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Lords of Magic Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

  1. Cheat codes for the Regular edition:
  2. Bug Cheat for the Regular edition
  3. Hex Workshop Download
  4. Lords of Magic Hints Page
  5. Trainer Pack version 2.0
  6. Trainer version 1.2
  7. Trainer version 1.0
  8. Trainer
  9. Lords of Magic Demo Walkthrough

    Cheat codes for the Regular edition: Press CNTL \ (Control - backslash) brings up the cheat dialog -- then type (Don't type the parentheses.): Some versions of the game require you to type type CTRL-C to enable cheat mode:

  1. "Jackpot" gives you 200 gold, crystal and ale.
  2. "Marathon" gives 1000 movement points to the selected party. "Puff" gives you a dragon!
  3. "Hocuspocus" grants you all spell knowledge, and gives 1000 mana to the selected party.
  4. "Puff" gives you a dragon!
  5. bingo = get 200 gold, 200 gems and 200 ale


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  1. From: Soldiers21@aol.com
    I cant get it to work so please make it more specific ok . bye
    Ans: What do you mean by it?
  2. From: "Dustin"
    the CTRL + \ doesnt seem to do anything when you press it....is there something different you have to do with the special edition version? also on special addition if you press ctrl + c it brings up a "enter code" window but the listed cheat codes dont seem to work. Answer: I know puff works but I could not get the others to work.
  3. From: "Dustin"
    During gameplay, type CTRL-C to enable cheat mode, then type: bingo = get 200 gold, 200 gems and 200 ale I found this on another page....
  4. Bug Cheat for the Regular edition From: JAPTAR@aol.com by Frank Chang the City Hunter I selected Mage as my profession and chose Life as my religion. In the beginning, I have a magical staff that boosts Defense rating by 2. I then took 5~6 turns to conquer the Great Temple of Life, and I found another magical staff that also boosts Defense rating as one of the spoils of war. I put one staff in the inventory and one on my hand. When I tried to switch the staff (drag one to replace the other) I found my defense rating went up by two points!! I then tried to switch it back, and the defense rating went up two points again!! In five minutes of mechanical mouse dragging and clicking, my Mage's defense rating went from 4 to 300!!! It makes my mage literally invulnerable. It also worked on all of my mages. So I have the following conclusions: 1. When a mage has two magical staves that boost defense, switching the staves makes the defense rating go up indefinitely. 2. It won't work on warriors if someone tries to switch two magical swords because a warrior can equip two swords with no problem, unlike mages, who can only wield a staff at a time. This cheat gives the player a very great advantage as the Lord would never die in battle. The attack rating of the mages is still low, however. I'd recommend a party of three invicible mages and use auto-calculate combat. (It'd take forever for the mages to kill all foes if a player tries to play in real- time.) Ok, well....heres whats really happening..... In Lords of Magic (not special additon), The "Peacemaker" staff has a bug in it. When a life Warroir or Mage equips with it, it adds 2 Armor, and when you un-equip with it, it is Suppose to take away 2 armer, But somene was sleeping on the Job, and acudently made it add anouther 2 armor. Meaning that, If you play as Life, then choose a warroir, you start with the peacemaker staff. Keep equiping and un-equiping with it till your armor is about 50 or higher, This also works on life mages. Also, It dosent make you invincible. You are still an EZ target for magic, so wach yer back! Theres also a bug on the Chalice of Water. If you find this, and are water, take your lord and keep equipping and un-equiping it. You'll permenently gain more and more ale. These only work in the none-special addition.
  5. From: Marilynn Brening Your Lords of Magic cheat codes don't work on my game. I can't get the cheat dialog to come up. I tried both ways and all it did was make the screen to zoom out. I need to know what I'm doing wrong. Please E-mail me at MariBren@prodigy.net ANS: I know the cheats work on the regular edition cause I tried em myself. They may not work on the special edition.

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