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Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall Cheats

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Hints and Tips

  1. As soon as you start the game get a cart 1st then when changing travel modes select the cart and it becomes a horse! no need to buy one.
  2. Money is the key to living it up in daggerfall and to get an unlimited supply of it you have to go where the money is The banks! Travel to each country and borrow the max amount, you will have a full YEAR to pay this money back! In the mean time you can get a boat, a house and when you reach the right level buy all the magic items that you want! and still have plenty of money left over to get a head start on repaying your loans in time.
  3. Get a boat 1st because once you have one you will NEVER need a hotel again, when out door just step onto your boat and sleep all you want. 2nd no matter who is after you, they can get you at the inns or even in your own home, but NOT on the boat! It is a full proof safe haven for you. 3rd cut down on travel time, some places you will be able to get to quicker by boat (but most places take LONGER by boat but it's worth checking out you can shave a full week off of your travel time if you check your options).
  4. Recall will save you days of travel time! when accepting a simple quest cast your recall spell at the place that you must return to NOT at the dungeon entrance. once you have gotten the object of your quest you can use the extra time to wonder through the dungeon or just cast your recall spell immediately and you are teleported right back to the quest giver, with this one you should be able to handle upto three times the quests in less then half the time! try it and see!


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