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Close Combat 3 Cheats

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    Hex Cheats:

    Requisitions Points Remaining Hex Cheat Any game can be edited with this hex edit. I used the player name "commander" and searched for the second occurance of it and within just a few hexes above the name was whatever the remaining requisition points needed. Save the game then go in and edit. Then reload. For example, most of the time you will see 0A because the mission will give you 10 points to requisition.

    1. Save the game for example "Blitz Krieg" and make a backup of the original savegame
    2. Search and locate the player name in the savegame with hex editor
    3. Locate 1 Line above the player name
    4. Go to the 5th row which is contianing example 6600
    5. Modfy the field for example to AA09
    6. Save the savegame and load it with Close Combat 3
    7. Then you will have a new requisitions points remaining amount of: 24056 instead of 102.
    Have fun. Lee Baxter and Eloy De Jong

    Cheat Codes:


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