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Solution courtesy of Syrneus. Visit his homepage!

    On the following pages you will find the solution to the demo of Lords of Magic. It will also make a good start on the full version. Enjoy!

    Part 1: The Very Beginning

    First you must fire up your copy of the LOM demo. Once you wait through the loading, choose your character type. In this walkthrough I chose "Thief", and if you want to follow the walkthrough exactly, choose Thief also.

    Once you´re a Thief, choose Life for your order (it's the only one available) and enter the World of LOM. After the initial loading of the world map is done, you will be beginning your grand adventure.

    Ok, onto the fun part. Your "one" party should consist of a bunch of archers, your thief, and 3 staffmen. Take your group to your Temple. The first thing you must do in the game is liberate your temple. So, walk all the way over to the temple. Depending on where it is, it may take you less than 1 turn or up to 3 turns.

    When you enter the temple, you will be faced with a large battleground. There are a lot of enemies after you, but don't fear. I'll get you through this battle. First, try to position your archers so they line up in a straight line. Do this by clicking on one unit by holding down the "Control" button, and then move him to where you want him. Then have others line up next to him. Next, place your thief in the middle behind your archers. Place your 3 staffmen in front of the archers a bit for protection, and bait.

    The enemy should attack instantly, but if not, select one of your archers and have him attack a unit on the enemy side. This will get the enemy moving.

    The battle should go along very well. Your archers should be able to take out any unit coming towards you. If a unit does get a little bit too close for comfort... simply select your 3 staffmen and have them attack the unit.

    Here is a picture to help you. I took it after the battle was over.

    Tip: Later in the game you can heal your units in the temple. As long as one of your units in each group of 3 is alive, when you heal the group, all 3 units will be brought back to life. This is an extremely useful fact when placing armies. Try splitting up each group, so if some die, your others are still alive so you can heal the whole party.

    Part 2: Managing Your Town

    Congratulations, by now you should have successfully liberated your temple. Kind of reminds me of Ogre Battle (for the SNES) when your followers cry, "LIBERATION!". But, oh well. If what I wrote didn't help you liberate your temple, e-mail me and I'll try to give you some special advice. But, onto the next part of the demo.

    With the liberation of your Temple, you will of received a generous amount of resources to aid you. First off though, you must get your 2 new units which appeared. Click on them and your 2 parties will merge. Then, take your single party to your new town which should be directly South of you.

    Inside the town, you should have 10 followers. Assign 6 of these to gold duty, and 2 to crystal duty. Put the rest on Ale duty. Go into the Temple place and heal your units. Spend as many crystals as you need to be completely healed.

    Next, go to the Elven Thieves Guild, and click on Elven Archers. Click on Train units, and make 1 of them. If you don't have enough resources, go back to your town and sell some crystals. After doing that, get back and train a unit of archers. Then, leave the place, and join your new archers with your old party.

    Take your one big party and move it to the Gold Mine which should be in the North somewhere. If you do not see the mine, goto the little Huts and fight battles there. But, I suggest going to the mine first. In the mine you will fight a relatively easy battle for control of "3 gold a turn". With all your archers it should not be hard at all to win. If the enemy has a mage, make sure you kill it before he hurts your party. Try using the same strategy you used when liberating your temple. That is basically how all battles are fought in the demo.

    Here's a picture to help you out in the Gold Mine.

    After getting the gold, attack the Ale Mill, and the 3 hamlets. Take breaks in your town whenever you need healing. These battles should not be hard at all if your have your archers organized.

    Tip: When fighting in the LOM demo, and LOM itself, it is generally a good rule to have your enemies come to you. This is one of those strategies discussed in the "Art of War", an ancient strategical novel.

    Part 3: The Chaos Encounter

    By now you should be on about turn 10. The Chaos Lord should be showing up any turn now.. so you will start preparing. First, you must go to your town and see if you have any followers ready. If you have some already there, you're ok. If not, take some from your Gold getting and one from your crystal getting. You should have about 3 free followers now.

    Goto your Fighter training place, I forget it's name, and train 3 groups of Staffmen. When you're done, these guys should be outside waiting for you, so have them join your group. If you don't have room in your party, kick out the mage lady you picked up, or one of your groups of archers.

    The Chaos Lord should be coming through your lands right about now. You can just sit still for a few turns till you see him. When he sees you, he will come running across the map, and attack you. Once your in the battle with him, scan his army. You see he has a lot of Chaos type archer guys, and himself. The only thing you have to worry about is killing him. After that his archers will fall like crazy to your guys.

    So, select all your units by clicking and dragging. Then, attack the Chaos Lord with them all. If you still have the mage in your party, have her cast a spell on him. You will begin sending masses of arrows into the guy, but he is tough. Your staffmen should be swarming over him now. Do not call anyone off. Keep attacking him, and he will die sometime. Once he is dead, you should have at least 3/4'ths of your guys still alive. Attack all his archers then.

    Congratulations. You beat the Chaos Lord... but the demo isn't over yet. At least for me it wasn't. Some people say that once the Chaos guy dies, the game ends. But I got to keep on playing.

    Part 4: After the Battle

    Welcome to the Aftermath. You should now take your party and have them healed in Town. The rest of the game is defending your city from renegade Golgothians, and taking over the rest of the structures on the map.

    Because you have no big Chaos Lord coming into your life, you can now change turns as often as you like to gain resources. After a few turns, you should have some new followers available. Send them all to various parts in your Town, to gain Gold, Crystals and Ale. Wait a few more turns, and you should have about 7 new followers. Send 3 of these to various jobs in town, but keep the rest.

    Goto the various building and hire 1 Elven Warrior and 3 groups of Elven Archers. This will be a sample force. Take your elven warrior and have him scout the map. Once you find a nice building you havent conquered yet, send him back to base, and send your 3 archer group to the building.

    When you archers go in to the building, the might not win, but they should weaken the forces inside. The only buildings left on the map are the crystal mine, the tower, the statue, and the "Old Hut" type place. Send them to whichever you find first.

    Chances are they will die. If they do, wait a few turns and make a larger groups of Archers and this time Footmen. Join the nits together and send them to the building. They should win. If not, send your "main" party to wipe the enemy out. Never send your main party to fight unless you're sure they will win. Cause you have to make sure your champion doesn't die.

    Part 5: Finishing up the Map

    Ok, by now you should have located the last buildings left on the map with your lone Warrior. You should of also of been killing all the Death Bats and Golgothian guys that wander into your area.

    Keep waiting, training troops and attacking buildings till you conquer everything. The buildings don't really require that much strategy, just brute force.

    By turn 100 you should have conquered everything. If you want, you can train a few mages and have them research spells in the Library, but that takes a long time. Keep playing if you wish, but remember... you've beaten the LOM demo!!



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