump jets
  42. cr - unlimited jump jet juice
  43. li - ends mission succefully
  44. be - enables Free-Eye mode
  45. bu - type in: bu while holding CTRL, ALT and SHIFT - It puts bounding spheres around the damage meter at the lower right of your screen(It's kinda' stupid but its a code!!) From: Nitro
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From: Tommy Organization: Jacks Inc.
I've tried using the invulnerability code:supercalifragisexy, and it doesn't work for me. From, Tom Foster

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