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By Al Giovetti

Gothic II Cheats

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  1. Bugs and Exploits
  2. Cheat Codes
  3. Command Line Codes
  5. Hex Cheats
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    Bugs and Exploits

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    Hex Cheats:

    Cheat Codes:

    press C and bring up the Character screen. Type marvin while screen is up. Type C to close characters screen and activate "Marvin Mode." Marvin mode is the cheat mode of the game. The following cheats will work in Marvin Mode. Press F2 to open the marvin mode cheat area. Enter the Cheat code and hit return to activate cheat.

  1. Cheat Full - Player is Healed
  2. Cheat God - God Mode On
  3. Cheat God od - God Mode Off
  4. Edit Abilities - the pc heroic npc menu will appear. This will allow you to edit attributes and other statistics of the game. For example enter attribute in the pc heroic npc menu and hit return. A list with numbers from 0 to 7 will appear. Enter the statistics you want for these attributes of strength dexterity mana hitpoints by entering a number from one to seven and entering the number you want for that attribute. Hitpoints are 0 and 1 for actualy hitpoints and max hitpoints. Hit return to activate the new attibute. Escape to return to the game
  5. Goto Waypoint [destination] - will teleport the main character to the specified destination
  6. Toggle Time - toggles game time off or on.
  7. Toggle Inertiatarge - toggles inertia on and off.
  8. First Person - provices first person view.
  9. Insert Gold - 1000 gold for 100 experience

    Command Line Codes:

    Text Editor Cheats:

    Note: Back up the original files before proceeding with the following set of codes.


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