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By Al Giovetti

Armed and Dangerous Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

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  1. Bugs and Exploits
  2. Cheat Codes

    The cheats for this game are like the cheats in a console game. After all, Armed and Dangerous is primarily a console game and secondarily a PC game. You wind your way through the menu system until you find the cheats entry screen within this system before you load the game.

  3. DAJIGSUP - gives you all the cheats in the game
  4. PRAYTOME - god mode
  5. SHIELDME - invincibility (I am not sure what the difference between god mode and invincibility is.)
  6. SHOOTMOR - full ammunition at all times
  7. AMBULNCE - full health at all times
  8. NDMRBLTS - unlimited ammunition
  9. MISSIONS - select any mission or level
  10. WAAAAAAH - unlimited use of topsy turvey bombs (These are fun gizmos. Note the cheat has six As in it.)
  11. AMATINEE - see all movies
  12. EATGRENZ - big hands mode
  13. SHOESIZE - big feet mode
  14. VERYHIIQ - big head mode
  15. Command Line Codes
  17. Hex Cheats
  18. Text Editor
  19. References
  20. Letters

    Bugs and Exploits

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    Hex Cheats:

    Cheat Codes:


    Command Line Codes:

    Text Editor Cheats:

    Note: Back up the original files before proceeding with the following set of codes.


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