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By Al Giovetti
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Delta Force Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

  1. Trainer
  2. Access All Levels Download
  3. Cheat Codes
  4. Hex Workshop Download
  5. References
  6. Letters

Cheat Codes: Type them in the " ` " console:

  1. iwillsurvive - God mode
  2. raindropskeepfallinonmyhead - Allow call for arty < 5 Shots > can be re-entered for more
  3. takeittothelimit - Ammo reload
  4. hitmewithyourbestshot - Computer rocks ! ! !
  5. closetoyou - makes you invisible to enemies


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  1. From: Adir Shiffman Would you please tell me how I would go about using artilery once I have typed in the cheat code. ANS: You just use the artillery code from the game and ask for air strikes. Use the laser designator. If the mission does not provide for air strikes the cheat will not work.
  2. From: I can't get the Delta Force trainer to work. I don't have any instructions or anything. Does it work in multiplayer? Please tell me how to use it. ANS There is a trainer primer on the Cheat Definitions page
  3. From: When I go to the trainer, it has 2 buttons. One says immortal on it, and the other says unlimited ammo. Next to each one is a blank box with arrows used to bring up a screen of choices of keys. (for example: Space) When I choose each key I wanted, I went into the game again. After that I pushed each key. Nothing happened. So I exited the game and brought up the trainer. When I clicked away from the trainer so it wasn't selected, I pushed each key and next to one of the boxes, a # sign came up. So I went into the game, pushed buttons, and still nothing. Please tell me what to do.
  4. From: The version of my game is
  5. From: elwood1409: As far as I know is the CHEAT "closetoyou" the invisible mode! Elwood

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