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Madden NFL Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

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    Hex Cheats:

    Cheat Codes:

    From: Mert Gumas c/o Sedat Gumus

  1. Fight Anytime you want!!! while you are playing the game, hold down "shift" key and type "wagd". After you type this in you will need to hit the "f" key, this will enable the instant cheat. You will be able to drop the gloves the next time you bump into someone.Try fighting the ref sometime.
  2. Score Anytime you want!!! to score anytime you want, for yourself or your opponent, hold the "shift" key and type "wagd". After this is typed in, used the "v" key to dd a goal tothe visitors side or an "h" to add one to home team. Try not to get carried away here.
  3. Injure an opposing player!!! use the "1" key after the shift-wagd command for a 2 minute hold, the "2" key for a 4 minute penalty, and the "4" key for a spearing major.
  4. Penalty Shots!!! press "five" key after the wagd command and the team with the puck gets the shot.
  5. Go into overtime!!! use the same wagd command as in the fight or scoring cheat, but this time type "o"
  6. End the period!!! use the wagd command and type "p"
  7. End the game!!! iuse the wagd command and type "g"

    Madden '98 Cheat Codes

  8. LEECH--Better Defensive Back
  9. GLOVES--Easier Catches
  10. BIGFOOT--Better Kicking
  11. JACKHAMMER--Better Stiff Arm

    Extra Teams:

  12. ORRS HEROES--EA Sports Team
  13. LOIN CLOTH--Tiburon Team
  14. LEADERS--All Time Leaders
  15. COACH--All Time All Madden
  16. PAC ATTACK--All 60's Team
  17. STEELCURTAIN--All 70's Team
  18. GOLD RUSH--All 80's Team
  19. ALOHA--NFC
  20. LUAU--AFC

    Extra Stadiums:

  21. JETSONS--Astrodome(Old Oilers)
  22. DAWGPOUND--Cleveland Browns Stadium
  23. SNAKE--Old Oakland Stadium
  24. DANDAMAN--Old Miami Dolphins Stadium
  25. OLDDC--RFK Stadium(Old Redskins)
  26. SHARKSFIN--Tiburon Sports Complex
  27. GHOST TOWN--Wild West(late 1800's Texas)


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