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Age of Wonder Cheats

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  2. Cheat Codes
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    Bugs and Exploits

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    Hex Cheats:

    Cheat Codes:

    Start the game with the command line paramater of beatrix. You can change the properties of the shortcut to the game. Be sure to use your game directories. For example if your path to the aow.exe execute file is C:\Age of Wonders\aoe.exe, then your command should be altered to read "C:\Age of Wonders\aoe.exe" beatrix Note: the quotes should remain around the original path and execute file. Once the game is started when you press [contrl] + [shift] + C you should hear a ring tone, then enter the following cheats. You need to be in the main game area while playing and without accessing any of the sub screens.

  1. gold = 1000 gold pieces
  2. mana = 1000 mana crystals
  3. fog = toggles fog on and off
  4. explore = toggles exploration on and off
  5. spells = toggles all spells on and off and enables instant spell casting
  6. win = wins or completes the level
  7. loose = looses the level and the game
  8. freemove = free movement or move without expending movement points
  9. towns = gives you ownership of all independent towns but not the mobs within them
  10. research = researches all available spells
  11. ah teer = starts game with all spells and extra gold (unconfirmed:must work in the main game menu area?)

    Command Line Codes:

    Text Editor Cheats:
  1. Note: Back up the original files before proceeding with the following set of codes.


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